The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


29. Back To School part 2


Tori's POV:


*I bit my nails anxiously as we walked into the hallway of the school,heads turned and whispers were heard*



''Is that Derek?''



''No...what's his brother called again? It looks like him a bit.'' 



''Oh my god,that's Justin.'' One girl whisper-shrieked.



*I giggled just as Justin looked down at me grinning,I looked up and bit my lip at him*



''Oh my god they look adorable together!'' Cheyenne squealed.


''Ew,no they don't,He can do so much better than that skank.'' Brianna snorted.



*Justin's grip in my hand tightened and I hid my face in his arm,I felt Justin's lips come in contact with the top of my head as he suddenly stopped*



''Don't call Tori a don't know her.'' Justin muttered,stopping in front of Brianna.



''You can do so much better than her though,Justin.'' She smiled,twirling her finger in her hair.



''No,Tori can do much better than me,but were happy together and no bitch like you is going to ruin it for us,Tori's done nothing to you and you still call her bullshit names,its just jealousy.'' Justin spat.



*I brought my head out of Justin's arms and looked at Brianna's reaction,a smirk appeared on her face once she noticed I was looking at her*



''We all know Tori's as fake as Nicki Minaj's should go for someone like moir,naturally pretty and interesting,watching paint dry is more interesting than her.'' She giggled,her two friends Nina and Natasha giggling along.



''Look,we don't have time for people like you,Tori's as natural as you can get,where as you on the other look like you've been gangbanged by crayola,so I advise you get your skank ass away from me and my girlfriend and fuck off.'' Justin replied in a low but demanding voice.



''But I'm not sure if I'd rather stay here with you Justy,you've changed..and I think everyone agree's that you've become sexy as fuck,so why spend your time with a hoe like her? when there's much prettier girls in this school?'' She replied,stroking his arm.



''You obviously don't understand what I'm saying,Tori's perfect for me,and unlike all of you,she was the only person to actually listen to me before I changed,you all just ignored me or practically spat disgusting words at me,then all of a sudden I get a new haircut and change my style of clothes and all you thirsty ass whores come running,thanks for your offer but I don't want a hoe like you involved in my life.So if you haven't caught on already,I don't want so speak to you again,and If I hear you calling my girlfriend bullshit names then you better watch out,goodbye skanks.'' Justin smiled before he dragged me away from them.



''GO TO HELL JUSTIN!''Brianna screamed.



*I burst out laughing and Justin let out a small chuckle,he turned around and flipped them off*



''SEE YOU THERE!'' Justin screamed back.



''Oh my god,that was so funny.'' I giggled as Justin pulled open his locker.



''That bitch deserved it,who the fuck does she think she is? she's such a snotty bitch its not even funny.'' Justin spat angrily.



''Calm down,Justin.'' I giggled,grabbing his arm.



''I could she call you a skank? your nothing but sweet to people,its just jealousy.'' Justin muttered,stuffing his biology book into his bag.




''She's not jealous of me.'' I stated.



*Justin turned to me after he shut his locker and frowned*



''Yes she is,most of the girls in this school are jealous of you.'' Justin shrugged casually.



''No...why would they be?'' I frowned adjusting my backpack.



''Maybe because your perfect.'' Justin grinned.



''I'm not perfect,Justin. Nobody's perfect.'' 



''Well your pretty damn close.'' He chuckled,biting his lip.



*I laughed and leaned up,pecking him on the lips,Justin smiled into the kiss and placed his hand on the back of my head pulling me closer*



''Oh for fuck sake! get a room!'' Someone cried in frustration.



*Justin smiled and pulled apart,we both turned our heads to see Derek looking annoyed*



''You two show waaaaay to much PDA,your kissing like the worlds going to fucking end.'' He muttered.



''Says the kid who hooks up with about 4 girls every lunch time and basically has public sex pushed up against the lockers.'' I spat back.



''Watch your mouth you little bitch.'' He growled back.



''Don't call her a bitch.'' Justin demanded,pushing Derek hard in the chest.



''And who's this?'' Derek chuckled,raising his eyebrows. ''Finally moved away from the dorky kid I'm ashamed to call my brother?'' He smirked.



''You're such an ass...he's right here Derek.'' I spat angrily.



*Derek's jaw dropped open as he stared at Justin for a mere few minutes,finally he began to laugh*



''I see you're trying to look as good as me...copying my style.'' He smirked.



''What the fuck are you on about? you don't dress like this? sit the fuck down.'' Justin spat viscously.



''Watch your mouth,loser.'' He warned,stepping forward suddenly.



''I'm not scared of you anymore, don't phase me.'' Justin smirked,getting in Derek's face.



''Back the fuck up,I don't want your gay ass germs on me.'' 



''Quit while your ahead Derek,we all know Justin isn't gay.'' I muttered in annoyance.



''I'm mistake,he's a lesbian.'' 



''How fucking old are you?'re so pathetic!'' I cried in frustration,pushing Justin away from Derek and pushing Derek hard in the chest.



''Who told the little fat whore to speak,huh?'' He spat.




''Who told the obsessive disgusting man whore to start this conversation in the first place?'' I retaliated.



''You need to watch that fat ass mouth of yours.'' He warned,gritting his teeth.



''You don't phase me.'' I laughed getting in his face.



''I swear to god you better get your disgusting face out mine before I fucking hit you.'' He spat,clenching his fists.



''Hit me,see If I give a shit.'' I smiled.



*I felt Justin tug me back but I shrugged him off*



''Go on,hit me..right here.'' I smiled,pointing to my cheek.



''Tori...don't'' Justin pleaded,spinning me around to look at him.



''He's not going to do anything.'' I laughed before turning around. ''He's a puss-



Before I could finish my sentence Derek swung a punch hitting me right on my cheek,a ripple of pain travelled across my red cheek.



''I'll fucking kill you.'' Justin spat,pushing me aside and lunging towards Derek.



*I fell to the floor from the hard push Justin gave me*




I know he pushed me to protect me and to get away,but I hit my fucking head on the way down.



*My eyes began to water as the pain settled in on my cheek as I watched Derek throw Justin to the floor*



''Tori,get away...I don't want you to see this.'' Justin spat,throwing a punch as he finally took control and pinned Derek to the floor.



*I watched as a crowd formed around the fight on the floor,my eyes scanned over to Taylor who was pushing her way through the people barrier and crouched down next to me,a worried expression covering her face*



''Oh my god! Tori what happened?'' She gushed,running her hand over my cheek.



''Derek punched me.'' I spat out after a moment of catching my breath.



''Oh my god,that son of a bitch!'' She spat,she stood up and walked over to the middle of the fight.



*I watched as she brought her foot back,before slamming it into the side of Derek's chest,she smiled triumphantly before she walked back over to me and helped me off the floor*




''FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!'' People bellowed as Justin continued to throw punches.



''Come on,let's get an ice pack for the bruise.'' She muttered beginning to drag me away.



''Bruise? wait what!'' I shrieked,glancing at my reflection in a plastic board on the wall.



*Taylor began to drag me away from the crowd,I stopped and pulled her back*




''I'm not leaving Justin,he could get hurt.'' I stated before running back into the crowd.



''He will be fine,Derek hasn't even gotten up off the floor yet,come on!'' Taylor whined,pulling me again.



*I pulled my arm out of hers and ran back into the crowd,only to see teachers prying Justin off Derek,I ran over and stopped by Justin as he proceeded to slither out of the Teachers arms holding him away from Derek*



''Justin! calm down!'' The teacher hissed.



''Justin stop.'' I mumbled,touching his arm slightly.



*Justin stopped kicking and looked over at me,his eyes instantly softened and a look of hurt flushed over his face,he shrugged off the teachers and instantly walked over to me,wrapping me in a tight hug*



''Baby,your hurt,are you alright?'' He panicked pulling out of the hug and lightly pressing his fingertips on my cheeks.



*I winced at the pain and Justin pulled me back into a hug*



''I'm so sorry that scum bag did that,I tried to get him back for it,but I didn't punch him hard enough.'' Justin gushed.



''It's's fine.'' I muttered.



*Justin pulled away from the hug and pouted*



''You can hit me as hard as you want to make up for me not being quick enough to block the punch he gave you.'' 



''Justin it's fine..Taylor kicked him in the gut anyway.'' I mumbled.



''Mr Bieber and Mr Bieber,report to the principles office immediately.'' The teacher demanded pointing in the direction of the office.



*Justin groaned and trudged down the hallway,I watched as he turned around and waved at me slightly,I blew a kiss and Justin pretended to catch it before he shoved it in his pocked,I giggled slightly*







''I guess class is starting.'' Someone spoke from behind me,I turned around to see Harry.



''Oh..hey.'' I smiled weakly.



''What's up?'' Harry asked trying to peer at my face which was shaded from my hair.



''N-Nothing,let's get to class.'' I muttered before walking down the hallway.



''Something's up..Tori,tell me.'' Harry sighed,catching me up.



''Nothing's wrong!'' I snapped,finally looking to the side.



Harry seemed shocked at my tone,but his expression soon turned into horror as he noticed the huge purple and black bruise forming on my cheek and under my eye,I quickly covered my face up again.



''Oh my god..who punched you?'' Harry whispered.



''Derek.'' I muttered under my breath.



''Derek...Bieber? no...he didn't!'' Harry gasped.



''Well he did.'' I shrugged.



*Harry wrapped his arms around my waist enveloping me in a tight hug before pulling away,I stepped back feeling slightly uncomfortable*




''I'm so sorry...that guy is such a fucking twat,I'm hoping someone stood up for you and didn't just stand there.'' Harry commented.



''Justin beat him up.'' I mumbled.



''As in....your Justin?'' Harry asked.



''Yeup.'' I replied popping the 'p'



''I hope he gave him a good sock on the jaw,at least then if his mouths all swollen he won't be able to disrespect girls with his fat ass vile mouth.'' Harry stated.



*I stayed silent and continued to walk down the hallway to get to class*




''I wish my mom dropped me off earlier..I would of loved to see your famous boyfriend beating up the dick of the school.''



'' is he famous?'' I laughed slightly.



''Because your always talking about him,and I would love to meet him.'' Harry smiled.



''Okkaaaay,now your sounding like a creep.'' I giggled.



*Harry chuckled and entered class,I followed him in and took my usual space at the back of the class,Harry followed and sat at the desk across from me*




''Alright class,settle down.I know there was a fight this morning,but It's over and you need to concentrate.'' Mrs Mortez spoke.



*I rolled my eyes and scoffed,out the corner of my eye I could see Harry looking at me,I glanced over to see him smiling before he rolled his eyes and turned back around,I frowned and looked down at my page which was just set in front of me by the volunteer*



''Thanks.'' I muttered as the volunteer walked past me again.



''Okay,so now that your settled we will start today's new topic,so everyone please write the date,title and aims while I sort out the sheets.'' The teacher announced.



*I grumbled and set my pen to the paper*







'',I am going to assign each student a partner for this semesters project,you will be re-sighting a play at random and re searching all of the history behind it.'' She stated.



*groans and mumbles were heard around the classroom causing me to giggle at the enthusiasm and excitement shooting around the room*



Note the sarcasm...but then again,it's not like I'm particularly enjoying this up coming project that's about to take place.



'',first pair will be....Ashley and Blake.'' 



*I watched as Ashley and Blake highfived each other*



At least they got people they get on with.



''Next pair is....-''



Right now I wish Justin was in my English class...but he was moved into higher classes because he was a straight A student...I hope he still is and his skills haven't decreased over the time we've had off,because I'm pretty sure all Justin used to do was sit at home,reading or watching Animal Planet,but now he's on my Xbox or watching soccer on TV.




''Abigail and Millie.'' The teacher finished.



*Abigail and Millie squealed and engulfed each other in a big hug,I rolled my eyes and slumped back in my chair*



''Delilah and Brandon.'' She paused. ''We have...Mandy and Gregg.'' She squinted at the paper. ''And we have....Cory and Rebecca.'' 



*Whoops were heard at the front of the classroom*




''Okay,we have Kevin and Taylor.'' 



''Baylor and Jessica.''



''Yasmin and Nolan.'' 



''Caitlin and Ryan.'' 



''Harry and Tori.'' 






*Harry instantly smiled and shot up out of his seat,he walked over and sat next to me on the vacated seat*



''Ew,why do I have you as my partner.'' I joked.



*Harry rolled his eyes and shuffled his chair closer to mine*



''At least I have someone I actually know and like as my partner.'' He stated glancing over at me.



*I smiled and turned to face the teacher*




''Bobbi and Georgia.'' 



''Jaxon and Barbara.'' 



''Lexie and Gabe.''



''Drake and  Bella.''



''Cory and Samantha.'' 



''Eden and Toby.''



''And finally....Erin and Ed.'' She announced.



*I watched silently as all the partners went to join together*



''Alright,you will all be studying Rome and Juliet.'' The teacher stated.



*Both cheers and grumbles sounded through the classroom*



''You have all of this semester to pair up and find out as much information as possible,because on the last week of the year,we will all be taking a trip to where the play began,we will visit the famous balcony and also the wall where you leave your letters to loved ones.'' 



''YESSS!'' Someone screamed.



''Oh my god! imagine all the hot Italian boys!'' Someone else shouted.




*I laughed and rolled my eyes*



It's blatantly the class slut who shouted that....Lexie.



''Can't you keep your legs shut for more then one minute Lexie?'' Nolan laughed,instantly causing an eruption of sniggering to pass through the room.



''That is enough Nolan!'' The teacher demanded.



*I looked to my left to see a amused harry smirking at the sight before us,I just laughed and turned back around*



''Welcome to Canada.'' I muttered.



''To be honest,back at home in the UK,its quite many sluts walking around in trampy clothes,trying to grab any boy they can off the streets to take home and shag.'' Harry muttered.



''Shag?'' I laughed.



'' basically means Fuck.'' Harry smirked.



*I started to laugh hard*



''What kind of word is that? It sounds like that man off Scooby-Doo or something.'' I giggled.



''I know,it's just slang I guess.'' Harry shrugged.



''Oh right.'' I muttered as I faced the teacher again.



''Someone save me from this shit hole.'' I muttered after several long minutes of silence.



*Harry laughed just as the announcers  came on*



''Please would Tori Brooks make her way down to reception please,that's Tori Brooks to reception please.'' 



*I looked over at Harry and frowned,I slowly got up my seat and grabbed my bag*



''Looks like your prayers were answered.'' Harry chuckled.



*I laughed and nodded before I slowly made my way to the front of the classroom with everyones jealous eyes staring at me*



I swear these desperate little fools would do anything to be in my position right now and escape Mrs.Mortezs lecture over Shakespeare's work.



*I just laughed slightly and pulled open the door*



''I'll give your partner the homework I set you and they can give it to you when you come back,okay Tori?'' The teacher smiled.






''No problem.'' 



*I smiled and pulled open the door before walking out of it*



''Why did I get sent to the reception?'' I muttered as I began making my way to the front of the school.




















Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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