The Summoning

Hensa is a demon in training. She knew she'd be summoned one day, just not that it would be today. The whole threat to her race thing was a newsflash as well, it turns out that her mentor, Kevok, hadn't been being entirely honest. No one was.


1. Hating You

There was a slight tug at my scalp it felt as if someone was trying to pull my hair out. Gasping out a breath of air I screamed for my mentor,“Kevok.”

The whole class turned to look at me Kevok looked more than a bit alarmed as I never spoke out, “Yes Hensa?”

“It's happening,” I shuddered fighting against the tug that was at the moment targeting my chest lifting me out of my desk.

Kevok sighed and I watched the rest of the class flinch, “Remain calm. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

My best friend Kimry started to cry she clutched at my shirt, her claws tearing away at the fabric, “You can't just leave me.”

I really didn't want to either, I had been her only friend since the first day of training and she had been mine.

But its inevitable we are prepared from infancy for this moment. My eyes pop closed against the light that now envelopes me, and I find my self curling into a ball against my will in expectation of the pain.



The room is dark, lit only slightly by the presence of a ring of glistening candles. Taking advantage of my wings I hover a few inches above the ground not looking at my new master. The walls are nicely gray toned and give of the impression of a prison but I do my best to hide how much they impress me already, “Well that was rude. I was in the middle of school we were learning the basics of human anatomy. That is the only lesson I like.”

I hear the Master take in a deep breath, “You are a girl.”

“And you aren't. Oh rivvit dung you are more stupid than I would have figured.”

“Look at me,” he commanded. I was already sick of him. Stupid orders. Stupid human.

I really don't want to look at him, but I do anyway. His hair is beige stuck to his forehead from perspiration and he has a strange black thing sitting on his nose. I snatch the black things and lift them in front of my face licking them experimentally.

“What are these?” I ask, “They taste like sweat.”

“Stop that!”

I drop the thing onto the ground, “Would you mind giving me something to do so I can leave?”

The boy drops to the ground and wipes off the black things fitting them back on his face. He faces me again looking quite annoyed, “What's your problem?”

“You,” I don't mention that I want to string his innards is to a rope and swing around from the ceiling, he hates me enough already. I can smell it.

The boy orders me to “shut up” through clenched teeth, he then begins to mutter under his breath pacing back and forth.

He has no room to treat me in this way. I am the one who was torn from her home not him. I didn't even have time to polish my horns this morning, I bet they are dull. Almost unconsciously I rub my hand against the side of my left horn, its scratchy, I was meant to be prepared for this not to show up dressed in shredded clothes with horns not fit for a commoner. I want to demand that he send me back but the stupid command has sealed my lips so I busy myself by giving him a hateful glare I've been practicing in the mirror.

Having been so immersed within my own thoughts I didn't notice the cage until he grabbed me by the tail and shoved me in it. Kevok said that humans didn't use cages anymore. What was the point of that lie.

Even worse just as I was planning my escape the Master said, “Stay put. Don't let anyone hear you,” and left putting out the candles. I squeezed my eyes shut. What kind of demon is scared of the dark?




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