Luke Woods Mission2: Dragon Head

This adventure Luke was captured by a women that was head of Dragon Head, there new Evil Team and they plan to carry on Luke's Fathers mission to kill Luke. But Luke's Father is now being hunted for betrayal and MI10 need to find Luke and get him out of trouble from Dragon Head before they kill him.


2. Unusual Birthday

Luke didn't get to sleep that night and kept thinking how he was going to ask about their plan. So he tried coming up with excuses to try and trick them into telling him all about it. Luke looked to his left and saw Liam was fast asleep. Luke wished he was asleep right now, he turned to face his clock and noticed it was 2.00am in the morning and he had only been asleep for two hours. 

Luke woke up and waled to the hall immediately after getting changed, he saw Emily waiting for him. The girl who almost saved his life."What did they do to you, when you were taken ",She asked. 

"They took me to a rainforest somewhere near London, i think"

"Well I've haven't heard of any rainforest near London. I think they might have took you more further away and more secret". Emily was thinking about other cities or places that they could have taken him too. Luke walked in the hall and sat next to Mark at a table. Luke remembered it was his birthday today. Then before anyone spoke a speaker called out "Please could Luke Woods go to the office now please". Luke frowned and was annoyed to be spending the morning of his birthday in an office. He knocked on the door and walked in. A man he have never seen before was stood there.

"Hello Luke nice to see you again, you might remember me from somewhere",He said. Luke just remembered who he was and dashed out the door whilst the man taking a pistol out his pocket and slid off the desk. Luke slammed the door shut in his face and ran across to the hall. The man was still chasing him and shot a bullet at Luke, Luke dodged it and it hit the glass with glass smashing on the floor. People finally noticing Luke being chased and they called for help. Luke jumped out the window and saw Liam with Luke's bike out. Luke landed on the bike and rode away. Liam jumped into the air and started flying after him.

"How are you doing that",Questioned Luke. Luke carried on riding.

"I'll tell you later now go",Liam stopped and paused his hands clenched together and his fingers moving around unusally and turned into robot fingers. His hands folded into him and orange light shot out at the the man who was already in an escape car still chasing Luke. Luke was out of London even though they were already almost out of London. The man's car was black and guns sticking out ready to fire he drove fast and hit Liam out the way. Liam was on the ground with electric coming out of him and he was shaking trying to move. It was up to Luke to escape for now but how.

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