Hold On 'Till May

Hollie is giving up. Hollie wants to commit suicide. As her family begin to notice this they send her away to a suicide group, where she soon meets Oliver. Will love change everything?
~Based on the song 'Hold On 'Till May' by Pierce The Veil. This movella contains swearing~
Credit to Pierce The Veil for the story title :)


1. A Million Branches

As the sun began to set on the small town of Ruxton, Hollie made her way up to her usual spot on a large branch of a pine tree. She would sit up here and watch the world go by, asking herself one question over and over again, 'would anyone really notice my absence?' 

Her skinny legs swung from the branch as she finally reached her usual branch. It was peaceful up there - like heaven. The sun's bright orange glow surrounded her like fire. She loved it how a million branches intertwined around her, creating a maze for her to go through as she climbed back down. She rarely wanted to though. She had never liked her life. 

As the youngest out of seven it had been hard to get an attention from her mom. Her mom was a widow - her dad had died in a rough fight one night. She could still remember the night. The first of May. She had only been five. Her siblings on the other hand were very different to her. They only spoke to her when they needed something and the rest of the time they were troubling their mom. So, Hollie spent most of her time walking, anywhere and everywhere. She liked the fresh air and being outdoors, not like many of the 'emo' kids. 

Hollie watched the cars roll past on the street as people began to get home from their work. She watched her mom hang out a pile of washing on a line of string that had been gradually getting smaller and smaller as it stretched, and one of her older brothers chatting away as he helped peg down the clothes. She listened to the birds chirp and the sound baby twins giggling and laughing. She smelled the faint smell of a charcoal fire - a smell that she despised - and the smell of food being cooked from each of the houses' kitchens. 

Not many people wondered where she went, in fact, they didn't know she was gone. She longed for someone to notice her absence, to search for her and cry when they weren't able to find her. She wanted nothing more than to be noticed by someone ... anyone. The people in school only talked to her when they were calling her names or laughing as they threw food at her. But they didn't understand how it felt. They didn't know that they were the ones that made her take a blade to her wrists every night. They didn't know that they were the reason she hid away or randomly started crying. They didn't know and they never would. 

Hollie sighed. She was at the point where she wanted to end everything. Her life. The sky was turning raven black, a colour she loved because it reflected her mood perfectly - dull, and not much life left. Her mom and brother had returned inside where, no doubt, they were having dinner without her. The cars had muted and the babies laugh was gone. The charcoal fire and the food smell was gone. The birds chirping had faded out slowly. The only thing left was her and a million branches. 

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