The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


30. ''Doctors appointment''


Tori's POV:


*I hesitantly walked into reception,taking small steps and crossing my fingers*



Hopefully I haven't done anything too bad..



''Ahh! Mrs.Brooks.'' The secretary of the school smiled. ''Just sign out on this paper and then you can leave for your Doctors appointment.''



*I frowned and leaned over to read the form,I looked back up and looked out of the building into the parking lot,I instantly noticed Justin's car and I laughed,he was watching me pressing his finger to his lips,I rolled my eyes and turned around to sign the form before I hurried out through the front doors of the school and down the stairs*



''Hey beautiful.'' Justin smiled,as he walked around the car and enveloped me in a hug.



''Doctors appointment,huh?'' I laughed hugging him back.



''Well how else would I get you to leave school?'' Justin chuckled as we pulled away from each other



''What do you mean?''



''Were spending the day together, I texted you earlier because I got sent home from the fight and you weren't replying,so I called in pretending to be your guardian and told them you had a doctors,here you are.'' Justin smirked.



''You saved me from a lesson with Harry anyway,so I bet your happy.'' I smiled.



''Over the moon.'' 



*I laughed just as Justin opened the door to the car,I thanked him and then slid in before he shut the door,he walked around the other side and got in,putting the key in the ignition*



''So..I was thinking we could get in our one pieces rent some movies,cuddle on the couch and talk?'' 



''Sounds good.'' I smiled.



*Justin chuckled and pulled out of the parking lot*



''You know we ordered our new matching one pieces from the web the other day?'' Justin asked,glancing at me before he looked back to the road.



''Yeah,what about them?'' 



''Well they came in the mail today when I walked it,they're looking pretty sweet!'' Justin yelled triumphantly.



*I laughed*



''You're such a nerd.'' 



''But I'm your nerd.'' 









*I began to walk up the stairs,Justin following behind me,I walked into the bedroom and nearly squealed*



There laying on the bed were our matching onesies...



Tori's onesie:

Justin's onesie: 

''OH MY GOD THERE SO CUTE!'' I cooed,grabbing the pink dinosaur onesie and holding it up to me.



''Not as cute as you.'' Justin smirked.



*I walked over to him and kissed him*



''Thankyou,babe.'' I muttered,smiling up at him.



''No problem,now we can be twinies.'' Justin chuckled.



*I laughed and un popped the buttons from the onesie,I placed it on the bed again and started to undress*


''Woah,normally I wouldn't mind you undressing infront of me,but are we going to put them on now?'' Justin whined.



''Yes! I wan't to know if mine fits!'' I laughed.



''It will fit,it's an you wanted it.'' 



''Just put yours on,Bieber.'' I muttered.



*Justin rolled his eyes and began to undress,I did the same before I pulled on the onesie,I did the buttons up then pulled up my hood,Justin pulled it over his abs and began to do up the poppers,I watched him in excitement*



''You look so cute.'' I cooed.



''Not lookin' to bad yourself there Brooks.'' Justin chuckled glancing up at me.



*I laughed and walked forward,I pulled the hood over his head and he instantly smiled*



''Hold on,I need to take a photo of this.'' I muttered grabbing my Iphone from the bed.



*I opened up the camera app and smiled,Justin smiled aswell and I took the photo*



''Wait,put your camera on a timer,I have an idea.'' Justin muttered.



''Okay?'' I questioned before I set the timer on my phone. ''Now what?'' 



''Put the phone over there,resting on that pot on the table.'' Justin instructed,pointing to the table infront of us.



*I walked forwards and placed the camera on there,I clicked it and walked back over to Justin*



''Okay,now I'm going to hold  your hood and kiss you.'' Justin shot quickly.



''Alright.'' I replied.


*I stepped up on my tiptoes and placed my hands on Justin's chest,Justin held the hood half off my head so you could see some of my hair and Kissed me softly*






*I pulled away and laughed.*



''I bet that looks really bad.'' I muttered walking over to the camera.



''I bet that's adorable.'' Justin added.



*I just laughed and picked up the camera,I clicked on photo's and the picture appeared on the screen*



''That's so cute.'' Justin muttered.



''It would be better with an affect thought.'' I replied.



''Try Aqua.'' Justin muttered as I flicked through the filters.



(AN: if you upload a picture into your story and you look at the effects,there's one called Aqua,that's the effect of the photo)



''Okay....there.'' I muttered as I clicked the Aqua effect.



''Not going to lie that looks like a Tumblr photo.'' Justin chuckled.



''You right,I'll put it on my Tumblr later.'' I smiled.



''Okay my little Torino.'' Justin smirked.



''What the hell's a Torino?'' I giggled.



''It's cross between your name and a dino....but it sounds like rhino,which your not.'' Justin muttered.



''Thanks,Jino.'' I laughed.



*Justin rolled his eyes and tried to pull me out the room,I stopped and tugged him back*



''Let me get my phone.'' I muttered.



''No! no phones today...we're spending time with each other.'' Justin smiled.



*I smiled wide*



''Fine...only because you look cute as a Dinosaur.'' I laughed.



''Whatever..just because you look cute both ways.'' Justin scoffed.



*I giggled,and leaned up to peck him on the cheek*



''Who said you weren't too?'' I whispered into his ear.



*Justin smirked and picked me up off the ground,spinning me around once before he set me down to walk down the stairs,as I walked down the stairs with Justin behind.'' 



''You have a dinosaur ass.'' Justin stated.



''So do you.'' 



*Justin laughed and slapped my ass,I shrieked and turned around,slapping him on the shoulder,he just snickered and carried on walking*



''You're such a perv.'' I muttered.



''Pfft,so is every other 16 year old boy out there.'' 



''You didn't used to be a perv.'' I stated.



''Maybe I didn't show you I was a perv,but trust me...It was all up here.'' Justin laughed.



''Oh my god!'' I frowned,hitting him lightly again.






''Nothing...let's just drop it and go get some fooooooooooood.'' I mumbled.



''It's only half nothing too junky.'' Justin reminded me.



''I'm going to get a banana,want one?'' 



''Nah,banana is a slut fruit.'' Justin stated.



I scoffed. ''What? how can a banana be a slut?'' 



''Because It's shaped like a dick,and it's always awkward to eat a banana around people.'' He shrugged.



''Well I don't give a fuck..I'm hungry and I'm craving a banana.'' 



''What type of banana are you craving.'' Justin smirked,looking down at his junk.



''Not the small kind,that's for sure.'' I giggled.



*Justin's jaw dropped open and I laughed*



''Oooo...burn.'' I smirked before I grabbed the banana from the table and walked into the living area.



''It's funny because you told me Jerry was big.'' Justin laughed.



''You named it Jerry?'' 






''Oh my god.'' I laughed.



''Shutup.'' Justin pouted.



*I leaned over the couch to where Justin was stood and pressed my lips into his*



''Sorry,and I was joking.'' I giggled.



''Thought so.'' Justin smirked.



*I rolled my eyes and turned back around,Justin jumped over the couch and landed next to me*



''Gaaad,these onesies crotch area ends at the ankles.'' Justin muttered.



''Least it can hide your random boners.'' I snickered.



''Shut it.'' Justin pouted,looking over at me.



''You're blushing.'' 



''No I'm's just hot in these things.'' He replied quickly,flapping his hand around his face.



''Well strip then.'' I replied,fixing my attention on the TV.



''Welll.....if you say so.'' Justin called in a sing song voice.



''N-NO! I didn't mean that...I just meant change your clothes.'' 



''I prefer nude.'' Justin shrugged,beginning to undo his buttons.



''Justin..leave it on.'' 



''Aw come on!'' Justin cried.



''Do you really think I would let you run naked around this house randomly?''



''Well you didn't seem to mind a couple of weeks ago.'' Justin smirked.



''Shut up.'' I spat,slapping him.



''I'm sorry.'' Justin chuckled,pulling my into a hug.



''Apology accepted if you keep your onesie on.'' I smiled.



''you only want it on because I distract you with my hot body.'' Justin smirked.



''Yeah...maybe that is the reason..but oh well,put it back on.'' I rushed.



''In that case I might take it off.'' Justin smirked.



''Justin I swear-''



''Alright! alright! I'll keep it on...God!'' Justin cried in annoyance.



''Love you.''I giggled.



''Love you too.'' Justin muttered irritably.



''You better.'' I muttered back



*Justin glanced over at me smiling,I laughed and turned to look at the TV,suddenly a memory flashed through my head*




''Hey know last night..when we fell asleep on the couch?'' I asked hesitantly,a small smirk forming on the corner of my lips.



''Yuh-huh.'' Justin muttered.























Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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