The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.






It's been 2 days since Justin walked out on me...and I was currently out with Austin buying Taylor's baby shower present as the event was only in 3 days,and there was no other time to hunt for one. 


Austin thought he would somehow cheer me up as Justin's not been home since that night,but I have a strong feeling he might be back tonight. 



''Tori? you in there?'' Austin chuckled as he snapped his fingers in my face. 


I focused my attention on Austin and nodded slightly. ''Sorry..I was just thinking.'' 


''Let me guess...about Justin?'' 


I just looked at him before I walked over to the baby outfits. 


''Look,you don't need to worry about him..he'll come back in his own time,and he better come back with a dozen of flowers and's so immature that he left in the first place instead of facing his problems..but if he does come back,he needs to make it up to you.'' 


I just looked at him. ''I don't want flowers and chocolates,I want him...I want his support and love.'' I murmured,picking up a baby grow that said 'Daddy's little boy' 


If it wasn't for the miscarriage I could be buying that for our son...


Yes..our son,I didn't want to tell Justin that because he would be even more upset..he wanted our first child to be a boy..and breaking the news to him that our baby would of been a boy would seriously break him.


I shook my head and placed it back on the rack before I scanned the cute clothes in front of me until one outfit caught my eye.


but right before I could pick it up I had an incoming call from Taylor. 


I picked it up and chuckled as she immediately began screaming at the end of the phone. ''Hello?'' 


''I'M HAVING FUCKING TWINS!'' She screamed in excitement. 


I chocked on air. ''Excuse me what?'' 


''I was having my last scan and they noticed another baby! AND YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE BEST PART!'' 


I couldn't breathe..Taylor was having twin babies,what could be better than that?


''What is it?'' I asked,wanting her to just spit it out,I couldn't wait any longer. 


''I HAVE A BABY GIRL....AND A BABY BOY!'' She squealed before the sound of violent wind passed through the phone,I pulled it away from my ear and frowned before listening in again. 


''Shit sorry..the phone dropped out my hand because I was dancing.'' She chuckled. ''But isn't it great? I'm so fucking exited...I need names though.'' 


''Okay..I'll text you some names alright boo? congratulations!'' I smiled. 


I was genuinely happy,my best friend was having twins and she wanted me to help her with the names.


I better get thinking!


I ran over to Austin and jumped onto his back. 


He stumbled forwards and fell to the floor,causing a bunch of clothes to fall on his face. 


I laughed and rolled him over before sitting next to him. 


''Guess what?'' I replied,out of breath. 


''You.....won a free trip to England and have decided to take me?'' 


I giggled at his silliness. ''No.. something better.'' 


''A trip to Paris?'' 


''Austin.'' I laughed,hitting him on the chest. ''Be serious.'' 


''What? it could happen?'' He grinned. 


I rolled my eyes. ''Taylor had just visited the hospital..and-'' 


''Oh the baby alright?'' He shot,sitting up almost instantly. ''Is my little buddy okay?'' He asked again. 


''There fine.'' 




''She's having twins.'' 


''WHAT?'' Austin asked,a smile forming on his face almost instantly. 


''Taylor's having twins...a baby girl and boy.'' 


''OH MY GOD...WE NEED TO BUY MATCHING OUTFITS FOR THEM HOLY SHIT IM ABOUT TO PEE THIS IS AMAZING!'' He screamed,getting up and picking up the baby clothes that fell on his face. 


I watched him out of amusement until he stopped and pulled out 2 green peas in a pod outfits from the pile. He slowly turned around and grinned at me. ''Were getting these,I don't even care.'' He stated before he walked to the cashier. 


''Wait wait...what about something else? those outfits aren't that expensive..what about some matching pacifiers or something.'' I smirked,walking over to the cabinet full of them,I opened it up and looked inside. 


I was scanning the pacifiers when I saw some really cute ones. 


I grinned and pulled them out before joining Austin at the cashier. 


''I found some really cute ones,look.'' I giggled,handing him them. 


''Oh my,I'm literally in love with baby things.'' He chuckled,holding up the outfits and the pacifiers. 


The items: 

the pacifiers: 

the blue one says the same (obviously)


''Is that all?'' The woman asked, I smiled. ''Yes thanks.'' 


She nodded and gave us the bags. ''That's $54 please.'' 


I got the money and put it in front of me but Austin pushed it away and put his card into the machine.


''I'm paying.'' He stated after I glared at him. 


''I hate it when people do that,I have money.'' 




I rolled my eyes and walked out the shop to wait for him. 


Damn boys and their money.




I sighed as I fell down onto the couch. 


We were now back at the cabin as I had invited Austin over for a movie night as we discussed names for the twins we would later tell Taylor so she has more to choose from. 


''Okay,I'll get the paper and pen,and the put in a movie..I'll be back in 5.'' I murmured,wondering off in the house in search of paper and a pen.


Once I found them I placed them on the kitchen counted and got down a pouch of popcorn seeds I would heat in the microwave. Salty favourite. 


As the popcorn continued to 'pop' I tapped my fingertips on the counter.I couldn't help but think about how Justin was doing..was he coming home soon? Would I see him again? Would he forgive me?


I just wanted him back here,so I could curl up in a ball as he lies next to me..whispering reassuring words in my ear as his breath hits my shoulders,I want him to run his delicate hands through my hair,I want his lips..I want his love..but right now I didn't even have that. 


I was startled when the microwave started to beep,and I laughed at how jumpy I've become. 


Hey it's not my fault after all that shit I've been through with that creepy person stalking us.


Speaking of him,what's happened to them? they've left us alone for once..not that I'm complaining.


I grabbed the bowl of popcorn and walked into the living area before falling back on the couch. 


I glanced at the coffee table and noticed the DVD case of 'Friends with benefits' I smiled at the thought of seeing Justin Timberlakes sexy self before I nestled into the pillow next to me,shortly joined by Austin. 


He grabbed the controller and pressed play as the adverts rolled in. 


 I picked up the paper and pen and placed it on my lap once I passed the bowl of popcorn to Austin. 


''So I was thinking of similar names as there would be so cute.''


''I agree'' Austin smirked,glancing at the tv before he looked back at me. 


I ignored him and began to write down similar names.


Boys names:          Girls names:

Shaye                            Shayla

Ethan                             Emily

Caleb                            Chloe

Samuel                         Sophia

Noah                             Cleo

Hudson                         Harriet

Matthew                       Matilda 

Harliegh                      Hattie




''Austin I think I-'' 


But before I could finish something off the TV caught my attention. 


I slowly looked up to see Justin on the screen,slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he faced sideways from the camera. 


It looked like a CCTV footage. 


My breath got caught in my throat and the notepad and pen slipped from my hands once I realised that he was in our bedroom,and in fact..he had company. 


The picture was a green/grey colour so it was hard to see what colour hair the girl had but it almost looked as if it was blonde. 


She was wearing platforms and a low cut skin tight dress to hug her figure. Her hair was pin straight and you could make out that she was wearing a lot of eye make-up. 


She was pretty,but why was she in there with him?


My questions soon got answered when Justin faced his body towards the camera but kept his head low,biting his lip. ''Baby,when I turn around you better be out of that dress of yours.'' He murmured. 


I bit my cheek,closing my eyes as I felt my heart shatter. 


I re opened my eyes to see Justin pushing the girl up against the wall as he began to kiss her neck. ''You ready to feel all of me?'' He whispered. ''No interruptions this time.'' 


My mouth must of dropped to the floor at his words. what the fuck does he mean 'this time?' 


and who the fuck was this bitch?


I had almost forgot that Austin was sat right next to me,but that didn't matter..what I was seeing on the TV was real and I definitely wasn't dreaming.


I continued to watch as he slid off her dress revealing her lace black underwear. ''Emily,it looks like you knew you were getting some off me lace is my favourite.'' He whispered,hooking his fingers on the rim of her panties. 


wait wait..hold the fuck up,Emily? as in the bitch from the fair?


Justin picked the girl up and threw her on the bed. 


The bed I fucking sleep in.


He pulled off his pants leaving him in his boxers as he continued to run his hands all over her body. 


I hadn't noticed but I had begun to cry,and I was on the verge of sobbing once I saw Justin pull a condom out of the draw by the bed. 


He was going to cheat on me. 


I felt like someone had pushed all the air out from my lungs and I was struggling to breathe,My fingers and toes began to curl and I desperately tried to grab the pillow next to me. 


I think I was having a panic attack. 


Justin continued to moan into her ear. ''Mm baby,you ready to feel every ounce of me.'' He slurred. 


He was drunk,but that was no excuse.


''Fuck me Jay.'' She groaned,arching her back as Justin stuck his hand in her panties. 


She called him 'Jay' only I call him that. 


''Tori I have some-'' 


I snapped my head around to see Justin stood there with something small in his hands.


He glanced at the TV and his face went pale,he looked back over to me as he let go of the small silver ring he was holding.


I felt heart broken,all this happened under the same roof in which I live and he didn't think I would know about it?


I was positively sobbing right now,I probably looked a state but that didn't matter. 


My so called 'loyal' boyfriend was stood in front of me. 


I couldn't look at him,the video continued to play and all was heard was the bed rocking and moans escaping the speakers on the TV. 


I slowly looked up to Justin as he swallowed and shook his head,his expression blank. ''I can ex-.'' 


''Well done Bieber,you've really done it this time.'' I whispered,wiping my tears with the back of my hand. ''You've finally lost me,I'm through with your lies.'' 


''Baby please-'' 


''Don't you dare call me the name you called that slut Emily,I fucking hate you.'' I hissed,standing up and picking up the vase on the coffee table,I threw it in his direction. ''I hate you so fucking much!'' 


''Tori, don't mean it-'' He replied,walking forwards and touching my arm. 


I moved away. ''Don't touch me,Don't you dare lay a finger on me that's been on someone else's skin.'' 




''You know what's funny? I was the loyal one in this relationship..after so many times you thought I was the one was you,did it give you a kick knowing I actually loved you but you never did? does it make you happy that you've completely torn out my heart and shattered it? I am so fucking done with you.'' 


He went to grab me again but I moved away. ''I hope you never find happiness,no one should go through the pain you've put me through.'' 


I wiped the tears away and held my head up. ''Congratulations Justin,you can fuck your whore all you want now..because you don't have a girlfriend to get in the way of your affair,I hope the cheating was worth while...because you've lost the one person who cared about you more than anything.'' 


And with that,I walked out of the door. 


I walked out on his lies,and I walked out of his life. 


So long Bieber,it was nice knowing you.




Okay I'm literally sobbing writing this,It's the last chapter of 'The nerd' and I'm so sad that its ended on the wrong note,but what can I do? 


I wan't to say thank you so much to every individual who has clicked on this book or put up with my bullshit on waiting for the updates..I'm extremely sorry,but thank you..this has been an amazing journey and I'm so happy I've shared it with you seriously make me so happy reading your comments and kik messages you leave me to wake up to. 


I literally don't deserve any type of support from you guys..your all amazing,This book has been an amazing journey and I have met so many amazing people on the way..I would like to thank you to the people who convinced me to keep up this book a couple of month back,If it wasn't for you..there would have never been a last this book is dedicated to you.. 


I would like to dedicate this chapter to my overseas best friend Hearts4life<3 also known as Tori,you literally are such an amazing girl and you give me so much inspiration,I'm so happy that one comment formed into an amazing friendship,seriously guys..if you had a friend like this chapter was dedicated to you beautiful,I'm sorry its a sad one but if you didn't tell me to give up then there would be no books up on here any if any of you have read this far,then please comment 'Thank you Tori,I love you' in the comments and I'll love you forever..after all she did help me keep up my storys,so please do that little favour for me and maybe I'll give you a surprise in return. 


So yeah,look out for the sequel my beautiful's..I love you all so so much.


- Shawtyyymane'xo



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