You and I

Cassie is 18 years old, she just graduated and going to London to study. But suddenly the 21 year old Harry Styles is showing unexpected up, they met when she was 10, but had never spoken since, until now.

(sorry for the mistakes in my writing, just look past them, haha! I hope you like the story, and will keep reading it. xx)


6. Love making

Harry’s P.O.V

I kissed her red, soft lips hungrily; I couldn’t get enough of her, her lips tasted so amazing. My hands were all over her body, she moaned again and tensed her whole body, she was ready, but I would like to enjoy her longing for me a little longer. Her eyes begged me for more, and it was hard to resist those beautiful eyes; I pressed her against the wall and pressed my erection against her, she looked like she was ready to rip her underwear of and take full control over me, I couldn’t even recognize her. Her lust was enormous, and I’d never thought that a girl could have so many sexual desires, she was wild. My first impression of Cassandra was that she was a sweet and pretty girl who might not have tried that much sexually, but I was apparently really wrong.

Cassandra’s P.O.V

I had never been so horny in my entire life; he got me to behave wildly and brutish, being wild in bed had never been my thing, but my body was on fire and I felt like coming just by looking at him.

He kissed my neck and unhooked my bra, he had free view to my boobs; he planted small kisses all the way down to my boobs, he started sucking and bite gently in my nipples.

I could feel the orgasm building up “Harry, I don’t want to cum yet” I said with not breath at all, he was breath taking, and we didn’t even have sex. He stopped and looked me deep into my eyes and smirked, he carried me up stairs and laid me gentle on the bed and pulled of my panties, I was now completely naked. He also pulled of his own boxers, his erection jumped out, holy cow, he was big.

He took a condom from the drawer beside the bed and gave it to me, I took the condom and inflicted it to him gentle “mmm, baby” he moaned.

He filled me out. It was amazing, he slowly moved his erection in and out and then a little bit faster, he kissed my boobs and all the way up to my mouth. His kisses were passionate and lascivious, he slowly turned us around so I could ride him; he sat up and hugged and kissed me while I was in control. “Are you ready?” Harry whispered in my ear with his sexy and breathless voice “mmm” I moaned and then we both came, we both exploded in each other’s arms, it was like being in heaven just a billion times better.

I went in to the bathroom where Harry was showering, his back tensed every time he moved, wow those muscles. I went in to the shower, in to Harry, he turned around and smirked “Hi baby” he said still smiling like an annoying jerk, I could feel my cheeks turned all red, but I didn’t care “Hello Harold” I said all posh and giggled. He took the shampoo and started to wash my long hair, he massaged the shampoo into my hair and scalp; it was so nice and relaxing. He washed the shampoo out of my hair and applied conditioner and while that was in my hair he took the soap and started to wash my body. His hands massaged my boobs, and then he moved his left hand down my ass and started massaging that as well. The doorbell rang and we both jumped of fright, Harry wrapped a towel around him and went downstairs, I washed the soap of my body and the conditioner of my hair and took a towel and wrapped my hair in it and then I took a towel for my body.

I walked in to his room, I didn’t get the chance to look at it before; it was huge and very classy and modern and then he had a huge walk in closet. I went inside the closet and looked at all his clothes and I saw his Ramones t-shirt. I dried my body and took it on, then I went back in to his room and took my panties on, what was Harry doing down there? Who rang the doorbell? I could hear voices, so I decided to take a pair of his way to big sweatpants and I went downstairs. 

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