Hannah and Harry were best friends when they were kids. When he moved she cried herself to sleep every night. When Harry goes back to visit his aunt and uncle he bumps into a girl and they don't know each other at first. But when Hannah mentions her childhood friend Harry does he tell her that's its him or does he just play along.


3. Who is he?

When I got home, my mom looked at me and right away said "who is he?" 


"Who is he?"

"No one."

"Fine don't tell me..."

How did she know? I guess I should figure out what his name is before I tell her. 

I got upstairs and grabbed my phone and pulled up my sleeve that covered his number. I decided to text him. If I didn't, I would feel bad. 



"We met at the store"

"Oh. Hey"

We kept talking and I know a little more about him. But when he told me his name I almost cried. Harry... 

"Listen I gotta go so ill talk to u later"


"Bye Harry"


Harry. Is he... No. It can't be him. But what if it is? 

"Honey, come here!"

"Ok mom. Coming!"

I got downstairs and my mom immediately started asked me "now can you tell me about him?"

"Yeah. Sure. His name is Harry. And he is visiting family. We met at the store and he crushed my  bread."

"Harry? Was it Your old friend Harry?"

"I don't know. Probably not."

"Ask him."

"He wouldn't remember me anyway."

Would he? Maybe she's right. I guess I have to ask him but what am I going to say?

"So that's all you wanted to know?"


"Ummmm okay."

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