The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


24. Closer then ever


*2 weeks later*


Tori's POV:


I'ts been 2 weeks since the night I lost my virginity to the love of my life,I thought he felt the same..but apparently he lost his virginity when he was 15,which I found highly fascinating that he hadn't told me before,and continued to lie about keeping his virginity till the night prior 2 weeks ago.







''Tori.'' Justin sighed,sitting up in the bed. ''I have something to tell you.'' He continued.



A smile was permanently plastered on my face as I thought about the events that took place last night.




''Yeah?'' I answered.




''You won't like this....but promise me you won't get mad and leave me?'' Justin rushed,glancing over at me as his abs peaked out from under the covers.




*I nodded smiling,not feeling it necessary to speak*




Justin sighed and placed his hand under my chin,forcing me to look him straight in the eyes. ''I wasn't a virgin before last night.'' He sighed. ''I know I told you I was...but I was scared to tell you,and I wanted your first time to be special...and I thought-'' He gulped. ''I just thought if I told you I was a virgin too...then maybe it would make you feel more comfortable...but I promise you one thing,the girl I lost it with was a mistake-''



''Who was she.'' I interrupted,trying to stay calm.



The last thing I needed was an argument so early in the morning.




''Emily Gill,I was 15...'' 



''How did it happen.'' 



''Well- that's the thing...before Derek became abusive..I used to be just like him,a man whore..partying every night...getting drunk..making out with girls,and that just kinda happened,we were drunk and I didn't know what I was doing,I had a huge crush on her and I thought maybe after we had sex at the party,maybe we would be a when I went to hug her from behind,she slapped me in the face in front of the whole class and told everyone I had a small dick..everyone laughed and kept teasing me about it for the rest of the year..Emily started the I decided I should become un-noticeable...keep my head low until the end of school and hope that no one would bring up the embarrassment along the way,and that's when Derek disowned me and decided he wasn't going to keep letting people tease him about my mistakes,so he started to beat me...and the only thing I could turn to was trusty books and the company of myself,and that's when you came along,you practically saved my life,Tori.'' Justin shrugged.



*All I could do was blink,my mouth hung open slightly*




''Please don't leave me..I'm sorry I lied to you about all this..but I didn't want you getting upset..please forgive me,I'll never lie to you again..I promise..just give me a ch-'' 




*I cut him off by placing my lips on his,he instantly kissed back,I pulled away and looked at him straight in the eyes*




''Listen to me,You're clearly sorry about all of this,and I understand it was a mistake..I'm not's whatever.'' I smiled.



*Justin's face immediately lit up with joy,I giggled and pulled him into a warm hug*




''Thank you so much for trusting me,I promise I'll never lie to you again Tori...I love you so much.'' Justin mumbled into my ear.



''I love you too,Justin...I love you too.'' I muttered,stroking his back.




*End of flashback*



Since that day,me and Justin have been closer then ever.




''Tori Brooks!'' Mrs.Berk yelled. 



My head instantly snapped up to the front of my English class where The teacher had stopped teaching to focus her attention on me.



I gulped. ''Yes Ma'am?'' I replied timidly.




''Since the desk seems to be more interesting then my lesson,I advise you make your way to the detention room,pronto.'' She snapped.



*I rolled my eyes and got up from my desk,before stomping out of class and walking down the hallway*




Today was the first day back at school...Justin will be joining tomorrow as he's nervous of what people will think of his real look,so after loads of negotiating..Justin's at home watching 'Home Alone' in my room.



*I pulled out my phone and decided to text Justin on the way to detention*




To: My dork<3


Hey Justin,just got sent to detention so please cure my boredom and talk to me:(<3xx



From: My dork<3



Hey baby,oooo little badass(; you just texted me right when they entered the house to kidnap the kid:(<3xx



*I rolled my eyes and entered the detention room,thumbing out a reply to Justin's text*



To: My dork<3



Ohh I'm sorry for wanting to talk to my boyfriend..guess I'll just go and find a new boyfriend(;<3xx




*Justin instantly replied*




From: My dork<3



That's not funny! you know I was kidding,want me 2 pick u up?<3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




To: My dork<3



It totally is;) I know,I do realise putting like 20 more kisses isn't going to work(;xoxox




From: My dork<3



Well it obviously is if your putting 1 more kiss and 2 hugs,haha(: xxxxx



To: My dork<3



Shut up-.-<3xx



*I laughed and put my phone in the pocket before looking up from the seat I chosen without looking*



I looked up to see a boy with curly brown hair staring at me.



*I smiled and looked away,biting my lip awkwardly*



It seems that me and this mystery boy are the only ones in detention..oh god,no teachers?



''Hello Love.'' A british accent ringed in my ears.



*I instantly looked back to the boy sat in the desk infront of me,I smiled*




''Hey,are you English?'' I asked,curious to find out what accent this boy has.



''Yep,are you American?'' He smirked,placing his hand on my desk.




''Of course.'' I giggled. ''Stupid question.'' 



''Oh well,It was a conversation starter,wasn't it?'' He chuckled.



''I guess.'' I laughed. 



''I'm Harry by the way...Harry Styles.'' He smiled,holding out his hand for me to shake.



I shook his hand. ''Tori Brooks.'' I smiled.




''Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.'' Harry smirked.



*I blushed and looked down*



''Thank you.'' I replied shyly.



''Welcome,so...why are you in detention?'' Harry asked,shuffling in his seat.



''Wasn't listening to the teacher..daydreaming I guess.'' I laughed. ''What about you?'' 



''Started a fight on that Derek kid...he was disrespecting the girls in class,touching them up under the tables and shit.'' He shrugged.



''He's a jerk.'' I muttered.



''You know him?'' 




''Sure,ex boyfriend...he was cheating on me with my ex best friend.'' I sighed.



''Awh,I'm sorry...that sucks.'' Harry pouted.



I shrugged. ''It's alright I guess,I'm just glad I broke up with him..he was being a complete cunt to my boyfriend.'' I sighed.



''Who's your boyfriend? I was hoping a pretty girl like you would be single.'' Harry smirked.



I ignored his suggestive flirting technique and smiled. ''Justin Bieber...Derek's brother.'' 



''Woaaah! you've been out with siblings?''  He asked.



''Yeup,completely different personalities though,Derek's a complete asshole to girls,Justin's the sweetest boy ever..Derek used to bully Justin and beat him up because he was a 'nobody' and a 'loser' so Justin kept himself to himself and...yeah.'' 



''Cool,how did you meet Justin?'' Harry asked fiddling with the necklace around his neck.



I never noticed but Harry has such beautiful eyes,light grey/blue.




''Uh,In school...Justin was lying on the floor from a beating from Derek,I went to help him and ever since we've became best friends and inseparable.'' I smiled.



''That's,Not like I want Derek in here...but why isn't he in here too if you both started a fight?'' 




''Because he threatened the teacher...disrespectful fucker.'' Harry muttered. ''He got me in detention on the first fucking day.'' He sighed.




''That sucks.'' I replied.



*I pulled my phone out of my pocket instantly smiling as I got a reply from Justin*


From: My dork<3


Love you too(;xxxxxx


''Textin' your lover?'' Harry asked.



*I looked up and smiled before I began texting out a reply.*




To: My dork<3



hehe,I love annoying you(y)xxxxx





''Awhhh...aren't you two cute!'' Harry chuckled.



I looked up at him to see him leaning over my phone.




''Dude,I don't even know you and your already invading my private space.'' I laughed.




''Sorry.'' Harry chuckled. ''Can I see a picture of him..does he look as ugly as Derek?'' Harry smirked.



*I laughed and flicked through my phone to find a selfie of Justin,I clicked on it and showed it to Harry*





''Is that you on his shoulder?'' Harry asked,looking up from the picture.



''Yeah,he took my phone when we were cuddling,he's took so many stupid photo's on my phone you could easily mistake my phone for his.'' I laughed pulling the phone away from Harry. 




''You two are adorable.'' Harry smiled.






''How long have you guys been going out?'' 



''2 months and 2 weeks.'' I smiled sliding my phone back into my pocket.




''Congrats!'' Harry clapped once.




*I laughed at his goofiness before I slumped in my seat*




''What's wrong?'' Harry asked.




''Just bored,wanna go home.'' 




''Wan't me to drop you off? I think I might skive school today.'' Harry shrugged.







'',ditch...bunk? whatever you like.'' Harry laughed.




''Is it an English word?'' 




''I guess so if you don't know what that means.'' 




''Oh right,how long have you been in America then?'' 




''2 weeks,staying till the end of this year then I'm going back to England.'' Harry smiled.




''Cool,shall we go then? I can't stand this school.'' I sighed.



Harry laughed. ''Sure,my cars in the car park.'' Harry said,standing up from his chair.




''Car park? don't you mean parking lot?'' 




''Another English word I'm guessing.'' Harry smirked pulling me by my arm out the classroom and into the deserted hallways.



I was quite shocked by Harry's movement,but I pushed it to one side and followed him out to his car.




*Once we got to Harry's car I climbed into the passenger side and buckled up,Harry got in the other side and started the engine before pulling out of the parking lot*




''Where do you live then?'' Harry asked after 5 minutes of silence.




''Just down this road...number 63.'' I replied looking out of the window as the houses and cars whizzed passed.



*2 minutes later*




*Harry stopped outside my house and got out with me,he walked to my side of the car and gave me a small hug*




''Thanks for the lift Harry.'' 




''It's alright love,anytime.'' Harry replied.




*I smiled and walked up the yard to the front door,I turned around and waved to Harry as he watched me from the car window,Justin opened the door and immediately walked back upstairs,I frowned and turned around*




''BYE HAZZA!'' I shouted waving my arm in the air stupidly.



*Harry laughed and blew a kiss before he whizzed off down the road,I giggled and entered the house,taking of my converse and dumping my rucksack on the floor before slamming the door shut with my foot,I ran upstairs and into my room*




Justin was pacing the room with his hand on the back of his neck.




''Hey Justin,how was-''




''Who was that?'' Justin interrupted.




''Who was what?'' 




''The curly haired boy who dropped you off,blew a kiss at you and hugged you outside,the boy you called Hazza,who the fuck is he?'' Justin snapped,turning his attention to me.




''Justin calm down! Harry's just a friend I met in detention today..''




''Why was he in detention?'' 




''For beating up Derek.'' 



*Justin stayed silent*



''He was feeling girls up and disrespecting them,so Harry took matters into his own hands and punched him in the jaw.'' I sighed.




''Why did he drop you off?'' Justin snapped.




''Because he offered.'' I muttered.




''But I offered you...and you fucking ignored me...I could of picked you up,goddamit Tori!'' Justin yelled.







''Don't call me that!'' 







''Explain why you fucking hugged him?'' 




''Because he's my friend...for fuck sake! aren't I aloud to hug my friends now Justin? huh? what is this? oh my god!'' I cried in frustration.




''I can tell he likes you,stay away from him.'' 




''NO! he was being friendly...I'm his fucking friend...nothing else Justin.'' I sighed.



*Justin turned away from me and kicked the wall,immediately making a dent in it,I sighed and walked up to him,placing a hand on his back,he shrugged it away*



''Leave me alone.'' 








''GODDAMIT TORI! LEAVE.'' He yelled.



*I continued to get Justin's attention by grabbing his shoulders and forcing him to look at me,but he kept looking away*




''Justin....listen to me.'' I yelled trying to get him to calm down.




*Justin looked at me with his jaw set and his eyes narrow*




''Just fucking hear me out....Harry's a friend...a're my boyfriend....BOYFRIEND...and I love you...not,Harry was only being nice to me because we were the only people in the detention room and it would be awkward if none of us made conversation with the other...alright? Just calm the fuck down.'' I stated.




*Justin's gaze then fell on the wall behind me,I grabbed his cheeks and slammed my lips into his,Justin immediately pulled away*




''Fine...don't believe me..I thought relationships were about trust Justin....take a few to calm down alright..I'll be downstairs...if you decide to believe me...I'll be in the games room,bye.'' I stated.




*I quickly ran out the room before Justin saw my tears,I ran downstairs and walked into the games room,curling up into a ball on the couch,I stared at the blank TV screen*




How can my own Fucking boyfriend not believe me? I've only just met Harry for fuck sake...why does Justin feel the need to demand who I can and Cannot hang around with? He's starting to follow in Derek's footsteps and I don't like i-




*I felt strong arms swing around my neck,before small kisses were placed all over my face,I looked the other way still letting the tears stream down my face,Justin sighed and jumped over the couch to stand infront of me,I avoided his gaze by looking at the floor,Justin slowly brought my face up to look at him,his face covered in guilt and frustration as he tried to find my emotions in my eyes,I looked back down at the ground*



''Look at me.'' Justin murmured.



*I shook my head,letting the tears fall from my eyes*




''Look at me,goddamit.'' Justin demanded.




*I slowly lifted my head to look at him,the anger from Justin's eyes immediately replaced with hurt and his eyes became watery*




''I'm so sorry I shouted at you, don't understand how bad I feel..I shouldn't of been so aggressive towards you when you were right,I know you would never cheat on me because you went through that pain yourself...I know you wouldn't hurt me intendedly and I just hurt you,I'm sorry for making you cry...I'm sorry for making you upset..I'm sorry for not listening to you,I actually feel sick that I've made you cry...I was wrong,I'm sorry....I love you.'' Justin stated,a tear running down his cheek.



*He grabbed my hands and held them firmly in his*




''I scared myself when I started screaming at you..I can't even imagine how you felt when I got angry with you...but I can tell in your eyes that I scared you and I know you're intimidated with me now...and that's the last thing I wanted to intimidate you,please forget about this fight Tori,I'm sorry for scaring you with the way I acted,I had no right to scream at was just a harmless hug..and I overreacted so much its actually pathetic,I just don't want to loose the only person I love and care about...If I lost you over this I don't even know how I would cope,you've helped me through so much and I've made so many mistakes,and it's unfair how you made one little mistake and it nearly cost us our relationship because I was being a complete jackass,I'm so sorry..please don't be scared of me.'' Justin pleaded,squeezing my hands.




*I shook his hands away from mine,immediately seeing the hurt and confusion radiate of Justin's face,I grabbed his cheeks in both hands and placed my lips on his,Justin kissed back immediately craving the taste of my lips after he turned me down earlier,I pulled away and looked up at Justin*




''Just please don't scare me like that again,you nearly went full Derek mode then.'' I joked.




*Justin obviously didn't see the humour side of this and nodded aggressively*




''Of course,I'm sorry Tee.'' Justin sighed.




''You're fine Justin...let's just forget about it.'' I sighed.



*Justin nodded and fell down beside me turning on the tv,he placed his head in my lap and I immediately began to play with his hair,Justin closed his eyes in pure bliss from the soothing feeling of the tugging from his hair,I laughed slightly*




''You don't understand how perfect you are,Tori.'' Justin muttered after a minute of silence.




''What do you mean?''




''I mean after all the stupid shit I're always by my side,through thick and thin...I don't even know why you're my girlfriend to be honest,I don't deserve someone as amazing as you.'' Justin stated.




''Justin,I'll always be by your side...I don't deserve you...your perfect,apart from your cute overprotective side that can also be annoying..'' I giggled.




''I'm only overprotective because I love you and I don't want to share you with anyone.'' Justin replied.




''And I don't want to share you with anyone either.'' I smiled.




''You are mine..'' 



''And I am yours.'' I replied.




*Justin looked up at me with his gorgeous honeycomb coloured eyes and smiled a toothy smile,I smiled back and leaned down to kiss him softly,I broke apart after a couple of seconds and resumed to playing with his soft brown hair.*



''DAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA!'' Spongebob's laugh echoed in the room.




*Justin looked up at me and started to laugh hard,I laughed with him*




*40 minutes later*




''T-Tori.'' Justin murmured.






''Please don't leave me.'' 




''Justin...I'm right here.'' I giggled.



''Tori..don't go..please,I love you.'' Justin murmured again.




*I frowned and leaned down to look at Justin's face,he was sound asleep,I smiled and kissed his temple before I began playing with his hair again*




Awhh,he's dreaming about me




''Goodnight,baby,I love you.'' I whispered.



''I wan't to spend the rest of my life with you.'' Justin murmured,still asleep.



''Oh yeah?'' I smiled.




''COWS'' Justin yelled out.



*I caught my laughter,careful not to wake Justin up,I breathed in an out to stop myself from bursting out laughing*




''Why don't you shut your fucking mouth,and give your ass a chance.'' Justin murmured again.




*At this point I nearly lost it so I grabbed a pillow and pressed it to my face,muffling my laughter*




''Derek don't be a jackass,get me a Mc Gangbang.'' Justin whispered.




I swear to god this kid isn't sleeping..what the fuck is he dreaming about?



*I looked down to see Justin still sound asleep,I leaned back and tried to concentrate on Jackass which was now on air*



''Pig nose! you have a pig nose!'' Justin muttered after several long minutes.




What the fuck is this kids dream?




*Justin turned over so he was now lying face first with his head on my lap facing the Tv*




''Tori will you marry me?'' Justin whispered.




*At this point my heart stopped..I know it's just a dream but Justin's thinking about marrying me,I felt my cheeks go red and shivers run down my spine*









awhh Justin was dreaming about proposing to Tori..cute:')



what do you think about that fight?



opinions on the new character also known as Harry Styles?



what do you think happens next?



Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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