Hannah and Harry were best friends when they were kids. When he moved she cried herself to sleep every night. When Harry goes back to visit his aunt and uncle he bumps into a girl and they don't know each other at first. But when Hannah mentions her childhood friend Harry does he tell her that's its him or does he just play along.


4. Hannah?

My phone woke me up today. A text from Harry. 


I reached for my phone which was on the table next to my bed. I typed in "hi" and hit send. 

"Did I wake u?"

"No" I lied. 

"Ok good"

"So what's up?"

"I was bored"


I waited for another text but none came. So I put my phone back on the table and tried to fall asleep again. Only to have my phone wake me up again. I looked at the text. My mom saying "Brian needs to be picked up" 

I got up and went downstairs. "Did you get my text Hannah?" My mom asked. "Yeah." "Well can you go pick him up then?" "Where is he?" "James's house" "Fine". I ran back upstairs and got changed. I put on my jacket and went to the door. I opened it. It was raining. I ran around the house to try to find my bike. I couldn't find it. I bet someone stole it. I turned around and started walking to get my brother. 

I was cold and soaked. Why couldn't my mom pick him up? Why doesn't she just drive there?

Finally I got to James's house. I rang the doorbell and waited. Nothing. I knocked this time. Nothing. I knocked again. This time James's mother opened the door. 



"Why are you here?"

"To get my brother."

"I dropped your brother off a couple minutes ago."


"We thought you weren't coming because of the rain" 

"Oh. Well I better get going."

"Ok. Bye Hannah"


I began walking again. I was staring at my feet for a long time. My brand new shoes were ruined. I was daydreaming when I walked into someone. 

"Oh Im sorry" they said. 

"It was totally my fault"

"Well are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine" 

"Wait. Hannah?''


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