I knew you were trouble (Harry Styles FanFic)

My name is Emma, I moved from Homes Chapel when I was 5. Now I live in London, England. I have blonde hair and green eyes. When I lived in Homes Chapel I use to have a best friend named Harry Styles. When I left I cried for days until my dad hooked up Skype. I am a huge One Direction fan. Now this is the story of how I was reunited with my best friend from when my childhood and fell in love with him.......... Or one of the other boys ;)


3. chapter 2

OMG I can’t believe i am standing in front of the freaking Harry Styles. I mean. Oh god I have been staring at him for too long. “Okay, so you can’t say anything. Okay, if it gets out that i'm here then i'm in big trouble.” He was talking to me and Katie. How the hell are we staying calm. "No problem. But we have to get going, so we will see you later." I told him, me and Katie started walking away, when all of a sudden I felt someone grab my wrist. "Hey wait, how will I see you again if I don't know your name or have your number?” “Oh, um, well give me your phone and I’ll put my number in it.” I tell him, he hands me his phone and I put my number in. With that I left.



 “OMG! I can’t believe met Harry Styles.” She ends in a whisper, I look at her and laugh. “What's so funny?” She stopped and glared at me. “It’s just, he seems so familiar, you know. Like I’ve seen him before this, not on tv, or videos. Like I’ve seen him in person.” She looked at me like I was crazy. “Don’t look at me like I’m crazy, it just seems like I know him from somewhere other than him being famous.” I stopped in my tracks and looked behind me, to find that he was looking at me. I started to blush and turned around and started to walk again. “He is so into you Emma!” Katie almost yelled into my ear. I looked at her, “there is no way he is into me. He is a pop star, and i'm just a normal girl. He can get any girl he wants. Besides, when i looked at him, he looked like my best friend from when i was little.” “So, just because he looks like him, doesn't mean he is him. Besides he is really cute.” I looked at my feet but kept walking. I let out a big sigh, “I know that. But what if he is, what if he doesn’t remember who I am?” I looked at Katie and I let one single tear fall. “I miss my childhood best friend.” I whispered.



 Harry’s POV



As I walked away from that girl something inside of me dropped. It felt like my heart shattered, I ignored it for now. Maybe if me and her hang out again I will confront this feeling. It feels so strange, to feel this way. I mean, this is the first time I have felt like this. She looks so familiar, but I can’t put my finger on where I have seen her before. Oh maybe she was at one of my concerts. Thats it.



 To: Emma the sexy thing.


 Hey, if I don’t get ahold of you tonight before bed, goodnight love. Hope you sleep well xx



I put my phone back in my pocket an started walking away. I got to the middle of the mall and my phone vibrated.



 From: Emma the sexy thing.


 Well if you wanna call me tonight before bed you can, i have nothing to do! I’m in the car right now picking up my friends. Oh by the way, love the name you put in my phone for you ;)


 I started to laugh and walked out of the mall. I got to the van and replied to her text.


 To: Emma the sexy thing


 I love the name you put in my phone. It suites you very well, oh and I might just take u up on that offer on calling u before bed.


I locked my phone and smiled, this is going to be a good rest of the day.






 Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. But here you people go! Love you directioners!



 ------Jennifer <3

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