The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


51. Family meal


2 day's later:


''Noooooo.'' I whined,slapping Justin's greedy hands off my leg as I tried to get ready for the restaurant we were going to with the Bieber's.



''Please babe,I'm horny.'' Justin whined back.



''Justin,it's half 5 and your horny? stop being such a dude and get ready,we have half an hour until we meet your parents,come on.'' I barked,pushing him off the bed and watching him tumble to the floor.


I laughed when I saw Justin shot up and glare at me,but I brushed it off and finished applying my mascara.


I looked back to see Justin changing into a blazer,a shirt and some skinny jeans before he slipped on some supras.


Justin's outfit:


I walked over to him and kissed his cheek. ''Looking cute baby.'' I murmured before I walked back over to the mirror to check my own appearance.



Tori's outfit:



(a/n: the phone cases are her's and Justin,white background with black minnie mouse is Tori's and black background with white mickey mouse is Justins:)-)



''You look gorgeous babe,the leather jacket and your hair like that makes you look like a badass.'' Justin chuckled.



''Pfft I am a badass.'' 



''Oh yeah? what's the worst thing you've done?'' 



''Stole a packet of Starburst when I was 7 from target.'' I muttered,walking into the bathroom smiling.



''OOOOO SO HARDCORE!'' Justin yelled,pulling face face for that meme.



''Shut up,asswipe.'' I giggled,walking past him and slapping his shoulder.



''Make me,Brooks.'' He smirked,walking forwards biting his lip.



''Stop being horny,I will literally chop  off your baby maker if you're not careful.'' 



''Well you wouldn't like that so.'' Justin chuckled,wiggling his eyebrows.



''Oh hush up and finish getting ready.'' I giggled,swatting his hand away from my ass.



''Whatever,just face know you want me.'' Justin tormented.



''I might,but right now I'm making a good impression on your parent's and your not really helping.'' I sighed,grabbing my rucksack and slinging it over my shoulders.



''Hey,you don't need to impress them,your perfect the way you long as I love you then nothing else matters.'' Justin replied,sitting on the bed and pulling me down onto his lap.



''Justin,I want your parent's to like me..I want to be accepted,it's not good enough if only you like me.'' I looked at Justin,his smile dropped and I sighed. ''I didn't mean it like that..I just want to make you proud.'' I replied,kissing his cheek before wriggling out his lap and walking down the stairs.



''You already do baby.'' Justin replied,following me down.



I smiled and took his hand,walking him over to the door.





I giggled at Jeremy's joke about the waitress as we sat down at the table.



It went Jazzy,Jeremy,Jaxon,Erin,Pattie,Justin and then me on the end.


We sat down and picked up the menu's I chose spaghetti and garlic bread as a side,I also chose A diet lemonade for my drink aswell.



Justin ordered relatively the same,but he just got the bigger portion of the spaghetti and he also brought a pepsi.


''Babe I'm paying for you,okay?'' Justin asked,leaning over and smiling at me.



''No Justin,I got it.'' I replied,un peeling the wrapper on the crayon for Jazzy to use.



She smiled at me and grabbed it from my hand,I watched as she began to draw on the plain piece of paper,she began to draw 2 people,one a girl and one a boy.



''I'm drawing you sissy...and Biebz.'' She giggled,grabbing the red and using it to colour the top of my dress in.



They were holding hands and smiling,I watched as she wrote at the bottom 'sissy and Beebs for3vr'



I giggled at her incorrect spelling and nudged Justin,grabbing his attention before nodding over at Jazzys drawing. 



''Awhh.'' Justin muttered,staring at his little sisters picture in awe. 



''Isn't that cute?'' I giggled,placing my hand on Justin's upper arm and squeezing it gently.



''Yeah.'' Justin chuckled.



I smiled Just as our food came,I squealed like a little kid and took one of the garlic breads from the basket set in the middle of the table.



I bit half of it and put the rest on the edge of my plate.



I looked over at Justin to see him eating chips.



''Um...where did you get those from?'' I laughed.



''Complimentary,this restaurant always gives out free fries,must be only in this restaurant in Canada.'' Justin laughed.



I rolled my eyes and took one of the chips off the plate.



*10 minutes later*



I was having a conversation with Jeremy about my current job when I felt Justin's hand come in contact with my upper thigh,I played it off and casually looked over at Justin to see he was in a conversation with Erin,I slapped his hand away and continued the conversation.



And then it happened again,this time Justin lifted my dress up a bit as he rubbed my thigh,I once again slapped it away.



I tired to ignore his pleading eyes by looking in the other direction,but karma soon found me as Justin placed his hand in my underwear unexpectedly.



I grabbed his hand and pulled it out,causing Justin to chuckle next to me,I looked over and frowned at him.



''Stop,your 5 and 4 year old brother and sister are next to me.'' I scolded,leaning up and whispering in his ear so nobody could hear.




''So?'' Justin chuckled,popping a meatball into his mouth.



I rolled my eyes and continued eating my spaghetti.



I then felt Justin put his hands back in my underwear,I began to choke causing everyone to stop their conversations and look over at me.



''Are you alright?'' Jeremy asked,positively concerned.



''Y-Yeah.'' I muttered shakily as Justin began to rub me.



''You sure? you seem nervous.'' Pattie chuckled,taking a sip of her water.



I nodded my head and smiled before taking a sip of my drink.



''Just relax baby.'' Justin whispered into my ear,leaning over so no one could hear us.



''Justin stop.''



He shuffled his chair closer,giving him more room.Justin began to do his thing,causing me to moan softly.


Pattie frowned,looking over at me.


''Stomach ache.'' I shot back,rubbing my stomach.


She nodded and looked back over at Erin who was talking about the Christmas break.



Justin began to quicken his pase,I hid my face in the crook of his neck to hide my face. 



''Let it all out babe.'' Justin muttered,kissing my neck once as my body began to shake.



I released over Justin's fingers and took a deep shaky breath,steadying my beating heart from the orgasm I just had to keep under control.



I took a sip of Justin's water he ordered and pulled my dress back down.



''Justin,stop licking your fingers..use a napkin.'' Pattie scolded.



I looked up in shock,I glanced at Justin to see him smirking at me,I blushed and looked away.



''Let's play jenga.'' Justin muttered,grabbing the bowl of chips and putting them between us.



I rolled my eyes and set he chips up 3 then 3 and so on.



Justin did the same until there was only a few chips left for the kids to nibble on.


*5 minutes later*


''My turn.'' Justin yelled,causing heads in the restaurant to turn and look.



I laughed and waited for him to pull a chip out.



I laughed when they all toppled down causing Justin to curse under his breath,I sniggered and watched him grab all the chips and cram them in his mouth.



''Hey! I wanted some.'' I pouted,looking at the last chip sat on the plate.



Justin looked at me and I looked at him,we both reached for it at the same time and it broke in half. ''Fair enough.'' I laughed,chewing on the fluffy potato.




''That chip was sooooooo mine.'' Justin replied,waving his hand about in a sassy motion.



I giggled and slapped his hand away from my face. ''Dork.'' I muttered.




Justin chuckled and leaned over,placing a kiss on my cheek. ''Your dork.'' 




I smiled and looked over at Jaxon who was looking grumpy.



''What's wrong Jax?'' 



''HOW COME HE GETS TO KISS YOU CHEEK AND I CANT!?'' He yelled,immediately crossing his arms after for the affect.



''Because I'm her boyfriend.'' Justin taunted,sticking his tongue out in a teasing manner to his little brother.



''HEY! SHE'S MY BOYFRIEND TOO!'' Jaxon yelled,standing up on his chair to show that he was more 'powerful' than Justin.



Justin laughed. ''Nuh uh.'' Obviously not brining up the fact that he said boyfriend instead of girlfriend.



''YUH HUH!'' Jaxon yelled back,slamming his plastic fork down onto the table.



I giggled. ''Guys,calm can both share me.'' I grinned teasingly.



''No,you're all mine,and what I did a few minutes ago proves that.'' Justin whispered into my ear.



I rolled my eyes and shook my head,I looked over and saw Jazzy playing on her Nintendo 3D,I peered over and saw she was playing a Barbie game.



All I want to do right now is just go home and sleep...



I yawned and placed my elbows on the table,I leaned my head on my hands and slowly closed my eyes.






''Babe?'' Justin asked,shaking me slightly.



I breathed out,ignoring him.



''Tori.'' Justin proceeded,placing his hand on my elbow.



I nudged it away and kept my eyes closed.



''Baby,everyone's's time to go.'' Justin chuckled,pulling the chair out for me and picking me up.


I groaned. ''Leave me alone.'' 



''Sorry princess,no time for sleeping,were meeting the family at the fun was planned but I guess I forgot to tell you.'' 



My eyes suddenly shot open. ''THE FUNFAIR?'' 


If you knew anything about me you would know that fun fairs and carnivals are my life.


I began to jump around in Justin's arms,causing him to groan.



''Babe don't do that.'' Justin murmured.






''It feels like your jumping on my dick.'' Justin chuckled,leaning down and kissing my forehead.



I rolled my eyes and signalled for Justin to put me down,he did so and we walked to the car.




*45 minutes later*




''Where is everyoneeee.'' I moaned,stomping my foot into the slushy mud causing the mud to fly up and attach it's self to Justin's face.



I burst out into fits of laughter.



''Ew what the fuck.'' Justin laughed,scrunching his face up and wiping off the mud.



''Sowwy.'' I smiled innocently.



Justin narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to speak but got cut off when his phone began to ring.



''Yello?'' Justin answered,looking at me and frowning.











''Alright,well...see you another time,I guess.'' Justin sighed,rolling his eyes.




''Yeah bye.'' 



 I watched as Justin took the phone away from his ear and pressed end call,shooting me a confused facial expression.



''They...can't make it,Jazzy has her first ballet lesson tomorrow first thing and she needs to get an early night,Erin forgot about it.'' Justin shrugged.



I just nodded,getting side tracked by the huge rollercoaster stood infront of me.




''Dude..I HAVE to go on that.'' I replied,shaking my head as I watched the carriage swirl over the tracks.



''You're such a boy.'' Justin chuckled,grabbing my hand and leading me down the pavement towards the stalls.



*5 minutes later*



''Want some candyfloss?'' Justin asked,leading me over to a stand.



''Sure.'' I smiled,gripping the massive teddybear Justin won for me.



I patiently waited in line as Justin told the man what he wanted,something catched my attention when I saw a tall gorgeous blonde girl strut over to Justin with a shocked look on her face.



''Oh my way! Justin? Justin Bieber?'' She asked,gently placing her hand on Justin's shoulder.



''E-Emily?'' Justin breathed,dropping the candyfloss sticks onto the floor as he stared at her beauty.



''What's up? miss me?'' She giggled,twirling a strand of her blonde hair around her newly manicured fingers.



''Oh my god...I can't believe's really you!'' Justin grinned,pulling the girl into an unexpected hug.



I watched as that 'Emily' girl looked at me over his shoulder and sent me an evil glare,I just quickly looked away and focused my eyes on the arcade.



''You bet it is.'' She giggled,placing her hand on his chest.



Justin's smile widened as he stepped closer.



Am I not here? or




''How have you been? I's Stratford High? still the same?'' Justin asked.



''Meh,same old same old...I've missed you so much...where did you go?'' 



''Uh my family moved to Atlanta..I'm here for a vacation.'' Justin shrugged.



''Awesome,well...maybe we could catch up sometime?'' She asked,petting her eyelashes.



Dumb bitch..



''Yeah that'd be great!''



I nervously looked over at Emily as I saw her study his face.



''You've changed so much.'' She whispered.



''Like the new me?'' 



''Love it,this badboy theme really suits you,I love your blazer...very classy.'' She giggled,gripping the collar of it and yanking him forwards.



''Um.'' Justin muttered.




''You've cut your hair too.'' She whispered,reaching up and running her hands through the back of his hair. ''You're looking hot Bieber.'' 



''Thanks,you don't look too bad either.'' He chuckled.



You know what? fuck this...if he's not going to acknowledge his own girlfriend then I'm out.



I shook my head and walked off,dropping the teddy bear on the floor,I pulled my jacket closer to my body as an uncomfortable breeze hit my body.



The funfair was half abandoned half busy,the part I was in now was near enough empty,but you could still hear the screams of kids echoing off from the roller coasters.



I walked over to the roller coaster I wanted to try out earlier and walked through the que entrance.



I walked the trail until I was finally around near everyone else,but then I felt someone grab me from behind and yank me backwards,causing a scream to escape my lips.



Oh no























guys it's only a few more days untill the believe tour ends,that's so upsetting..I know I haven't experienced it but I'll miss the OLLG'S until next time,they were all perfect.





Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3







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