I knew you were trouble (Harry Styles FanFic)

My name is Emma, I moved from Homes Chapel when I was 5. Now I live in London, England. I have blonde hair and green eyes. When I lived in Homes Chapel I use to have a best friend named Harry Styles. When I left I cried for days until my dad hooked up Skype. I am a huge One Direction fan. Now this is the story of how I was reunited with my best friend from when my childhood and fell in love with him.......... Or one of the other boys ;)


6. chapter 5

Emma's POV


I can't believe that Harry Styles is the boy I have been trying to find. How didn't I realize this before. I mean, I've been looking all over for him, and whenever I would look up his name I always got the Harry Styles. I just can't rap my head around this. "So you mean, the guy I have been looking for is you?" I had to ask him, I have the same photo in my room. "Yes, Emma. I realized this a few days ago, I just didn't know how to tell you." I shook my head. "There is no way that you are my childhood bestfriend. My dad told me that he died a few years ago!" I yelled at him. I want to believe that Harry is him, but why would my dad lie to me.


"Emma, I'm right here in front of you, please. I really am him. I don't know why your dad would tell you that I died. I think he didn't want you to know that I'm famous now, he didn't want you to get hurt. Emma, why would I have a picture of me and you from the day you left me. I cried for a week straight, then your dad and my mum got video chat working. But we stopped talking when you hit middle school." Harry took a deep breath. "Emma, I tried to get in contact with you but after a week of you not answering I didn't know how to feel." Oh my gosh. I did do that. I stopped answering him. I took out my phone and log into the video chat that me and him use to use. And there I saw it, all the missed calls.


"Harry, I didn't even know that you called me, my dad made me get off so much, I would sit there and wait for you to call. But I always got yelled at to get off and do something with my other friends." I looked down. Harry picked my chin back up, "hey, don't worry. I'm a better person I am now then I was before I finally met back up with you." Harry smiled at me and kissed my cheek. I felt tingles go down my body. What the hell....


Harry's POV


Me and Emma sat in the family room for I don't know how long. But I want to take her out to get to know who she has grown up to be. "Emma"




I looked her in the eyes and smiled. "I wanna take you out tonight to get to know who my best friend turned out to be." She looked at me and smiled. "Ok, well I know some about you, so this should be fun because there isn't a lot to know about me."






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