The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


16. Date by the river part 1



''Get ready babe,were leaving in an hour.'' Justin whispered in my ear as I pulled my hair into a messy bun.



*Justin wrapped his arms around my waist from behind,softly kissing my cheek*




''''' I paused between each word as i said that exact sentence about 10 times in the last 5 minutes and the answer was always 'you'll have to wait and see.'




''You'll have to wait and see,babe.'' 




''adding another word on the end doesn't change anything,you've said the same sentence 13 times.'' I huffed





''Sorry gorgeous,you'll have to wait...better?'' 








*Justin kissed me full on the lips before pulling away with a smirk playing on his lips*




''Sorry...get ready...and..nevermind.'' 




''What were you going to say?'' 





''I was going to say look hot...but you don't need to look hot,you already are.'' Justin grinned 





''Thanks Bieber,now scoot...I need a shower!''





*Justin chuckled and kissed my forehead*








''Love you too,Justin'' 




*Justin walked out the room just as i walked into the bathroom with my towel*





''JUSTIN,YOU CAN SHOWER IN THE SPARE ROOM IF YOU WANT...'' I shouted as I stepped into the shower.




*I immediately jumped as the scolding water burnt me,I stood to the edge of the shower panting in shock*













''I'm so sorry,are you okay? are you hurt?'' Justin panicked tapping on the door.





''No,im dandy...just please turn off the other shower.'' 





''On it'' 





*I rolled my eyes and stuck my hand under the tap,the water was warm now,I soaked my hair and body in the warm relaxing water before washing myself*








*I stumbled out the shower and wrapped my towel around me leaving my hair damp hanging down to my mid stomach,I walked out of the bathroom turning off the light in the process,instantly jumping as I noticed Justin chilling on my bed*








''Hey gorgeous,just thought I would wait for I'm ready..and  you know,nothing better to do.'' Justins eyes travelled down your body




*You instantly pulled the towel tighter around your body*





''Well if you don't mind,I need to get scoot!'' 




''Nah,I think i'll just chill here.'' 









''Make me.''








*I grabbed my clothes of my bed and stormed back into the bathroom,shutting and locking the door behind me.*





''You're so annoying,do you know that?'' I huffed pulling on my shorts.





''You love me really''





''Sadly.'' I muttered.













''Just you wait untill you come out.'' 





''Is that a threat Bieber?'' 









''Well then i'll stay in here all date,no kissing,no hugging,no-





''I joke,I joke..'' Justin laughed.





''That's what I thought.'' 





*I pulled on my top and my cardigan before towel drying my hair*









*my hair hung losely over my shoulders and down to just above my waist,now that my hair was completely dry now,I moved on to my makeup,Using a light concealer then powder for my face then my eyeliner pen and 2 favourite mascaras and my favourite candyfloss lipbalm*




This is the outfit. 





''I'm going casual...only because you won't tell me where were going.'' 




''Fine by me,babe...hurry up''




''I'm coming,geesh!''




*I chucked my towel in the wash basin then walked out of the bathroom,I turned around to see Justin staring at me*








''You're looking stunning!'' 





''Thankyou,not looking to bad yourself.'' I smiled





*I sat on the end of the bed and grabbed my American flag converse,pulling them on my feet,moments later I was laying back on the bed pinned down by Justin*




''Told you.'' 




''Told me what?'' 





''That I would get you once you stepped past that door frame.'' 





''They weren't your exact words.'' I smiled up at him.




''Alright smartass,enough of the backtalk...and kiss me.'' 



























''No or yes!'' 












''Yes to no?'' 




''No,no to yes!''












''WHY NOT?'' Justin pouted.




''Because you smell.'' 





''No I don't.''




''I'm's because you're a dork.'' 















''That's you.'' 









''Love you.'' 




''I love me too.'' I replied smirking.




''HEY!'' Justin paused. ''SAY IT BACK!'' Justin pouted.





he's so cute when he pouts.




*I kissed him quickly before he could kiss back then looked into his eyes*





''I love you Justin.'' 




''I love me too.'' Justin smirked





''That's it...get off me you fatass!'' I giggled pushing Justin onto the floor.




*Justin tumbled to the floor creating a loud 'THUD',I giggled and joined him on the floor*




''That's not very nice.'' Justin pouted.




''Suck it up,don't be a whimp.'' 





''Me a whimp? pffft.'' 




''Yeah,you are a come on...lets get going.''





''NO! YOU HURT MY FOREHEAD I FACE PLANTED OFF THE BED!'' Justin cried in frustration.








''Kiss it better.'' 
















*I leaned in and kissed Justin's forehead just as Justin moved his head back so I ended up kissing his lips,Justin travelled his hand to the back of my neck to deepen the kiss,I pulled away frowning,Justin smirking*




''You cheeky little shi-''




*Justin pecked my lips*




''Shizayum'' Justin finished




''Shizayum...well that's new.'' 





''Yeah,Now let's go...we need to hurry okay?'' 





'' the way,where did you go earlier?'' I asked confused.





''You'll find out...lets roll.'' 













''Here,put this on.'' Justin said handing me a blindfold.








''Just,'s part of the surprise!'' 





*I hesitated for a second,before I gave in and put on the blindfold,Justin grabbed my hand as we started walking down the street*





''I feel uncomfortable...promise me this isn't a're not going to just ditch me?'' 




''Of course not tee,I wouldn't bring myself to ditch you even if I had to,you're my not going to  just run off and leave you in danger!'' Justin chuckled 




*I felt Justin kiss my forehead,instantly a smile formed on my lips*





''I love you.'' Justin whispered.




''I love you too,but hurry with getting nervous.'' 





''Okay beautiful,we will be there in about 10 minutes,just trust me..okay?'' 









********10 minutes later*********





''Were here,take off the blindfold!''








*Justin unwrapped the blindfold from my eyes,my eyes adjusted quickly to the warm summer night*





''Justin! this is beautiful!'' 





There before me and Justin was a small lake,with boulders beside the middle was a picnic blanket and a guitar,circling the area were small candles..glowing up the whole lake,the location was surrounded by tree's and bushes...Is this the local forest hardly anyone goes through?'




''Is this the local forest,Justin?'' 










''Just wondering,how did you make the candles stay lighted?'' 





''You didn't notice me let go of you hand to light them?''









''Well then...'' 




''Oh my god.'' 




''Sorry,look,come over here...I wanna show you something.'' 











*Justin grabbed my hand and led me over to the edge of the river,He sat at the edge pulling me down next to him*




''what is it?''




''Shhh...the'll appear in a minute!''














*I chuckled slightly at Justin's childish behaviour*




Suddenly two frog jumped out from under an overgrown bush hanging over the water and landed on a small lillypad.




*We watched as the chased eachother around the river,before jumping into another bush*




''If I kissed you would you turn into a frog?'' 




''You saying I'm you're prince?'' 









''You're cute,come here.''





*You scooted over to Justin as he wrapped his arm around your waist,he leaned down and kissed the top of your head*




''You're my princess.'' 




''I know.'' 




''How do you know?'' 




''Because you asked me to be you're princess when you asked me out.'' 




''Oh god.'' Justin mumbled placing his hands over his face in embarrassment.





*I pulled his hands away and kissed him softly before returning back to my normal space*





''It was cute and unique...much cuter then what you're douchebag brother did.'' I laughed.





''What did he say?'' 





''Babe,you're hot...wanna date?'' I paused. ''I can't believe I said yes,ew.'' 




''Woah...what a gentleman.'' Justin chuckled.





''Atleast there's atleast one in the Bieber household.'' 









''You silly.'' I giggled as I reached up and pinched his cheeks.





''Thanks.'' Justin smirked.






''No problem...hey,what's with the guitar and picnic basket?'' 





''Come here...I'll show you.''








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