I knew you were trouble (Harry Styles FanFic)

My name is Emma, I moved from Homes Chapel when I was 5. Now I live in London, England. I have blonde hair and green eyes. When I lived in Homes Chapel I use to have a best friend named Harry Styles. When I left I cried for days until my dad hooked up Skype. I am a huge One Direction fan. Now this is the story of how I was reunited with my best friend from when my childhood and fell in love with him.......... Or one of the other boys ;)


5. chapter 4

Harry's POV


I was walking up my drive coming back from a meeting with Uncle Simon, when I got the idea of hanging out with Emma, she had a bonfire last night. So I really hope she is free tonight. I walked into my flat and saw the picture of me and my childhood best friend. She looks so much like Emma, she can't be the same person. I mean, I wouldn't mind, because then I would have my best friend back.


"Harry!" I heard someone scream my name, when I turned around I knocked into someone. "Emma! I'm so sorry!" I said in my little 5 year old voice. When I helped her up I checked to see if she was hurt. "Harry, I have some bad news." Emma looked down at the ground, when she looked back up I saw that she was about to cry. "Emma, whats wrong?" She looked back at the ground and mumbled something. "Emma, I can't hear you." I said worried. "Harry, me and my daddy are leaving." I looked at her and sighed, but I didn't know that she was walking out of my life. "Emma you had me scared." I tried to hold her hand like we normally do.


She pulled away, "No Harry, I mean me and dad aren't going to see you anymore." It didn't hit me at first until we were at the airport saying goodbye.


"Bye Harry, I'll miss you." Emma said crying. "Bye Emma, I'll never forget you."


End of flash back.


I never did keep that promise. I did forget about her. We would video chat all the time, but then I got to high school and I never answered her because I was always out with friends. I feel like a total jerk now. But I just kept reminding myself that maybe she forgot about all the promises and everything.

"Harry, what are you thinking so hard about while looking at that picture?" Lou asked once he saw me, I didn't know that I was staring at the picture for so long. "She just looks a lot like Emma." I told him, he looked at the picture and shook his head. "You have it bad, why don't you call up her dad and ask where she is." "Good idea never would have thought of that." I said sarcastically he just rolled his eyes at me. "Wait, what was your childhood best friends name was again?" Lou asked me with great interest. I thought for a moment, then it hit me. "Her name was Emma..." I said shocked.


I looked back at the picture and just thought. 'What if this is my childhood best friend. Is it possible that I might have a thing for her.' I shook my head. There is no way she is my childhood best friend. But I took a picture of it anyway and went off to find her friends house.


It wasn't that hard to find.... once I got directions to her house. I walked up the drive and to the front door. I heard people inside then I heard my name being called. I looked to the side and saw Emma. I couldn't help the smile on my face, she is just so beautiful. But she is my childhood best friend, but does she know that. "Hey Harry, you finally made it, come on,we are all in the back." She waved her hand in a motion to have me follow her. Once we got to the back I took my phone out and started to take pictures.


"Hey Emma, come here!" I yelled over to Emma, that way once we start taking pictures we can look at them and maybe I will get lucky enough and she will see the one of her and me when we were little. "Yes Harry?" She asked with wonder, I looked up at her and smiled. "Wanna take some pictures, that way we can savor this moment." I told her. That was so cheesy. Damn, what is wrong with me.


After the pictures I invited her to my place. She didn't see the photo, which I'm kinda glad. But also kinda sad that she didn't.


We got to my place and I saw that Louis wasn't there. "Nice place." Emma said while walking around. I followed her when she ended up in front of the picture of us from the day she left. She turned around and faced me. "Harry?" She looked up at me with the look of confusion. "That's the day you left Homes chapel with your father. He took you away from me when we were 5 years old. I lost my best friend that day." I told her, she had tears in her eyes. "We broke the biggest promise, to never forget about each other." She let one single tear escape. "Hey, don't cry, just think now we have so much to catch up on." I smiled and brought her into my arms. It felt so right to have her back in my arms. 

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