Learning To Love Again

Piper had been hurt before. Not all guys are as sweet on the inside as they seem on the inside. But one day, Piper found Louis. Can Louis teach her to love again? Will their story have a happy ending or will one of them get hurt?


1. Back Story And A Hello

(Piper's POV) Alex had broken my heart. The same old story of a guy saying he loves you and then finding his other girl. But Alex was my first love. The first person I cared about that way and he broke me. Now I was too afraid to try again, I was too afraid to love. 



(Piper's POV) I was walking to the park where I was going to just be alone. Sometimes life gets to be to much and you simply need to get away for awhile. That's what I could do at the park. But as i was walking along. I wasn't paying much attetion and I ran into a guy. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I was kind of lost in my thoughts" I said while looking up into the face of the guy i just ran into. Wow, he was really attractive! I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. We just stood there for probably a full minute. It was amazing. I didn't know this guy at all, but I felt safe around him. i felt like he would never hurt me, like he would love me. Alex never made me feel that way. Maybe because there was no reason to feel that way back then. I was careless and I got hurt, i've been thinking that love is just that, carelessness and then hurt. but for some reason, when I looked at this guy, I wanted to love him. What was I thinking!?! But man, I wanted to kiss those lips that were just inches above mine. 


(Louis's POV) She ran into me and I was surprised at first. She tried to apologize but I didn't even hear what she said. I was lost in her eyes. I hadn't loved in a long time, I'd been hurt to many times before. But, wow, i just wanted to love her, to protect her, keep her safe in my arms. But surely she already had a boyfriend, she was to beautiful not to have a boyfriend. But you could see the hurt in her eyes. What was her story?  why was she hurt? Why would anyone ever want to hurt her? 

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