Black stains

For the gaming thing competition. Might edit names and stuff later to turn it into something else. But right now, I literally have no idea what is gonna happen. It just... Started.


4. Boats *PREVIEW*

I stayed by the port for a few days before finally finding a ship that would allow me to board. No one really trusted the newest person to appear on Blue Flame island. Who would blame them? With all of the pirates roaming this place, filling every nook and cranny with fear, pillage and gold.

Eventually, this silhouette appeared at the entrance to the alley I was staying at. I'm dead, I don't need shelter, do I? Their hat dominated most of the picture, and they didn't seem to be wearing that much. I merely watched them as they strode up, a sway in their hips, toward me. The fact that it was a she didn't really surprise me. Long red, flowing hair fell to her shoulders, her hat the odd shape of a pirate's. A deep, rumbling sigh escaped my throat. She looked at me, a cocky grin on her face, one hand fingering the handle of one of the twin guns that lay in their holsters. It struck me how much this woman resembled Syndra. Both were... drunk... on power. Maybe this one was drunk on something else, as well.

She looked down at me, clearly unimpressed. “So you're this fella I've been hearing about?” Her voice held a challenging note. Her second hand rested on her hip.

I raised my eyebrow. Young people these days. Always so full of themselves. “That depends entirely on what you've been hearing.” Like always, my voice was calm. As she thought of what to say next, I stood, drawing to my full height- towering over this youth.

She didn't loose her swagger. If anything, her smile broadened. “Oh, you know... That, just maybe, you're wanting a ship to Kaladoun?” She watched me, as if she knew exactly who I was, what I was like and what I needed. Such a shame my coat was done up. That would have wiped the smile off her face for sure. I never liked wearing something like a shirt over the wounds, they always seemed to cling inside me. It got very uncomfortable after a while, and the clean, white shirts always tended to go a little... red...

I inclined my head gracefully, before returning my gaze down back to her. She tried hard not to loose her hat. “Perhaps I am.” I tilted my head once more. “What would you be able to do about that?” All of this was very formal, very strict. She was wary around me, I guess not everyone comes to Bligewater with just the thought of their destination in mind.

She a quiet laugh. “Why, I could take you to there, on my ship.” I look down at her with one cold eye.

“What exactly would be the price?” If I knew anything, it was that the living cared for nothing more than money. Then, as an afterthought, “Who would be my captain?” It pays to know who you travel with.

The woman smiled at me, tipping her hat. “Miss Fortune at your service.” She looked at me critically, gaining as much height as she could. It didn't do much, of course. “My price is a hefty one, but I think you'll find it quite understandable. I believe I am one of the only ones to travel to your destination?”

I gave her a sly smile, looking down with hooded eyes. “Miss Fortune? Well, I suppose you're quite... used to the dead after the League. I have one last question. Does your price apply to the dead?”


It turned out it didn't. To her, I was no more than cargo. Which reminds me, being chained up inside a ship is not the most pleasant of experiences. As soon as the red-head captain had discovered who and what I was, she had decided to take me there without fee. Especially after I told her who I was to see.

I wasn't given the freedom to roam the ship at will, unlike other passengers. I was just left with the rats and the water, the creaking timbers, the sound of waves. You would have thought they'd have at least drained the bottom for me, but no. I'm ankle-deep in water. Cold wet water. The boat rocks gently, swaying from side to side. Miss Fortune would, occasionally, check down on me. She always wore a scowl on her face, and a look that assured me that she was the captain of this ship. She only really came down to make sure the chains were secure.

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