You and I

Cassie is 18 years old, she just graduated and going to London to study. But suddenly the 21 year old Harry Styles is showing unexpected up, they met when she was 10, but had never spoken since, until now.

(sorry for the mistakes in my writing, just look past them, haha! I hope you like the story, and will keep reading it. xx)


7. The friends

I got down the stairs and the first thing I saw was my clothes on the floor, I went in to the living room and there they all were, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and their girlfriends. They all looked at me, and gave me that ‘oh I know what just happened’ look and smiled at me “Guys, this is Cassandra” Harry said, I gave them all and awkward smile and while waving I said “Hello, nice to meet you all” it was awful, I was standing in Harry’s clothes in front of the world biggest boy band and their girlfriends “HI” Louis said and smiled, they all introduced them self “Why don’t you sit down Cassandra” Mattie, Niall’s girlfriend asked, I looked around and everyone’s eyes were planted on me, “ermmm, I just have to errrrm change, I’ll be back in a second” I said and again smiled awkwardly. I almost ran out of the room, picked up my clothes and ran upstairs; I went into Harry’s room and ripped his clothes to put my own on, luckily my clothes were dry, I grabbed a pair of Harry’s socks, because I hate showing my ugly feet, then I made a ponytail and went down stairs.

I casually sat down beside Eleanor, “I’m gonna make some tea, does anyone want any?” Harry asked, everyone nodded and then their eyes were all on me “can I have a cup of coffee?” I asked, Harry smiled, “so, you’re a coffee girl?” he said while laughing and went out in the kitchen.

“So Cassandra, how did you and Harry meet?” Liam asked, and everyone stared at me again. “Well, umm, we played football together when we were younger and umm, then he kind of stalked me, I actually don’t know how he got the idea to contact me again, but umm yeah” I answered awkwardly. “Harry just told us, that you’re moving to London to study, what are you going to study?” Eleanor asked and smiled, wow, she’s gorgeous and so beautiful, “fashion and art” I said and smiled proud, it’s amazing that I got accepted. When I applied for the school, I’d never thought they actually would accept me, so I’m so excited. Eleanor nodded “wow, that’s amazing! Which university is it?” she asked again, the others also started to talk, so all the focus weren’t on me anymore, thank god for that. “Central St. Martins” I answered, she looked at me all surprised “really? I heard that it’s super hard to get accepted! You must be amazing” she said and smiled awkwardly “what about you Eleanor, what are you doing?” I asked and gave her a smile.

“I’m moving to London for good and then I have to start my search for a job” she giggled and then Harry walked in with a tray with cups and tea pots, he placed on the table “here you go, coffee and tea” he said, the others started pouring tea into their cups; my phone rang and again all the focus were on me “excuse me” I said quiet and awkwardly and then I went out to the hall to pick up my phone.

“Hello” I said in to my phone, “Cassie, where the fuck are you?” I heard Ally’s yelling voice in the phone “who’s that guy you went home with last night?” she asked. Oh shit, I’ve never told her that I knew Harry when I was ten, she would’ve killed me, she loves One Direction so much, her room is covered in posters, I actually don’t like being there because it’s kind of scary. “I’m at my apartment in London” I lied “but, I’ll be home tonight” I continued “Good, because I have so much to tell you! Apparently, Sebastian tried to rape someone at the party” she said, omg, how the hell did that come out? “WHAT” I screamed in to the phone, I took my shoes and started to put them on “yeah, its cray cray, do you want to watch a movie tonight? I’ll bring the snacks, if you want to?” she asked.

I was still in shock after hearing that it had come out, “yeah, of course, I’m on my way to the train now” I said “Okay, cool! I’ll see you later babe” she said and hung up. I grabbed my jacket and bag and went in to the living room “Um, I have to go” I said and looked down on my shoes “Oh, is everything alright?” Niall asked. Harry looked so disappointed, “Umm, it’s just something with my friend and our graduation last night and umm yeah” I said, still looking at my shoes, “Let me drive you home” Harry said with a raspy voice, he sounded so sad, I felt like crying. “No, no, its fine, I’ll just take the train, no worry’s” I said and looked right at him, oh no, he really looked sad.

I was actually happy that she called, because it was so awkward to meet his best friends and their girlfriends, right after our hot sex “Cassandra, let me drive you home!” he said with raised voice, really? He thinks that he can decide how I’ll get home, no way “Harry, I’m taking the train” I said like a stubborn little child “bye, everyone. It was so nice to meet you all, I hope we’ll meet again” I smiled and ignored Harry and then I walked out of the house. “Cass, wait” Harry yelled behind me, I stopped and turned around and before I even looked at him, he grabbed me and kissed me, my legs were like jelly, I felt like melting in his arms “What’s going on Cass” he asked nervously and worried, “well, umm, you know, my friend just called me and told me that there is rumours about Sebastian tried to rape someone last night” I whispered. He pulled me in for a hug and kissed my neck, “is that the reason you’re going home?” Harry asked, and looked me deep into my eyes, I nodded “please stay here with me, the others are about to live, they have this couples dinner” he begged like a little child, what should I do? Should I stay here, with the sex god Harry Styles or should I go home and have a movie night, like I do every weekend? Him or her? 

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