The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


17. Date by the river part 2



*Justin got up first and then held out his hands to pull me up,we both walked over and sat on the small boulder facing the river,Justin reached down and grabbed be basket and guitar and pulled them up beside him,he opened up the basket and a whift of fresh bread floated into my nose*








''What else did you think was in this PICNIC basket Tee?'' Justin laughed glancing at me. ''Dork.'' 





''Shut up..'' I mumbled pushing Justin hard in the shoulder causing him to fall off the rock.





*I laughed and Justin narrowed his eyes smiling,he got up and stood infront of me*




''Think that's funny do you?'' He whispered looking up to me.









''You asked for it.'' Justin shrugged before he pulled my legs causing me to slide off the rock.





''JUSTIN!'' I screamed as I slipped down the rock.





*As I fell Justin caught me in his arms,I instantly wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck,Justin smirked*





''I like this position.'' He whispered.





*I rolled my eyes*





''Your eyes are beautiful.'' I whispered as I searched for something in his eyes.




all I could see was Love and happiness.




''Not as beautiful as my perfect girlfriend Tori Mae Brooks.'' Justin smiled.




''I love you.'' I whispered.




''I love you too.'' Justin whispered back glancing at my lips.




*I smiled just as Justin leaned forward,he lightly pressed his lips on mine,sparks flying everywhere in my stomach,after a couple of seconds he deepened the kiss,I kissed back*




*Justin slowly walked backwards,stopping as he leaned me up against the boulder still not braking contact with our kiss,I tangled my hands in Justin's hair as he kissed me more forcefully,he licked my bottom lip asking for permission to further the kiss,I granted permission and Justin slid his tongue into my mouth,pressing me up against the rock,I pulled his hair lightly and a small moan escaped the back of Justin's throat,I smiled against the kiss and Justin broke apart starting to place butterfly kisses on my neck*





''Take kissing classes by any chance?'' I whispered.





*Justin stopped kissing my neck and looked up at me with worry*




''Why? am I that bad? because if I am..i'll just sto-''




''You're far from bad,you're an amazing kisser Justin.'' I giggled 





*Justin grinned and planted another kiss on my lips before breaking away*




''Good to know,you're not to bad either'' He winked.





''Thanks weiner.'' I giggled.




''You have so many nicknames for me it's unbelievable..its dork,then jackass,then fatass,then noob then weiner then Justin then J-''





''Shut up and kiss me.'' I laughed rolling my eyes before smacking my lips into his.





*Justin started to kiss me passionately again,after a long sweet kiss Justin moved onto my neck kissing me gently before biting my skin slightly and kissing more firmly,I rolled my head back to give Justin more space to kiss my neck as he carried on nibbling at my neck,I gripped onto his hair causing another moan to sound*





''Justin...that was a fucking huge moan!'' I laughed opening my eyes to look down at Justin.




''I thought that was you'' Justin frowned.




*We both went silent when another moan sounded,louder this time*




''I think were not the only ones here.'' Justin chuckled.





''No...maybe the birds just thought they would have sex in the middle of a forest and make human moans..yes Justin...that's what it is.'' I replied sarcastically




''Stop being so sarcastic...I was stating a point...I ought to punish you for your sly remarks.'' Justin winked.




*I scoffed and jumped off the rock*




''Catch me if you can looser!'' I screamed running through the trees.




''Your on babe!'' I heard Justin shout back.





I swear that kids dirtier then he looks..if you ask me when he said he would 'punish me' it sounded a bit sexual...or it might just be me..i don't know..




*I ran through a clump of tree's checking behind now and then to see if Justin was catching me up,he wasn't anywhere in sight*




Am I worried about him...yes...I can't hear or see him anywhere,and he's supposed to be chasing me...








no answer










no answer









*I walked ahead to see if he was back at the river but he wasn't,I turned around just as I got picked up and span around*




''Uhhh J-justin?'' I stuttered trying to look around,but the person wouldn't let me.




''Stay still and I won't hurt you.'' They whispered into my ear.




''JUSTIN!'' I screamed.




''fuck! calm down Tee,it's only me'' Justin chuckled into my ear.




*I clasped a hand on my chest and turned around to see Justin smirking*




''You dick! I thought you were a rapist!!'' I said as I slapped his arm.




'' was funny.'' Justin chuckled.





*I started to walk forwards,Justin following shortly behind*




''Whatever loose-''



*I tripped over a tree stump and crashed to the floor,Justin tripping over me in the process,he landed on top of me*



''Ohh-my-god.'' I breathed through laughter.



''You should really look where you're going,although...I like this position too.'' Justin whispered into my ear.



*I shivered and Justin smirked,he started to place small kisses on my neck*




''Now,where were we?'' He whispered into my ear.




*I giggled and pushed him off me*




''By the let's go'' I smirked before standing up.




''Your such a tease.'' Justin muttered standing up after me and grabbing my hand.





''That's what you get when you scare the living shit out of me in a dark forest on a warm summer night.'' I raised my eyebrow.




''you shouldn't of ran.''




''You shouldn't of chased me.'' 




''You shouldn't of been a smartass.'' 




''you shouldn't of asked the question.'' 




''You shouldn't of been a weiner.'' 




''I'm sorry for being a weiner,I really am.'' Justin said placing a hand on his heart.




''Shut up you complete toe.'' I giggled slapping his shoulder with my free hand.











''Another nickname for me...I really need to get these written down.'' Justin winked looking down at me.







''No,that's you..I'm Mr.Hotstuff.'' 




''Pffft...more like Mr.Notstuff.'' I giggled.



''You're so mean to me.'' 




''No,you're so mean to me.'' 












''Okay,whatever...were both mean to eachother...but I don't mean it.'' Justin stuck his tongue out.




''Nor do I,I love getting you angry..It's so fun.'' I smirked.




''You're hot when you're angry.'' Justin smiled kissing the top of my head.




''So are you.'' 




''Good...last thing I need is looking like a complete dork when I'm angry.'' Justin sarcastically replied.




''Don't get smart with me,looser!'' I raised my eyebrows.




''You're so cute'' Justin cooed pinching my cheeks.




''I'm not a baby.'' 




''You're my baby.'' 




''Awhh,you're so sweet.'' 




''I love you.'' 




''I love you too.'' 









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