You and I

Cassie is 18 years old, she just graduated and going to London to study. But suddenly the 21 year old Harry Styles is showing unexpected up, they met when she was 10, but had never spoken since, until now.

(sorry for the mistakes in my writing, just look past them, haha! I hope you like the story, and will keep reading it. xx)


3. Tomorrow

I was exhausted, it’d been such a long night and all I wanted to do was taking a warm bath and go to bed. I looked myself in the mirror, my hair is a mess almost all the curls were gone and my makeup was all ruined. In one way I felt like being happy for Harry coming to see me, even though it was super weird and in another way I felt like crying hysterically, because Sebastian tried to rape me. I took my clothes of so I only had my underwear on and went out on my own bathroom and started to fill up the tub. I took one of my favourite bath bombs from lush, and dropped in the tub, I looked at all the bubbles and took my underwear of and stepped into the tub and the hot water swallowed my body. I couldn’t stop thinking of Harry, what was he doing here? It’s weird he just shows up, when we haven’t talked for 8 years and he doesn't even know me anymore? Maybe there is something else? What can it be? And how the hell did he get so hot? Puberty you annoying piece of shit! Does he have a girlfriend? I don’t know anything about him anymore and I just don’t get why he’s back in this crappy town.

After the lovely warm bath, I felt a bit better, but I still had that weird feeling. I took my favourite panties on, my oversize Rolling Stones and a pair of thick socks. My hair was wrapped up in towel, so I took my blow dryer and took the towel out of my hair and started to blow dry my hair, when it was almost dry I made a French braid and went to bed. The thoughts about Harry haunted my mind, it was impossible to fall asleep. I stepped out of the bed and took my phone in my pocket of my jacket and there was a text from a number I did not know “Hi Cass, it was nice seeing you tonight. Remember I’ll pick you up at 11:30 and wear something nice and not those awful polka dots and stripes you always wore as a 10 year old. Xx – Harry” how the hell did he get my number? Does he really think I can fit that shirt and those jeans anymore? Now I definitely couldn’t sleep, I looked at the clock on my phone, it was 5am. I am seriously screwed, what am I supposed to do? Maybe I should find some “nice” clothes for tomorrow, that doesn't include stripes or polka dots.

I checked my phone for the weather; apparently it is going to be 23 Celsius degrees. I walked over to the clothes rail where all my dresses are hanging; I looked at them all one after one and nothing, and came to the conclusion not wearing a dress. I took my black high waisted shorts and my black curl knit crop top and my favourite black bra out of the closet and laid it on the bed. I would look great, though some people would ask why I didn't wear colours more. I looked at my white Nike air force one, they would look great to this outfit, but maybe I should wear a heel? Harry said that I should wear something nice, and my outfit is just a normal day outfit. I went over to my shoes and looked at them all and the first pair I looked at was my black high creepers (the wedges) they were perfect. With those shoes and some bracelets I would look fine and if then I’ll just put my hair up in a ponytail and do some light makeup. After planning my outfit for tomorrow I couldn't even stand straight, I was so tired and it was already 6am. I lied down in my bed and fell asleep.


I woke to my alarm playing ‘fiction’ by the xx, it was 10:30am and I had 1 hour to get ready, I looked out of the window and there was not a single cloud on the sky, only the sun shining so bright. I took my clothes on and went out to the kitchen and starting eating fruit, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and apples. I've never been a huge fan of breakfast, but fruit is something I can eat all the time. After my overeating of fruit I went out to wash my face and do my makeup, my makeup included some lovely concealer to cover up the huge dark circles under my eyes, some light mineral powder, a bit of liquid eyeliner and mascara, oh and of course Vaseline for my lips. I never use lip gloss, because it makes your lips sticky and I hate that, so lip balm or Vaseline is what I’m using to get my lips soft! It was 11:19 and Harry could be here any time now, I quickly took my shoes on and packed my bag with my keys, money, phone, charger (because iPhone sucks), sunglasses and my little makeup bag. I sprayed my favourite perfume on my wrists and neck, and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I looked myself in the mirror and tied my hair up in a ponytail, as I walked out the room I heard my phone doing that little sounds when you get a text.

I picked my phone up “Hi Cass. I’m waiting in the car, come out whenever you’re ready. Xx” I took my oversize grey thin cardigan on and my bag and walked out and there he was, my legs felt like jelly. It surprised me how beautiful he was in the daylight, yesterday he looked so dark and mysterious and today he looks like a happy little boy.  

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