Learning To Love Again

Piper had been hurt before. Not all guys are as sweet on the inside as they seem on the inside. But one day, Piper found Louis. Can Louis teach her to love again? Will their story have a happy ending or will one of them get hurt?


3. My Heart Stops Without You

(Piper's POV) I'm sure Louis was just being polite when he asked me out. But I think I'm starting to honest to goodness love him. I want to tell him how I actually feel tonight... But.... I'm not sure i'm strong enough yet to fall into another relationship. I know  I should be over Alex already, but I think all of us have that first love. Sometimes you never even dated that person but you were absolutly, entirely in love with them with all your heart. Love is funny that way, you can love someone entirely and then you realize they never cared. And it breaks you. i should be over Alex but it scares me. A lot. I want to be in love again, to be happy again. But theres always the possibilty that it won't work out. That one of you will end up broken and you realize that most likely you'll be the one that ends up in pain.... And it's a terrifying thought. 


(Louis's POV) My gosh, i can't get her out of my head! I just want to protect her, to love her, for her to be mine. You can see a hurt in her eyes and I never want to see her hurt again. I've been broken since my last girlfriend. But maybe life just had a different plan for me. I needed Piper to be mine. I can't stand the thought pf her with any other man. i can't stand the thought of her broken. with tears in her eyes. Just that thought makes me wanna run to her and hold her in my arms and never let go. 


                                                                                         At     Dinner 



(Piper's POV) Dinner has been amazing. I'm still somewhat terrified but I can actually see a future with Louis. I never did see a future with Alex. "Piper Lillian Collins, will you be mine? Will you be my girlfriend?" i was shocked as the words came out of his mouth, I had tears in my eyes when I replied with "Of course i will! oh my gosh, thank you" he smiled and held me in his arms and i felt safe for the first time in a long time. I felt loved. 


(Louis's POV) She said yes! her response was so adorable and I held her in my arms and for the first time in my life i felt entirely happy. I felt loved. Like someone actually cared. And it was amazing. i couldn't wait for the rest of my life with her.  



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