Hannah and Harry were best friends when they were kids. When he moved she cried herself to sleep every night. When Harry goes back to visit his aunt and uncle he bumps into a girl and they don't know each other at first. But when Hannah mentions her childhood friend Harry does he tell her that's its him or does he just play along.


5. Who are you?

"Who are you?" I Asked getting a little scared. 

"What?" They asked me. 

"You didn't answer my question" I said slowly reaching into my back pocket to pull out my phone. 

"It's me.. Harry..." I stood frozen. I couldn't move. I was too shocked. I finally managed to speak. 

"Harry? My best friend Harry?" I asked starting to get excited. 

"Yes!"Harry yelled.

"Oh" I said clearly beginning to get sad again. 

"What's wrong?"

I looked up at his face. He was worried. 

"You left me" I whispered and looked back down at my shoes. 

"I never left you" he said. 

"Ok so I cried every night over nothing?"

"I never left you..." He said again and began walking away. I felt so bad. 

"Wait!" I yelled after him.

He turned around looking really confused. 

"Come to my place and we can dry off and you can see my mom." I said. 

He smiled. "Okay."

I walked up to him and we began walking to my house.

We started talking about things that happened to us before he moved. 

"Remember that time we wanted to buy that new sled so we had a lemonade stand in the snow?" I asked. 

"Yes! What about when I got that new bike and you hid it in your garage so you could keep it?"

I nodded and began laughing like crazy remembering the fun times we had together. 

I stopped in front of my house and Harry looked at it. 

"You still live here?" He asked. 


I unlocked the door and he immediately sat down on the couch like he owned the place. He reached for the remote but I grabbed it first. I sat down next to him and looked for something good to watch. 

Just then my mom walked in and looked at Harry. She looked at me and mouthed the words "who is that?" I shrugged to make her nervous. She looked at me and I started laughing. Harry looked at me to see what was so funny and then looked at my mom. 

"Ummm hello. I'm Hannah's mom." My mom said not recognizing him. 

"Ehhhh I know..." Harry said. 

"How?" My mom asked looking confused. 

"I'm Harry" he said. My mom looked at me quickly and I just nodded. When I thought she would just walk away she did something I never expected. She ran up to Harry and hugged him for a good 5 minutes. 

"You have no idea how much Hannah missed you" my mom said. Awkward...

"I bet she didnt miss me as much as I missed her." He said looking at me and smiling. 

We all sat down and began talking about things that have happened after Harry left. 25 minutes into our conversation somebody knocked on the door. 

"It's probably the your brother, Hannah. He went to the neighbor's house." My mom told me. I got up and walked to the door. I turned the knob and opened the door expecting to see my brother. It was not my brother...

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