The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


12. 21 Jump Street




Turning around i saw Derek,




with Taylor.








''Well isn't it my leftover's and new boyfriend already Tori? fucking classy chick you are'' Derek smirked





''Fuck off,isn't it obvious i don't have my eyes on any other boy apart from Justin? if you haven't realised...This is your fucking brother...can't notice him now can you...the boy you beat for being a so called 'nerd' when he is the sweetest,nicest person around,so sit the fuck down and leave us alone.'' I spat back




''Im not sure if i wan't to leave you alone though were pretty hot when i nearly got you in my bed'' Derek whispered in my ear




*i reached my hand up and slapped him with the back of my hand,right in the nose*




''You little-




''Lay a finger on her Derek,and i promise will regret it.'' Justin sneered




*i looked over at him in shock*




he's learned goood.



''Just because you've had a hair cut,doesn't mean you can fucking fight me Justin,your a weak little faggot.'' Derek laughed




*i looked over my shoulder and saw Taylor frowning,she saw me looking and mouthed 'sorry' i nodded and turned back around*




''Leave Justin the FUCK alone Derek.'' i spoke through gritted teeth




''What are you going to do you piece of trash?'' he screamed 




*i looked around to see hardly anyone in the theatre...only a teenage couple at the back of the room kissing the shit out of eachother,i turned back around*




''Tori might not do something,but i fucking will Derek'' Justin screamed 





he's scaring me....





''You and what army dickface....your so weak,i wouldn't even test me,unless you wan't me to put you in hospital again.'' Derek laughed.







''Don't shout at me....hoe.'' Derek frowned moving forward in his seat





''ill do what ever the fuck i like,you don't own me.'' I spat.





''i will own you soon,you know you wan't to fuck me...for me to stick my big dick in your-''





*justin stood up out of his seat,ready to punch Derek,i grabbed his arm and kissed his cheek*




''stay calm justin,he's a jack ass...lets go.'' 




''i can't fucking stay calm when he's taking about having sex with my fucking girlfriend,i know he's a jackass...and i can't believe i actually thought i couldn't stand up for myself,i can,and i will...he's chatting shit about you,and im not letting this pass through me...iv'e been pushed around too many times by him,and i need to stand up,show him he can't fucking mess with me.'' justin whisper shouted.




''I know, i know baby...just please let this one pass....i honestly don't give a shit about what he's saying,he's trying to get to you by saying that...but i've never had sex with he can't make you jealous,your the only boy i want,not he's not going to lay one single finger on me...isn't that right Derek?'' I shouted




''Don't count on it,ill fuck you soon enough...then we'll see how Justin copes.'' Derek laughed 




*i rolled my eyes and pulled justin's shirt,we walked down the isle of the seat's and out the door*




''Let's watch another movie'' I whispered





*Justin didn't reply,just kept walking*





''Justin please,don't listen to him...let's just watch a nice movie....well,i don't really think we'll be doing any watching'' i muttered the last bit.



*Justin walked back over to me*




''This could be your way of paying me back for all the thing's i brought you today,watch a film with me...chill out,then go home,after did put on your new clothes for the movies,and you've only worn it half an hour,its a bit of a waste....especially as-




*justin pulled my cheeks and kissed me,before pulling away*




''Was that another way of telling me to shut up?'' 




''Come on babe'' Justin smirked,winking at me as he grabbed my hand





''we need to pay for this..'' Justin sighed




''We've payed for one movie,which we haven't seen because of your dickhead technically we've payed for let's go'' I smiled pulling him into the room showing 21 Jump street.




''nooooooooooo'' Justin moaned pulling me back





''Unless you don't move your ass past this door'' i pointed to the door frame. ''Then no more kisses for you.'' I smiled,knowing he would give in.




''Fine by me...seya Tori'' Justin smirked walking away




''Justiiiinnnnnnnnnn,fine fine fine,ill kiss you as much as you want,if you come in here with me,be a badass for once,we've technically payed anyway.'' I pouted pulling his arm again




''Fine'' Justin rolled his eyes 




*i dragged him into the room,up the stairs and right at the last row of the seats,i sat to the left right in the corner next to the wall,and justin sat to my right*







*Half way through the movie*




''So,this movie's getting pretty boring'' Justin smirked wiggling his eyebrows




''Are you freaking kidding me? this movies the best.'' I giggled




''so you'd rather watch a fat Eminem look-alike run around trying to shoot people,but he doesn't have the balls,or kiss moir?'' Justin asked placing his hand on his heart




i've never seen this jokey/cocky side to him,but i like it.



''Channing Tatum is gorgeousssssss'' I sang,completely answering his question





*justin sighed and rolled his eyes,i giggled slightly before turning to him*




''Of course i would pick you...Channing Tatum may be Hot,but you...your freaking sexy'' I giggled




''Is that so?'' Justin smirked




''Maybe?'' I flirted




*justin smiled resting his glance on my lips as he moved closer,filling in the gap between us,he rested his hand on my cheek and gently placed his soft sweet lips on mine*







''I love you'' Justin breathed as he pulled away from our heated make out session



''I love you too'' I smiled 




''Hey,isn't it a little quiet in here?'' Justin frowned keeping his glance at me as his lips hovered over mine




''Mmhmm'' I replied



*i pulled back and looked around the room,nothing,all the seats were empty*




''Ohymygod'' I whispered




*Justin then looked up,noticing the abandoned seats*









''Oh my god...justin'' I whispered breaking my glance away from the theatre to look at justin



*he had a smirk on his face*




''what the fuck's funny about this?'' i hissed




''It's funny that we were all caught up in the moment to realise that the movie's ended,even the people next to us managed to get up and leave with out us noticing,and they were like walking dougnuts....especially as you have to stand up let other people get out these fucking seats,did i really get distracted by you that much to notice a fat guys hairy ass dangling in my face? wow really are something'' Justin winked




*i hit his arm and pulled him up with me*




''We need to fucking go...this place might be shut...come on!'' i shouted running down the few steps dotted around the seats,justin followed short behind




*i got to the door and pulled it open,it was almost deserted,apart from the harry potter fans from the late night showings*



''Look,its ron!'' Justin yelled pointing to a ginger kid walking down the hallway 



''Shhht'' I giggled placing my hand over his mouth




*justin licked my hand,so i immediately pulled my hand away,and gave him a disgusting look,he smirked and started to walk again*



''You're disgusting,you know that?'' I asked looking up at him



''I thought i was




''we get your point bieber,but licking people...really? are you 5 or something?'' I giggled




''16 year old in person,5 year old at heart baby'' Justin sang skipping down the hallway




''i like this you,its different,fun....'' I smiled




''Yeah well,if people really got to know the real me...this is it.'' Justin shrugged.




''but you were shy,kept yourself to yourself.'' I frowned 




''That was me around see,i've liked you ever since Grade 9 Tori,but i was always nervous around you because i knew you wouldn't feel the same way,especially because you're the prettiest girl in school and your so popular,so you don't talk to nerd's like me.'' Justin shrugged again



''Are you serious? ohh my god,i've liked you for ages aswell,i only went out with Derek to make you jealous..because i thought maybe you would like me back...thing's could of been so different justin,oh my god.'' I giggled




''but were together now,and i couldn't be everything's alright.'' Justin smiled down at me



*i grinned and kissed his cheek*




''for the record....I got nervous around you to,just didn't tend to show it.'' I smiled resting my head on his shoulder as we walked




''Awhhh'' Justin cooed




''Shut it bieber'' I giggled







that's it for today....need to get some sleep:D hope it was alright,love you all<3










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