Hannah and Harry were best friends when they were kids. When he moved she cried herself to sleep every night. When Harry goes back to visit his aunt and uncle he bumps into a girl and they don't know each other at first. But when Hannah mentions her childhood friend Harry does he tell her that's its him or does he just play along.


2. Bread crusher

Most people would be over it by now. 14 years. It still stings to remember his name. Harry. He was my best friend. 

To get my mind off of this topic, I ran downstairs to get some breakfast. 

"Morning Sweetie" my mom said. "Morning". The smell of pancakes filled the house. "You hungry?" She asked me. "YES! Starving!!" She handed me a plate with 3 pancakes stacked on top of it. Topped with a pad of butter and syrup. Yummy!

After eating I got up and put my plate in the dishwasher and drank my orange juice.

"I need you to go to the store today. Okay?" 

"Yeah. Sure. For what?"

"Milk, water, cereal. You know the stuff that your brother has 4 servings of a meal?"

"Oh yes. Haha. Let me get my jacket."

I threw my jacket on and walked out the door. Then I remembered my pajamas were still on. Bunny slippers, duck pajama bottoms, a pink short sleeve shirt, and my hair in a messy bun. I turned right around and opened the door. It took me a good minute to realize the door was locked. I pounded on the door waiting for my mum to open it. 

I ran inside after bring let in and swung my door open and got changed. I didn't bother to do my makeup. I finished getting ready then attempted once again to leave. I left hoping I had enough money. 

When I got to the store, I walked in and went straight to where the milk is. I forgot to get one of those baskets and decided to hold everything. 

My last item was bread. I grabbed it then made my way to pay for it all. But as I turned around someone walked into me crushing my bread. At least I didn't drop anything. He took the bread from the pile in my arms and put it back on the shelf replacing it with a new one. "Sorry" he said and walked away. I shrugged to myself and just kept walking. 

I got to the counter and put my stuff down. When the employee told me the price of everything I dug into my pockets and discovered I had no money. I looked at my stuff and was about to turn away when a hand handed me the amount of money I needed. I looked at the stranger's face and saw the same person who crushed my bread. 

"Hey bread crusher!" 

He laughed and pointed to the money with his free hand. 

"Thanks but I can't take that." 

"Why not?"

"We'll I don't know who you are so I won't be able to pay you back." 

"Just take it."

"Fine, but only because you wouldn't give me a choice."

Again he laughed. I took the money from his hand and gave it to the cashier. I was on my way home when someone, guess who, grabbed my arm and wrote their number in sharpie. 

"Text me."

I nodded and watched him turn his back towards me and walk away.  

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