The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


1. Bullied


Tori's POV:


i woke up to the morning breeze travelling through the gap in my window...chirping birds,the sun gleaming through my curtains.....haha im joking,that shit never happen's with me.


'' start's in 20,hurry up!'' my mom  shouted from downstairs



today is now friday...i had a pretty shit weekend,derek tried to take our relationship to the next level last friday night..and i haven't spoken to him since staturday..since i walked out on him for forcing me to do things with him (which i didn't).



''okay okay'' i sighed as i dragged my lazy ass out of bed.




*i walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower and got changed*


i changed into this^^^



and put on my makeup,im not really making a effort today,yeah im popular,but im not the snobby type who tries to always look pretty,im only popular because of Derek,so...why should i bother?



*i grabbed my white iphone 4s and ran downstairs grabbing an apple from the top of the counter*



''Derek's waiting in his car tori'' my mom shouted as i opened the front door




''sure,okay...see you later mom,you back from work late again?'' i asked pausing with the door wide open



''yeah...maybe,ill be back around qauter to twelve,so be good okay?'' she shouted




''okay,bye'' i shouted back before slamming the door and walking down the drive to Dereks car




*i climbed in and immediately Derek slammed his lips into mine*




''ive missed you babe'' he whispered between kisses



''you too'' i mumbled




*i blocked his lips with my hands and did up my seatbelt and held onto the door handle as Derek started the engine*




Derek drives crazy...just missing pedestrians,turning corners like he's trying to get away from the cops,being a total jackass to slow drivers in front.



''slow down derek'' i sighed holding onto my seatbelt with all my strength



''shut the fuck up tori'' he spat 




see what i mean? he doesn't give a shit...sometimes he's a sweetie,other times,he's a complete seriously,he's like actually crazy...sometimes i wonder why im still with him.



*i sighed and pressed my back into the seat,as we sped down the narrow roads*




*******10 minutes later**********




*i was breathing uneasy as i stepped out the car,and into the carpark*




''OI,FAGGOT'' i heard Derek shout




*i looked round to see him walking up to his brother justin,who was climbing out his car*




''WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE PARKING THERE...LOSERS PARK OVER THERE'' derek spat pointing over near the trash bins circled around the parking lot




i truely feel sorry for justin...he's one of the most innocent,sweetest boys ever..ive never spoken to him,but he's a bit of a nerd,but i honestly don't care...i don't care if he's a nerd,im not the one to judge people,i bet he's see,i have a small crush on him,i know its stupid,soon as i date his brother,but justin's just so cute with his glasses and his plaid shirts...pure adorable.




''i-im sorry'' i heard justin stutted as i walked up to join Derek



*i could see justins eyes on me,i think derek noticed too*



Justins POV:


i watched as Tori,the most gorgeous girl in school walked up to us..she make's me go weak,iv'e had a huge crush on her since grade 9, but my brother obviously got im just a nobody to her.





''w-what?'' i asked 



''YOU HEARD'' derek screamed



*derek punched me in the stomach,tori ran towards him,prying his arms off me*



''DEREK STOP,LEAVE HIM ALONE'' Tori shouted pulling him away




''this little faggot deserves it...he was checking you out'' derek screamed in my face



''just leave him the fuck alone,lets get to class alright?'' Tori sighed pulling derek with her




*Tori turned away and mouthed sorry to me,but i looked away quickly*




************end of the day************


Tori's POV:


*i walked out of biology with my bestfriend Taylor,we reached our lockers to place our books in there when someone wrapped there arms around me,i turned around to see Derek stood there with a smirk across his face*




''how about we go back to mine'' he whispered into my ear




''n-no,im going to chill with taylor'' i smiled back




''why the fuck won't you come round?'' he raged




''ill see you later,okay...we can finish what happened on Friday'' i smirked



''fine by out,bye babe'' Derek winked placing a soppy kiss on my lips




*i pulled away and smiled before turning towards my locker again*




no fucking way am i letting him do what i said... anything for him to shut the fuck up.





''WHAT WAS THAT DICK BRAIN? SAY IT AGAIN...I DARE YOU'' i heard someone scream




*i turned around to catch a glimpse of Derek ryan and chaz towering over justin who was lying on the floor..with books all over the place*




''i-i said watch where your going'' i heard justin timidly reply




*the next thing i knew,derek's fist was crashing into justin's face as chaz and ryan held him down,causing justin to curl up into a fetus position*




''DEREK...STOP'' i screamed running over




''he deserves it....getting rude to me,he need's to watch himself'' derek sneered












*i watched as derek ryan and chaz jogged down the corridor before dissapearing into a crowd of people,i focused my attention on justin*




''Justin,im so so sorry'' i panicked




*Justin winced over in pain,he tried to get up but failed*




''im so sorry,let me help you'' i whispered




*i bent down and placed my arm around his waist,he placed his arm around my neck for balance,i slowly lifted him up*




''ahhh'' justin shrieked in agony




i feel so sorry for him..




*i made sure his body weight was on mine as i picked up his books from the floor and placed them into his bag*




''t-t-th-hanks t-tori'' justin stutted uncontrollably




he's adorable



''Justin,honestly its seriously so sorry about Derek'' i sighed grabbing the last book from the floor




*justin didn't say anything,i observed his forming black eye*




''Justin,its going to bruise..and you have a cut on your face,we need to get you sorted out'' i panicked giving justin more support on his body



''w-why a-re y-you being s-so n-nice?'' justin stuttered looking down at the floor




''justin,im not going to watch your brother beat you up...did you expect me to just walk away?'' i asked




'' one h-has ever helped me'' justin spoke



''well that's about to change justin,ive stood around to long,im not letting Derek hurt you okay?'' i reassured him




''w-why?...why a-aren't y-you hurting me t-too?'' justin shyly spoke




''because im not a horrible not going to agree with Derek just because he's my deserve better...your human...your normal,your not a punching bag...your justin,not a nerd or a dork,your yourself..and it horrible that Derek treats you how he does'' i honestly replied




Justins POV: 



''w-why?...why a-aren't y-you hurting me t-too?'' i shyly spoke




''because im not a horrible not going to agree with Derek just because he's my deserve better...your human...your normal,your not a punching bag...your justin,not a nerd or a dork,your yourself..and it horrible that Derek treats you how he does'' Tori replied




i honestly never thought tori would be like this...she's more then i wished for,amazing personality...she's accepting me for being a nerd...but why?




''b-but,i d-dont get it,w-why arent you h-hurting m-me?'' i stuttered



i cant help stuttering,im just so nervous when i speak to her...



''justin,i would never hurt you...i just want to be sorry for never sticking up for you...its just,its never got this know? it was always just name calling,and i never liked it...but now its getting physical,and i cant stand to see you hurt'' tori quietly spoke



my mouth must of dropped open....all these years i thought she was just like everyone else...thinking of me as the nerd,but all this time she hated what Derek was doing to me? woah..



*i felt my mouth throb,my whole jaw ached,i think its bleeding*




''ohh my god justin,your bleeding,come on...ill take you home'' tori spoke picking up my bag from the floor and slinging it over her shoulder



''n-no...derek will be there...i-i can't dont worry'' i timidly replied




''no justin,i dont care if Derek's home...just say we have to work on a project or not leaving you like this''Tori replied 




*she grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me down the corridor lightly,people were staring at us,but i dont think Tori cared*




why is she being so nice to me...let's just remind her im the nerd of the friends,and apparently i dont have any feelings the way people treat me....




''Justin,i dont care if people are not embarrassed to be with you,consider us friends'' ally smiled as she helped me down the corridor




*we walked out the school and Tori lead me to my car*




''ill take the wheel if you want,you have a black eye..i promise i wont hurt your not a crazy driver like your brother'' Tori smiled




*i smiled lightly before staring out the window*




consider us friends....consider us friends....consider us friends....wait,does that mean i have my first ever friend?




''w-were you j-j-oking when you s-said we were f-f-friends?'' i stuttered




i really need to get out this habit..



''im serious justin...we could be bestfriends for all i care,what ever you want'' Tori smile glancing at me quickly before concentrating on the road again



''t-thanks f-for not j-judging me'' i managed to choke out over my shock



''dont mention it...i always thought you were a sweet boy justin,your not even a nerd'' Tori laughed




''y-yes i am'' i muttered



''fine,your my nerd then'' Tori giggled




*i quickly faced the window before i blushed uncontrollably*



is she really saying these things to me? Justin Bieber...the school's embarrasment...nerd,idiot....fool?



''uh-um uh'' i stuttered fiddling with my hands




''justin,you dont need to be nervous around me'' Tori raised her eyebrows glancing at me



this made me blush even more..




*i decided to not say anything*







what do you think? 


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