Hannah and Harry were best friends when they were kids. When he moved she cried herself to sleep every night. When Harry goes back to visit his aunt and uncle he bumps into a girl and they don't know each other at first. But when Hannah mentions her childhood friend Harry does he tell her that's its him or does he just play along.


6. Uninvited guest

"Hello Hannah. Nice to see you again." A man tells me. 

"B-b-but we m-moved." I stutter. 

"Awwwww.. You thought you and your mom could hide forever. How cute."

"MOM!!" I scream. 

My mom rushed to the door. Harry right behind her. As soon as my mother saw who was at the door she stopped and froze. 

"Hello dear." He said to my mom. 

"Patrick. What are you doing here." She said clearly looking worried. 

"Just coming to see you and Hannah. Is that wrong?"


I slammed the door in his face and ran to the phone and called the police. 

"So that was Patrick?!" Harry asked confused. 

I felt a tear fall down my cheek. I nodded quickly wiping it away. 

I talked to the police and explained my relation to Patrick. And how long it was since we moved away from him. I was still talking when out of the corner of my eye I could see a shadow through the glass part of the front door. A tall man peeking in. I started breathing really fast and told the police he was outside of my house. 

"Try not to panic. The police are on their way." The lady through the phone told me. I thanked them and hung up. 

Harry saw what was making me so scared and he grabbed my arm and pulled me into another room so Patrick couldn't see us. 

Harry and I were sitting on the floor when we heard sirens. Thank god the police were here. We thought Patrick would run around the house and into the woods. But he did something totally unexpected.

Glass shattered causing Harry to get up and find somewhere to hide me and him. We crouch behind the sofa. I cried throughout it all. Until I realized one thing. Where is my mother?


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