Learning To Love Again

Piper had been hurt before. Not all guys are as sweet on the inside as they seem on the inside. But one day, Piper found Louis. Can Louis teach her to love again? Will their story have a happy ending or will one of them get hurt?


2. Could It Be?

(Louis's POV) I just stared into her eyes for probably more than a minute, but I couldn't help it. It's like in those books where they describe falling in love instantly. Normally, people see me as goofy and funny but she made me want only to protect her. I didn't know this girl but I felt this connection to her, this pull towards her. Like she was the only person that mattered anymore. Like love at first sight. "it's alright love" I said and started to turn away. "Actually, can I have your number? Just in case you run into someone else sometime and need back up" I laughed as she blushed at my words. But she gave me her number anyway. "I'll text you later, love!" I called behind my shoulder as I walked away. 


(Piper's POV) I couldn't get this guy out of my head! He texted me about 10 minutes after leaving. I couldn't help but smile at his text "Hey love! You need superman yet? :) x" I called him after that and we talked for close to 3 hours. I was falling for this guy... I knew I was... My heart was telling me that it's time to fall in love again, but my head was telling me to run. But this guy was always on my mind. This morning he asked me out to dinner tonight. I was excited, but the whole time I was getting ready, my heart was pounding. I was insanely nervous, Louis had that affect on me. I was nervous cause I freaking loved his smile and his voice and it scared me half to death. But I can't live in fright for the rest of my life. I needed to live a little. 


(Louis's POV) I loved this girl. Her laugh made me more happy than I ever have been before. The way that when she walked away she always looked back at me with a smile created feelings in my chest that had never been there before. I knew I wouldn't ever be able to be happy without her and that scared the crap out of me.All i wanted was to love her and protect her, to make sure I never saw hurt in her eyes again. I asked her out on date cause she never left my mind and I knew i wouldn't ever be able to love another girl. But the crazy thing was, I barely knew her, but I could me spending the rest of my life with her. I could us raising a family and growing old together and being in love the whole time. It was a beautiful fanasty and I was praying that she felt the same way. i was gonna make her mine tonight. I can't bare the though of her whith anyone else. She needed to know how I felt. 

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