The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


70. Burn baby inferno


I could literally kill...I had just been woken up by some extremely clash of pans or something,right next to my ear,I could scream. 


''WHAT THE FUCK!'' I screamed,turning over and opening my eyes to see Justin stood by the bed with his hand over his mouth with his eyes wide. 


''Shit I'm sorry,I just came in to quietly ask you which pan you use to make eggs and I tripped over something on the floor.'' He whispered,crouching down and picking up the pan. 


I growled and looked up at him,I couldn't stay mad though,he looked so cute when he was guilty. 


He held them out in front of me and I tapped on the pan. ''This one Justin,you use this one.'' I chuckled,reaching up and tugging on the back of his neck,I pulled him down to me and hugged him,pressing my chest up against his shirtless one. ''Good morning.'' I replied,kissing his cheek. 


''Morning gorgeous,I'm sorry I woke you like that...I was supposed to make you breakfast in bed but it didn't really work.'' He sighed. 


''Awhh...well aren't you sweet.'' I giggled,pulling away and sitting up right on the bed.


Justin rolled his eyes playfully and sat on the bed in front of me.''But order for me to actually make you breakfast...I need my morning kiss.'' He grinned,leaning forwards. 


I dived into the pillow. ''NU-UH,morning breath..gross.'' I chuckled. 


''Babbeeeee.'' Justin whined,leaning over and digging his fingertips into my hips. 


I squealed and flinched,causing my body to fly off the bed and fall on the floor with a huge thud. 


''Ow...oh my god.'' I laughed,getting up and sitting on the end of the bed. ''Your fault.'' I pouted,crossing my arms and facing Justin. 


''Sorry.'' He chuckled,leaning forwards trying to steal a kiss. 


''Nope.'' I stated,pushing his chest away from me. ''I told you,you can't have a kiss until I brush my teeth.'' 


''Well hurry the fuck up before I pin you on this bed and force a million kisses from you.'' He sniggered,gently tapping the frying pan on my head before he walked out the door. 


I rolled my eyes and skipped into the bathroom,starting the shower as I realised I had my first day of school this morning. 




I was finally dressed, sporting my new clothes I got at the mall a couple of weeks ago. 


Tori's outfit: 



I decided to go summary and natural as I want to give off a good impression to everyone at this new school.


I smiled once I was satisfied with my appearance and went out into the kitchen to see Justin cooking something,his back facing away from me. 


I decided to run up behind him and jump on his back,but that didn't go so well. 


He ended up stumbling forwards,his bare skin on his chest touching the hot saucepan.


He screamed and pushed away from the counter,I jumped off and gasped. ''Shit shit shit,I'm so sorry Justin.'' I whispered,turning him around to see a now forming burn on his skin. ''Fuck.'' I replied,running over to the tap and grabbing a piece of cloth,I soaked it in cold water and ran back over to a frantic Justin,I pressed it on his burn and he loosened up a bit. 


''What the fuck even happened?'' He asked. 


''I wanted to jump on your back to scare you and you kinda stumbled and burnt yourself on the pan.'' I croaked,twisting my palms together. ''I didn't mean to.'' 


''I know,it's just hurts a bit.'' He replied,leaning against the counter as he pressed the wet cloth to his burn. ''I'm a clumsy shit anyway.'' 


I pouted and walked forwards,pushing the cloth away. I kissed his neck once before kissing his cheek. ''No your not,this was my fault'' 


''Tori I'm fine.'' He chuckled,pulling me into his chest as I continued to feel guilty. 


''Shit.'' He hissed,pushing me away as I grazed my dress against his open burn.


I sighed,shaking my head. ''Fuck this.'' I replied. 


I leaned up and placed my lips on Justin's neck,hoping he would forget about the pain. 


I began to lick,suck and nibble his neck as my hands slowly ran up his chest,dodging the burn of course.


''I'll make it up to you,I promise.'' I murmured,kissing his jawbone before pressing my lips against the corner of his mouth to tease him. 


''Babe.'' Justin moaned. 


I ignored him and continued to leave my mark on his skin. 


''Babe.'' He tried again,this time a bit more sternly. 


''Shh.'' I murmured,running my hand up and down on his growing crotch. 


''Tori!'' He hissed. 


''Justin! is there something fucking wrong with me kissing you or something? why you gotta reject me?'' 


''THE FOOD.'' He yelled,pushing me out the way and jumping off the counter,he ran over to the pan to turn it off,thick black smoke devoured the room and I found myself coughing. 


It was hard to breathe but at the same time I found this funny. 


Who wouldn't? I have that much of an effect on Justin. 


''Holy fucking shit'' Justin coughed/chuckled,swatting away the cloud of smoke passing through the room. ''Shit just got serious in here.'' 


I burst out laughing at his choice of words. ''I'm sorry for distracting you.'' I whispered,coming up behind him and placing my hands around his waist once the smoke began to drift away. 


''I forget about everything when you make me horny.'' He chuckled,turning around and kissing my forehead. 


''Oh babe?'' He asked after a minute of looking into my eyes. 


''Yeah?'' I asked,letting go and walking over to the fruit bowl. 


''I reckon it wasn't the food that made this room smokin' was you and that outfit of yours.'' He smirked,walking over to me with a spatula in his hand and smacking my ass with it.


''HEY!'' I giggled,moving away from him as he tried to grab me. 


Justin dropped his spatula on the floor and looked at me with a small smirk on his face. 


''Hey look,I dropped this,can you pick it up please?'' He asked pointing to the spatula. 


I turned around and frowned at him. ''Really? I'm not that fucking stupid Justin.'' I giggled,walking past him and slapping his shoulder. 


''Hey,it was worth a try.'' He chuckled. 





''I hope you have a great day guys,remember what I said...any boys or bitches talk smack to you both? I'll beat the fuck out of them.'' Justin sighed,making it clear that he was serious. 


''Okay.'' I chuckled,leaning over and kissing his cheek. ''Bye babe,don't burn the house down why I'm here.'' I smirked,remembering earlier when he burnt the eggs. 


''Well nothing will be burnt,because I don't have my distracting girlfriend making me forget about that sort of shit by making me horny,will I?'' He smirked,pulling me into a quick hug. 


I laughed and shook my head,looking over my shoulder into the back seat to see Taylor smirking at both of us,I scowled at her and opened my door. ''Bye then.'' 


''OI!'' Justin chuckled,pulling me back in,I rolled my eyes and turned back around. ''What?'' 


''No kiss on the lips...or a 'I love you so much Justin your my life and I'm going to miss the fuck out of you for these agonising hours away from your sexy presence?''' He chuckled,tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 


I rolled my eyes and leaned over,leaving my lips hovering next to his ear. ''Don't flatter yourself.'' But before I pulled away,I kissed his neck once before I fully got out of the car to wait for Taylor. 


I frowned when Justin looked behind him and muttered something that was supposedly funny to Taylor as she began to laugh and look up at me. ''Yeah I know.'' She chuckled,hoisting her self out of the car and onto the school grounds. 


I shut the door for her and linked arms with her,making  sure she wouldn't topple over or anything. 


We walked up the yard to the school and into the view of the other teens at the school.


People began to stop mid conversations to stare at us,I could even see peoples mouths wide open in shock,but I have no idea why?


Did they suss out that Taylor was in fact modelling a baby bump? or was it my dress..was it to much? was I already an outcast before I even stepped foot in the school?


I merely ignored there nosy asses and pulled my best friend through the doors,seeing hundreds of people scattered around their lockers having conversations with friends. 


I looked at any sign of a principals office and when I finally found it,we walked in. 


The principal looked up and smiled at our figures slowly moving towards him. ''Ah! you must be Tori Brooks and Taylor Hawkins..welcome to Stratford high! I've got your timetables set up-'' He pointed to Taylor ''I have fitted yours with the baby so your timetable won't be so stressful,it will return to normal next semester.'' He replied. 


He paused. ''Oh,I'm very names Principal Maxwell,I should of introduced myself sooner..I was just so caught up in having 2 more outstanding student's join my school.''He grinned,handing us a piece of paper with our locker code on it,and also out timetables. 


I smiled and pulled Taylor to the door. ''Thank you,sir.'' I smiled,letting myself out. 


''No problem guys! call in any time..I hope you enjoy what this school has to offer!'' He shouted before the door slammed shut.  


I looked over at Taylor and burst out laughing. ''I wonder who put extra coffee in his system this morning.'' I snickered,pulling her forwards. 


I heard a door open behind me and I turned around .'' Oh I'm sorry...I forgot to assign a student to show you around,I've just called one of the top pupils and he's on his way now,he will show you everything you need to know.'' He smiled before disappearing back into his room.


I sighed and leaned up against the wall. ''Looks like we have to wait for a preppy straight A nerd to come and show us around.'' Taylor scowled. 


I chuckled and turned around,out the corner of my eye I could see the hallways were now empty,had classes started already? wow. 


''Oi,I wonder if there's any completely hot boys who don't mind a baby momma.'' Taylor smirked,thrusting the air. 


I looked at her in disbelief. ''Okay that was highly disturbing,please don't do that again.'' 


She laughed and soon stopped when her eyes drifted off behind me. ''Holy mother of fuck.'' She whispered,keeping her eyes on something in the background. 




She continued staring and didn't reply,I frowned and slowly turned around,but I couldn't believe my eyes. 


Austin was stood there smiling like an idiot,his arms crossed as he leaned one foot up against the wall. 


''So we meet again.'' He chuckled,turning his gaze to the floor in a extremely cute way. 


I bit my lip and looked at him. ''Y-You go here?'' 


''I sure do.'' He chuckled,taking the timetable out of my hands and scanning it,before he looked up at me and smiled. ''And it looks like we share exactly the same classes.'' He whispered,biting his lip slightly. 


Mother of god..


''Hold the fuck up.'' Taylor said,walking over and standing in-between us. ''You know this sexy mother fucker and you never told me?'' She hissed quietly,but it was evident that Austin heard as he let out a howl of laughter. 


She turned around with an extremely red face. '',you weren't meant to hear that.'' She croaked. 


''Oh it's okay..I think your pretty hot too.'' He grinned,pushing his foot off the wall and swinging his arm over her shoulders,looking at me through his eyelashes. 


I couldn't help but feel a little jealous,I mean...I knew him first right?


Taylor silently squealed and fanned herself before she looked up at him. ''So are you two friends?'' She asked innocently. 


Austin smirked and walked over to me,wrapping his arm around my waist and kissing my cheek. ''Oh yeah...'' He replied,his husky voice making me want to collapse. ''We're very close.'' He stated,squeezing my hip once. 







Aren't you little beauties lucky! 2 updates in 2 days:O


so they started school...and it seems like Austin is also attending this school. 










oo damn:o


Stay Beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3




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