Luke Woods Mission2: Dragon Head

This adventure Luke was captured by a women that was head of Dragon Head, there new Evil Team and they plan to carry on Luke's Fathers mission to kill Luke. But Luke's Father is now being hunted for betrayal and MI10 need to find Luke and get him out of trouble from Dragon Head before they kill him.


5. The Untold Story

The train had finished to its destination at an underground  train station next to the London Eye. Luke was crawling off the back of the train and watched Bell take a small girl about nine years old from one carriage, he held her tightly and dragged her up the stairs. The station was quiet and it was dark with lights flickering. The coldness started to make Luke shiver as he sneaked out the back of the train. He was on the last carriage which was containing some old boxes filled with guns and barrels with death warnings on them. Luke followed Mr Bell and Jenny who was looking around searching for anyone watching. They led him up from underground and went into a very tall building which was bright and creamy, with a red roof and doors that flickered around. Luke was wearing blue jeans and a plain white top, he wondered is he will get passed the guard who was standing there. He walked up towards the doors and entered. The first thing he saw was the lift door closing and Jenny's head he could just about see. The doors shut behind him and the guard instantly walked up towards him with his arms crossed. "Who are you little boy", said the guard. Luke was panicking and remembered he had sweets in the back of his pocket that could knock a person out instantly. 

"Would you like one", said Luke. The guard didn't look happy at this point.

"Who are you, leave go you came to the wrong building". Luke knew he had to get Olivia back or he will get killed. 

"I-i-i need to, just take one haribo or i wont leave", smiled Luke. The guard took one and was more angry about this, he just threw it in his mouth and shooed Luke away. Before he did the guard fell back and froze with out any movement. People started coming over, Luke ran up to the lift and pressed top floor immediately. There were only  ten floors and the building looked massive on the outside. The ping sound of the lift meant that he was here. He stood out checking each way left and right for anyone. The floor was deserted as anyone could see, there was a door that was right in front of him but was covered with the wallpaper. It was hidden in the walls. Luke tried to open it but it was locked. He knew about his watch, he shown the laser at the lock and it melted. He started grinning as he opened the door. Staring at Olivia in a chair and Bell pointing at her angrily as Jenny was writing things down on a note pad. He walked in and wanted them to see he was here and will find out whats going on. This is strange? he thought. Jenny who is receptionist is also Bell's assistant and goes where he does. Bell also has a protector who is off on a mission right now and Jenny is covering for him.

"Ahh Luke, i knew you would show up. You se-",started Bell.

"No, i don't trust you. You left me in France and now your forcing kids to answer your questions who have know idea what your talking about",shouted Luke. 

"Well i don't know what to say, Olivia you can go now. Go back to the train station and you know where afterwards", said Bell. Luke stepped out the door way and Olivia passed by, whispering.

"Thank you". Luke watched her go into the lift and waited until she was out of sight. He turned back around and saw the expressions on Bell and Jenny's faces. He knew something was going on and it was all leading to Olivia. The France trip was her father trying to get him to rescue her, what next?

"Luke the true story is that Olivia's father has been making her help him and Dragon Head in murders. She is evil and doesn't seem it when you don't know her. We are taking her back to MI10 and she shall join us", explained Bell.

"But i will die is she joins you",whispered Luke. Nobody heard him as he stood there watching them and waiting for an answer. Jenny came over.

"Take a holiday Luke, we will sort things out for now. Lucy's parents have a Beach House in New Zealand. Its in a city called Auckland, you will be flying there tomorrow morning. It will be only a few hours flight, i can't be exactly right on how long it will take",said Jenny.


Later Luke was back at MI10 once again, he hasn't been back since a week and was starting to forget more about MI10 every time he visits. He was about to enter room 69 when Lucy came running up behind him. "Hey Luke, are you coming to see my parents once again with me. Mark can come", she said.

"Yes of course i am, anyway Mark is leaving with his family and will only be there for half the week. What about Emily", replied Luke. Lucy smiled and pulled her long blonde hair that leads down to her shoulders, she was wearing a black dress and it had pictures of flowers on them, they were red, white and green. 

"Emily, i have no idea where she is, Liam has his arm taken off cause he's a robot and needs it fixing. Well it will be just us going swimming on the last two days", said Lucy. She walked away and Luke went in his room and went straight to bed. He will be alright in New Zealand, its not like Dragon Head are tracking him down or anything. He cant wait till the morning to get going. 

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