The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


56. Come home to me



I stepped forwards to lower myself into the car but was refrained from doing so when Justin ran up to me and grabbed my arm,yanking me back out of the cab.



''Ma'am is there a problem?'' The cab driver asked,leaning out the window.



I shook my head and looked over at Justin. ''What do you want? and make it quick because the man's waiting.'' I huffed,yanking my arm away from Justin's reach.



''Look...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to be so rude,I'm trying my hardest to show you how sorry I am and you running away from me won't help...please..Just- if you wan't to go back let me drive you at least.'' 




I leaned over and apologised to the cab driver before he rolled his eyes and sped off down the street.



''Well that was rude.'' I muttered.



Justin chuckled. ''Forget him,come on...I want to show you something.'' Justin whispered,grabbing my upper arm and lightly pulling me with him.



Oh how I've missed his heart warming laugh...wait..shh.





I sighed when Justin pulled out the keys to open the door. ''Why are we here?'' 







''Because what Justin?''



''Just come inside.'' He chuckled,pulling on my arm. 



I gave in and walked into the familiar cabin,Justin motioned for me to sit down but I couldn't,I was too busy staring at the huge Christmas tree in front of me.



''Did you do this?''I asked,not taking my eyes off the tree as I slowly sat down on the floor.



''Uh yeah...I um...I got bored one day and I needed something to do to occupy myself rather than constantly check up on you,and this is the outcome.'' Justin replied,grabbing his guitar and sitting on the floor next to me.



''What do you mean?'' 



''Well..this past week I've been basically doing nothing...I didn't take out the trash until yesterday...the house was a mess...I was a mess...I felt like I couldn't function without you.'' 




''Justin? why are you acting like I've died or we've split up?'' I asked,growing impatient by the second.



I just wanted answers,because it's bullshit stating that he can't live without me.



''Wait...we haven't?'' 



''No...I said I needed a break,not once did I mention breaking things with you...we both know that would cause way too many problems.'' I replied,watching as Justin's eyes became watery.



''S-So...your still my princess?'' He asked,biting his bottom lip as he tried to hold back the tears.






''Y-You still li-love me right?'' Justin gulped,watching me intently.



I nodded my head slowly. ''I didn't mean what I said the other day...I was just highly angry..I felt alone and I just wanted everyone to go away.'' I stated,looking down at my lap in embarrassment. 




'' know- will you forgive me?'' 




I sighed heavily. ''I don't know broke a promise and it's hard to trust you after something like that...we can build up our trust again but at the moment were on a very thin line...I don't know...It's just,so much has happened over the past 7 and a half months and this is more or less the final straw...but I'm not willing to let you go...but I still can't let you back in will take time.'' 



Justin nodded his head slowly,a flash of hurt shone in his eyes and that instantly pulled on my heart strings,I set aside my emotions and kept my composure as Justin began to strum his hand over the strings of the guitar he was holding.



''Well...when you were-you know...not with me..I wrote a song to help me vent my feelings,this kinda stopped me from doing something bad..I was ready to kill once I realised I lost you..but I sat down with a paper and pen in hand and began to write...and this is what I came up with...I hope you like it.''  



I just sat there and listened to the perfect harmony of Justin's voice  as he began to hum along.




'Come home to me

Come home to me
Back into my arms
Home where you belong
Come home to me
Come home to me
If home is where you are
Then home is way too far away'


I bit my lip as Justin looked up from the strings and looked me straight in the eyes.


'TV light of blue and white
Just can't fall asleep at night
Move over to the space where you should be
Even half way seem so far
Over mountains and diamond stars
Everybody has their own way home

Come home to me
Come home to me
Back into my arms
Home where you belong
Come home to me
Come home to me
If home is where you are
Home is way too far away'


Once again he looked up at me,but this time he glanced down at my lips now and again,then to my eyes..and back down to my lips...he studied my face and nearly forgot the words as a tear slowly sailed down my cheek.


'All my life I've dreamed of love
Never thought it would hurt this much
To kiss goodbye and wait for your return
So I'll be strong and hold on to
A picture and a thought of you
Getting all the love that you deserve

So come home to me
Come home to me
Back into my arms
Home where you belong
Come home to me
Come home to me
If home is where you are
Home is way too far away

If home is where you are
Then home is way too far away'



I stayed silent as he continued to strum out the last chord,he then looked up at me and I then noticed that he too was crying.



But instead of comforting him like my natural instinct,I just sat there...staring at him,and with in a split second,I got up and walked over to the door.



I felt overwhelmed by the emotion in the room,it was too much for me at that moment,but as I reached for the handle,a small ''Wait'' Was heard,but more as a plead.



I stopped in my tracks and turned around to see Justin standing up walking towards me,he was positively sobbing. 



''I don't care if were on bad terms right now...I just need you to hug me.'' He whimpered,trying to wipe away his tears.



I let out a whimper and ran into his embrace,feeling that warm and safe feeling pass over me as I breathed in his scent which I missed dearly.



''I-It's hard...I-I've grown too attached to you,and when you said those pushed me over the edge'' Justin whispered.



I pulled away and looked up at him. ''Wait...what do you mean it pushed you over the edge..what-what have you done Justin?'' I asked,getting slightly more anxious by the second.



''I'm sorry-'' Justin croaked,pulling up his sleeve on his plaid shirt. ''I did it again..when you told me not to-but I just-I-I I had to...I had the urge and it felt right to do it.'' Justin whispered,his voice hoarse from crying so much.



I carefully touched his arm and ran my fingertip lightly over the several cuts recently added to his skin,Justin flinched and I instantly let my anger get the best of me.



''Do you know how selfish this is? they're pretty deep Justin...any deeper and you could be hospitalised..put on a that what you want?'' I hissed,pushing his shoulder as tears spilled down my cheeks. ''Did you think for one second that you could accidently let that blade rip through your vein? huh? what would happen Justin? do you think you'd live? did you want to die? did you put into consideration my feelings? I would be doesn't matter if were in a fight..or even worse not together any more...if you did something like that I'd never forgive you...not only would you take your life...but you'd take part of my heart with you...WHY! after everything you decide to could of vented through something else..what about music? like you did with that song? was that not enough? did you need more? what would happen if you liked the sensation and the carefree vibe that came with cutting Justin? huh? would you still do it? those scars are permanent...they will never be erased...-'' 



''I didn't mean too! the blade was just there...and my mind was screaming at me to do it..I had no choice...I didn't think of the consequences Tori! who does? you don't think about what happens next when you just do only care about the emotional pain and how it drifts away,its unfair....It was a punishment..I didn't mean too but I HAD to punish myself for hitting you...I couldn't let myself get away with it...'' 



''Justin..I seriously can't be dealing with this right now..this is too mu-''



''Then don't deal with it...just shut up and hold works both ways Tori...I have feelings too..and sometimes I need the comfort..I go through things as well...I'm human...and I definitely need my girlfriend to be there for me right now.'' Justin laughed bitterly,his tears falling harder.



I leaned up and grabbed his face.



I couldn't take it anymore..



I softly planted my lips onto his puffed up ones,which had swollen up from how hard he was biting them.


Justin moaned into the kiss and leaned his head into my hand,desperate to feel my touch,I pulled out of the kiss and looked at him straight in the eyes.



''Don't you dare do anything like this again.'' I stated,looking into his watery hazel pools of sadness.



Justin just merely sniffed,looking at the floor. ''Do you hear me?'' 



Justin remained silent. '' gotta promise can't punish your body...some people can't handle it...please...just stop...I'm sorry for leaving you,I forgive you and I love you..just please stop harming yourself.'' I whispered,shaking my head as I pulled Justin into the tightest hug possible.



Justin hugged back,ten times harder.He leaned his face on mine and I instantly felt the wetness of his tears seep into my skin. ''I love you so much,please don't ever leave me again.'' Justin whimpered,hugging me tighter if possible.



''I promise,baby..'' I whispered,pulling out the hug and wiping away his tears.



''My heart is thumping so fucking hard right now...I don't know why.'' 



''It's because you've bottled up all your feelings and you've finally let them out.'' I whispered.



''It's not good to bottle up emotions...I learned the hard way.'' Justin murmured,looking down at his scar filled wrists.



'' have to promise me to never do this hear? you do not only hurt yourself..but you hurt the people around you that care.'' 



Justin just nodded,looking deep into my eyes. ''I'm so glad this is over with...I've missed you so much...It feels like you've been gone years...don't ever leave me again.'' Justin laughed shakily,pulling me into a hug again.



''I wont...not If I can help it.''I murmured.



I stayed wrapped up in Justin's arms as we continued to sway back and fourth as he held me,not once did I want to let go...he's mine and I'm staying forever.






this ones a little bit longer but yano,this is a bit more emotional than the other one....sorry theres probaly typos..but it's 10 to 2 in the morning and its CHRISTMAS EVE.



you know what that means....



I get to constantly listen to Justin's song 'Christmas eve' 





yeah I forgot...



and it's also christmas tomorrow...



heh how could I forget:/....



So i may not be able to upload on christmas but you can't blame me because my family and I want to spend this special day with family and no distractions...



So if I don't update untill then...I just want to say I hope all of you have the perfect christmas with your family and you get everything you lots of food and socialise as this time of the year only comes once...treasure what you have tomorrow because before you know'll be another year older and you will want to do your own thing is a day for making lot s of memorys and good times...spend it wisely and I love you all so much..










~X~X~X~X~X  #  X~X~X~X~X



Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3




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