You and I

Cassie is 18 years old, she just graduated and going to London to study. But suddenly the 21 year old Harry Styles is showing unexpected up, they met when she was 10, but had never spoken since, until now.

(sorry for the mistakes in my writing, just look past them, haha! I hope you like the story, and will keep reading it. xx)


1. Graduation

Bored. I’m bored and tired of life, I’ve lived in the same little city in England forever, I’ve had the same friends forever, and now I’m just tired of everything being the same.

It’s the last day of college and I’m thrilled, I’m moving to London in a few weeks to study, and it’s going to be amazing. But tonight we have our last party and it’s going down, I know my friends are getting wasted. I’m usually not the type who drinks a lot, but of course I’ve had my episodes, but I’ve been planning to go crazy tonight since year one. I’m finally 18, so it’s legal to drink, meaning I don’t have to hide it for my parents, and the grownups in the city.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it was already 6pm, and Ally could be here anytime now. We’ve planned to go to the party together so we wouldn’t look like loners. I took the sushi and wine out of the fridge and put it on the table, and lit the candles. It looked like one of our famous girl nights, except we were actually invited to a party, or well of course we were invited it’s our graduation party. I heard the doorbell and tried running out to the door, though it didn’t went well, because running in my super high heels have never been my strong side. I reached out and opened the door and there she stood, and looked amazing. She had her own bag in her right hand, and a plastic bag with alcohol in the other one, she looked at me and gave me that ‘tonight is going to be crazy’ look. “Hi babe” she said, she sounded so happy and smelled of perfume and cigarettes “Hey Ally” I said casually. We went into the dining room and she looked at the food “Gosh, that looks absolutely delicious, I love that your parents made all this and then just left for the lake house” I smirked, because my parents have always trusted me, so much, that leaving the house to me was not a problem at all “I know right, and they won’t be home until next week, and then they want to spend time with me before I’m moving” I said. She rolled her eyes at me “you’re so annoyingly lucky, that you can afford getting away from this shit hole. Wasn’t your granny and granddad who left you like a billion pounds?” she asked. I could hear on her voice that she hated me for leaving or hated that she couldn’t leave too, I don’t really know? “Yeah, they left me some money for me and my brother’s education, but not a billion pounds, we’re not rich, you know” I answered, but I could see on her face that she didn’t believe me, even though I told her the truth.

After we ate, we went in my room to do our makeup and hair, I already had my outfit on, which consists my blue high wasted skinny jeans (the tightest jeans EVER) a black sleeveless crop top, a pair of black wedges and my gold necklace. I put a natural layer of makeup on, and added a bit of gold shimmer eye shadow and liquid eyeliner. I curled my hair, so it looked natural, because I hate curly hair that doesn’t look natural, and I thought I looked okay, not too much and not too little.

However Ally went all the way, with a short sparkling dress, straightened (blonde) hair, and luckily a natural makeup, if she’d put more makeup on, I would not leave the house with her, she looked a bit too much if you asked me, but that’s obviously just her way to show who she is, and yeah she is really open person and some people would might call her slutty, but in my world she just haven’t figured out what she wants.

We were finally done, and it’s was already 9pm. I looked myself in the mirror for the last time, grabbed my oversize and warm jacket from the bed and went out to the kitchen to get the alcohol, and there was a lot. Ally drove us over to the party, even though it’s only a ten minutes walk, but in our high heels it would take so much longer, so we decided to drive and walk home.

We went inside and everyone was there and some was already drunk, we said hi to some of the other girls and went into the bedroom with our coats. We started to drink our favourite drink ‘Skinny Bitch’ the one drink that you will not gain weight from and with some slices of lemon or lime it tastes good. I could feel the alcohol in my blood and I felt fearless and like dancing.

I went out on the dance floor and started to dance with Sebastian from my class, he was super hot, but a totally jerk. He treat girls like trash, and he thinks he’s better than everyone else, but again, he’s super hot and when you’re drunk you don’t think about if the guy you’re dancing with is a jerk, only that he’s super hot. He kissed me hard on my lips and his tongue was everywhere in my mouth, it was like kissing a slug, it was awful. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out in the corridor, he pushed me against the wall and I couldn't get away, I was stuck and there was no one out here and no one would hear if I screamed, because of the music, it was hopeless.

I closed my eyes and hoped he would stop, but I knew that wasn’t going to happened, he kept going, and in a single moment all the pressure from his body against mine was gone. I opened my eyes and Sebastian was lying on the ground and in front stood the guy who I had only met a few times when I was ten. Except he was so much taller, his hair was curlier, his lips were perfectly red, and his green eyes starred right into my soul. It was Harry.  

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