You and I

Cassie is 18 years old, she just graduated and going to London to study. But suddenly the 21 year old Harry Styles is showing unexpected up, they met when she was 10, but had never spoken since, until now.

(sorry for the mistakes in my writing, just look past them, haha! I hope you like the story, and will keep reading it. xx)


8. Sleepover

Who should I pick? I would love to stay here with Harry and get to know him better, but can I do that to Ally? I looked at Harry, I could see on his face that he really wanted me to stay, his eyes begged me and it looked like a little boy who didn’t get an ice cream, but everyone else did.

I texted Ally “Hi babe, my train is late and I won’t be home until late, so can we do it tomorrow? Xx” I felt like a fucking bitch, why the hell did I have to lie? Why didn’t I just tell her the truth?

Oh, maybe because I have no idea where I stand with Harry and I don’t have a clue what to tell Ally. Harry and I were still standing in the garden and I actually didn’t feel like walking in to the others “Harry, I’m going in my apartment, I just need some time alone, but I’ll be down soon, okay?” I said and kissed his cheek. He smiled “so you want the apartment?” he asked and giggled, “Yes Harry, I want the apartment” I smirked and turned around and my phone made that sound when you get a text. “Okay, let’s do it tomorrow then, but what will you do in London in the meanwhile?” Ally asked, I replied back as fast as possible “I guess find a cheap restaurant and walk around. Xx”, I open the door and stepped into the elevator.

I locked myself into the apartment and the beautiful met my sight, I can never get over how beautiful that apartment is. I lied down on the floor in the big bedroom and the next thing I heard was Harry’s voice “CASSANDRA ARE YOU HERE” he yelled frantically, I sat up and looked out, and it was totally dark. How long have I been sleeping? I looked at my phone, it was 8pm, holy cow, the last time I checked my phone it was 4pm and that was when I got the text from Ally.

I got up and went out in the kitchen and there Harry sat, he looked like he was about to cry and he was on the phone with someone “I don’t know where she is, I think she left” I heard him say into the phone “Harry?” I said. He turned around “Cassandra, you’re here! I thought you had left, because you didn’t answer on the phone and the apartment was in total darkness” he said worried, “I just fell asleep” I said and smiled sleepily, he walked towards me and pulled me in for a hug and gave me a deep kiss on the mouth. He looked so relieved, but there still was a touch of concerns in his eyes, I smiled at him “Harry, I’m starving, can we please find something to eat” I asked, the last time I ate was 10 hours ago, and my stomach screamed after food. He gave me a concerned look “of course baby” he said, wait, did he just call me baby?

We left the apartment and went inside Harry’s house, the others were gone and thank god for that, I was too tired to deal with other people than Harry. We went out in his amazing kitchen and there stood two large pizzas, I almost ran over and took a huge slice and stuffed it in my mouth, I didn’t even thought about taking a plate, I just had to eat! Harry started laughing, probably because I looked like a pig eating and I ate so much, I love food. He made me laugh so much, that I almost choked on my pizza.

After eating an entire pizza alone in like 10 minutes, we laid down on the couch, “wanna watch a movie?” Harry asked I could see he was tired and so was I, even though I had fallen asleep in my own apartment not long ago. “Sure, just not a scary movie” I answered, I hate scary movies, they are awful and I’m always getting nightmares for like 6 months or something. Harry went over to pick a movie and finally after looking all the movies through he picked one, he ran out to the kitchen and ran back with Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and chocolate, my two favourite things in the world. Then he ran upstairs and came back with a duvet, some pillows and his Ramones shirt I was wearing earlier, he threw the shirt at me “here you go, I thought you looked great in it and I would love to see you in it again” he said and smirked, I could seriously feel my head was turning red. While he was putting the DVD on, I changed and when he looked at me, I was wearing his shirt, I was still wearing my bra and panties underneath the shirt. I sat down on the couch and snuggled in to the duvet; Harry took his pants of and was now only wearing his boxers and t-shirt, he took the remote and sat down next to me and climbed under the duvet.

He skipped through the commercials and the notebook began, why did he pick this movie? I always cry, when I’m watching the notebook, well fuck. Ryan Gosling is so hot and when they die, why, did he pick this movie? “Are you okay, Cass?” he asked and looked a bit worried, I looked at him “well erm, it’s just because I always cry while watching the notebook” I said as quiet as possible.

He started laughing “another reason for us to cuddle” he said and gave me that cheeky smile, oh he had a plan, hmm, maybe I should let him suffer for a bit? I grabbed the ice cream and sat down in the other end of the couch, far away from Harry. I could see on his face he wasn’t happy about me moving away from him, haha, in his face. He titillating drove his palm up and down my leg, my whole body was buzzing, his hand were now on my inner thigh and he slowly moved it further up to my panties. I tried to keep my breath normal and concentrating on watching how Ryan Gosling tried to persuade Rachel McAdams in to going on a date, he softly massaged my clitoris.

“Can you pause the movie? I just have to go to the bathroom” I said with a heavy breathing, he smirked “sure, baby” he answered; I almost ran out to the bathroom, I looked myself in the mirror and my face was completely red and my body was buzzing from horniness.

I went back in to the living room and I sat down on the couch and covered myself with the duvet, I took the remote and pushed play, Harry was watching every little move I made, it was like he couldn’t wait, but he simply had to. If he wants to play, then it’s with my rules and I’m the one who’s in charge. I grabbed the Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and started digging after the cookie dough, Harry starred at me while I was eating the ice cream “what?” I said with my mouth full of super cold ice cream, “Nothing, I just thought” he said without finishing. I knew what he wanted to say, something like, I thought we were in the middle of something, but no, I’m the one who’s making the decisions. I sat the ice cream on the table and crawled down in Harry’s end, I felt his arm around me, his hand was massaging my boob and I couldn’t hold it in, I moaned. I could feel and hear his heavy breath in my ear; his other hand was moving further up on my inner thigh and my body was ready to explode. He started kissing my neck and placed small kisses on my jaw and his lips finally found mine, I pulled him in for a deep kiss and started to pull his shirt over his head.

I could feel his muscles tensed, he pulled of my shirt and I was now lying there in my underwear and so was he; he was lying on top of me, so his bodyweight crushed me down on the couch and I couldn’t move. Harry unhooked my bra and my boobs jumped out and he greedily sucked on my nipples while his hands pulled down my panties, I ran my fingers through his hair and he moaned.

He planted kissed from my neck all the way down my body, when he kissed my boobs he also sucked a bit on the nipple and then down over my stomach and then his tongue touched my clitoris; I could feel the heat of pleasure streaming through my body. His hands began to massaging my boobs, while his tongue was giving me a feeling of pleasure that I’ve never felt before. I moaned. “You like it?” he said with and smirked, I just nodded, I’ve never felt like this before, wow.

He took his boxers of and out jumped his huge erection, his eyes were dark and I could see the lust in them; I grabbed his erection and started sucking, he moaned and started moving his body in tact with my sucking. He pulled himself away from me “enough” he said, he sounded angry or something, but I was so turned on so I didn’t care; he took a condom from his pants on the floor and threw it to me. I sat down on the couch and I slowly applied the condom on his erection and I could see the pleasure in his face, he enjoyed it so much. His beautiful eyes met mine and he sat down on his knees on the floor and looked me straight into my eyes “you’re so beautiful Cass, you’re so fucking beautiful” he whispered, in reply I pulled him in for a deep kiss, his hands grabbed my ass and he lifted me up and walked over to the wall and pushed my back against while he still was carrying me. He penetrated deep into me and we both moaned loudly and looked each other deeply in the eyes; even though it was rough and dirty, it was at the same time so romantic.

I could feel the orgasm was coming “Harry, I’m coming” I said with no breath at all, we were now lying on the floor, with him on top. He pulled me up for a kiss and kept going “me too” he said with a raspy breathless voice and together we explode in our orgasms. I was drained of energy and we just laid there and looked at each other, I touched his red lips and kissed them; he sat up and went over to the couch “are you coming?” he asked and looked all serious. I went over there and together we snuggled into the duvet and each other, his body was so warm and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

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