The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


57. Counting stars



Justin grabbed my hand and lead me up the stairs,and into our shared room,he grabbed some pillows and the blanket and dragged them out to the balcony,pushed the chairs and table to the side and layed the pillows on the floor,I walked out and frowned at him and all he did was smile.



''What are you doing?'' 



''Trust me...get into something super socks,uggs...whatever...okay? meet me out here in 10 minutes.'' Justin replied,running off the balcony with a devious smile on his face,I frowned and shrugged before I walked back into the room and pulled on my one piece over my tank top and booty shorts,I added some fluffy socks and put on my uggs like I was supposed to,I let my hair down and put the hood over my hair,I grabbed my phone and put it into my pocket along with my lip balm.



I began searching around the house for Justin when I noticed food spread out all over the floor of the kitchen,I looked over the counter and saw Justin crouching on the floor rummaging through the snack cupboard.



''Uh..what are you doing?'' I laughed.



''Trying to find some foooooooooood.'' Justin sang,still rummaging through the junk.



''Your suck a dork.'' 



''You're one and only.'' Justin grinned,turning around and sticking his tongue out.



I laughed and shook my head before I walked upstairs and onto the balcony,I sat down and curled up under the blankets,I put my head on the pillow and slowly closed my eyes,letting the cool breeze of the early evening slightly brush my cheek.







''Mmm.'' I mumbled,turning over in the process.



 I felt cold minty breath blow in my face and I scrunched my nose up before I opened my eyes to see Justin staring right back at me.



''Hi.'' He chuckled,brushing my hair out my face.



I just stared into his eyes.



''Your eyes are so pretty.'' I whispered.



''Yours are better.'' Justin chuckled.






''Uh..yeah! yours are such a pretty colour,mine are just brown.'' Justin smiled.



'' have tiny specks of yellow and orange in starburst.'' I giggled,reaching up and tapping the lense on Justin's glasses.


Justin flinched and swatted my hand away teasingly before he stared at my face.



''Stop.'' I laughed after a minute of putting up with his constant staring.


Justin wasn't phased by my demand and continued to look at me,like he was in a trance or something.



''Justin...seriously're freaking me out.'' 



This caused Justin to snap out of his little trance and he chuckled,leaning forwards and kissing my forehead. '''s just..I don't understand.'' 



''Understand what?'' 



''I don't understand how I got you...your like an angel sent from heaven,but I just don't understand why god sent you to me out of all should be with a perfect guy..not me,I have too many flaws.'' 



I rolled my eyes and kissed his lips. ''Shut know I wouldn't change you for the world..your perfect to me.'' 


''But not perfect enough...your flawless,I don't deserve you.'' Justin replied,looking into my eyes.


''Justin would you just quit it? your beyond perfect to me...If I had the choice to be with anyone in the world...celebrity or would be one else,you and you only.'' 



''But why.'' 



''Are you fishing for compliments?'' I chuckled,poking his dimple with my fingertip.



'' know I really want to know what you think of me..after all..your opinion is the only one I truly care about.'' Justin smiled lightly,bringing his hand up to my face and using the pad of his thumb to slightly stroke my face.''Your all that matters to me.'' Justin sang softly.


I held in a breath. ''Justin that was so good! you seriously need to write some ideas down.'' I giggled,squeezing his cheeks together and kissing him.



Justin laughed and got his phone. ''Alright,lets play a game,you try to write a song about me and me to the end we sing them.'' Justin replied.



I shook my head. '' happening,I can't sing.'' I laughed,grabbing my phone.



''I'm sure you can babe.'' Justin replied,propping himself on his elbow and kissing my forehead.



''Yeah yeah whatever...hey! you can't start yet!'' 



''Yes you can.'' Justin giggled,looking over at me before he tapped something out on his phone.



''Write the lyrics on your notes..I can't be bothered to get paper and pen.'' Justin chuckled,scooting away from me and sitting his back against the wall so He was facing me. ''No peeking either.'' Justin replied,sticking his tongue out at me.


I rolled my eyes and began to write out the first ideas that came to my head.





''Fuck.'' Justin muttered,face palming himself as he hissed lowly. ''No no no..that sounds bad.'' He continued,muttering to himself like I wasn't there or something.


I chuckled instantly causing a scowl from Justin. 



''Dork.'' I muttered,focusing back on the text I managed to come up with.





''Allllllright...done.'' Justin muttered,locking his phone and looking over at me with a cute smile.



''Uh shit.'' I murmured,mentally slapping myself as I got distracted by the bundle of cuteness in front of me continuously sighing and sticking his tongue out when he typed.



''Wanna go first babe?'' 



''Why not,lets get this over and done with.'' I muttered,taking a deep breath before I began to sing.





HEY JUSTIN,EH EH,HEY JUSTIN.'' I yelled,doing a little but wiggle as I tried to keep in my laugh.


I smirked and looked over at Justin,his lip was quivering...



I watched as he slapped his hand to his heart and began to sniff. ''Damn,that was so deep..thankyou so much.'' He teased,soon bursting out into laughter with me.



''Okay my turn.'' Justin replied,unlocking his phone and glancing at me. ''Don't laugh.'' 









''You cerial?'' 



''Tori..stop,its hard for me to sing in front of people.''






Justin chuckled before he began to sing. 



''It's a big big world,

and I'm gonna show you all of it,

I'm gonna lace you with pearls,oh

from every ocean that were swimming in,

we can make the sun shine in the moonlight,

we can make the grey clouds turn to blue skies,

I know it's believe,me

that we can go nowhere but up,

from here,my dear

baby we can go nowhere but up,

tell me what we got to fear

we'll take it to the sky and past the moon

to the galaxy,

as long as you're with me baby

honestly,with the strength of our love,

we can go nowhere but up'' 



I was confused as hell,I thought this was just a fun game...but those lyrics were perfect,beautiful.



''Justin that was amazing.'' I gushed,scooting over to him and hugging him tight.''Thank you so much.''



''Anything for you.'' Justin whispered,tugging us down so our heads hit the pillow,not once did Justin let go of me.



I turned over and rested my head on his chest,I looked up at the stars that blanketed the dark sky.





''Oo look at that...that sorta looks like a shoe.'' Justin chuckled,pointing up at a circle of stars clumped together.


'' looks like a hamster.'' I frowned,following my eyes to where his finger was pointing. 



''How can a shoe be similar to a hamster?'' He groaned,shaking his head playfully.



''Shh you.'' I giggled,gripping his shirt as I scanned the sky for more patterns.



''The one I can't live without..that's you..that's you.'' Justin sang softly,followed by a long chain of humming as he continued to gaze at the stars. 



''You know...all of the stars in the sky..don't add up to how much I love you.'' I whispered,leaning on Justin's chest as I looked at him. 



Justin switched his glance to me and his instantly smiled ''Awh princess...that's so cute,I love you more though.'' 



''Were not getting into this argument.'' I giggled.



Justin chuckled and leaned forwards,hoping I would lean the rest of the way and connect our lips,I did just that and kissed Justin softly,yearning the feel of his sweet lips against mine. 



Justin pulled apart and I leaned my head back on his chest. ''You know..if you wish apon a shooing star its incorrect to say that a wish will be granted,because the star would of already died by the time you even saw it.'' Justin muttered,looking up at a small clump of stars which appeared to form a small love heart.



I smiled and began to close my eyes,but immediately shot them open when a car alarm began to erupt in the neighbour hood,followed by someone screaming ''FUCK.'' 



I shot up off the ground only to see a black figure dive into the bush on our yard,I frowned and walked through the glass door and back into the house. 



''Don't move.'' I replied,running down the stairs and along to the front door,I pulled it open and advanced on the bush,walking slowly and steadily to the dark leaves and branches,the snow crunching beneath my feet.



Unknown's POV:



I watched as the girl walked forwards,coming closer to where I was with every crunch of the snow beneath her feet.



This is her...I've got her.



I pulled out the pocket knife from my black pocket and clicked it open,ready to slash at her if she dared to come forwards.






Oh the sweet voice Derek warned me angelic but so intimidating at the same time..



Oh you better watch out little Tori.



''Is any-anyone there?'' She continued,another crunch of the snow followed by a snap.



At this point my hand began to sweat and all I wanted to do was grab her,but it looked too difficult,this neighbourhood seemed too watchful...anyone could be watching..and I'm almost certain Justin isn't here..but that bastard is never too far from her.



I saw her foot as I peeked through the bush,her brown soggy uggs revealing their rachetness to my eyes,I nearly let out a laugh at the thought of the surprise she would get if  I was just to grab her leg there and then,but I fought away the urge and listened. 



Nothing...not even a sound.


I slowly got into crouching position and waited,when she walked back into the house I would strike..when she least expects it.



''Guess it was just a cat.'' She murmured,walking back over to the house.



Oh poor innocent Tori...if only you knew.



She began to pick up her pase to get in,I shot up from my crouching postition and sprinted forward..knife in hand,ready to slash her when she sets one foot on that door frame.




I hissed as Justin appeared at the door,sly bastard.



I quickly changed course and sprinted away from Tori just when Justin noticed me.



I continued to run even though I heard his voice...oh that patronising,irritating voice. 



''HEY!'' He shouted again,this time it only cause me to break into an all out sprint,trying to get him of my persue.


It worked...Bieber's off my case...but I'm definately not off his.



I'll find my revenge..sweet sweet revenge.



































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