Luke Woods Mission2: Dragon Head

This adventure Luke was captured by a women that was head of Dragon Head, there new Evil Team and they plan to carry on Luke's Fathers mission to kill Luke. But Luke's Father is now being hunted for betrayal and MI10 need to find Luke and get him out of trouble from Dragon Head before they kill him.


7. Summer Holidays

Luke was asleep in the first half an hour of the flight, he was snoring loudly and kept moving around his seat. Mark was sat next to him on his left next to the window, he had pulled the curtain down and lent next to it reading a book. "It feels forever, this flight is boring. Its really hot in here", moaned Mark.

"I don't know what to do Mark, its still a long way to New Zealand",said Lucy. She got out her seat and walked along the plane to the toilets. There was only one toilet on the plane and the plane was massive. She went in and locked the door. Moments later she was coming out and she heard something outside. "What the heck is that". It was jet with missiles and everything that was hidding under itself. There was a man inside with half a burnt face and he was mad, he dropped down low and flew under the plane, not coming out the other side. He flew lower and eventually out of sight, he was still heading the same way as the plane following it. Lucy was on her way back when she bumped into Luke. "Hey Luke, how are you",she smiled.

"I feel better from that sickness now. What are you doing",replied Luke. She grabbed Luke in and whispered in his ear about the plane. She pulled away and dragged him back again.

"One more thing", said Lucy. She moved closer to Luke and quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek. She ran off laughing with Luke standing there wondering what just happened.


They arrived at New Zealand Airport that was the closest to there beach house, it was much bigger than London Airport that they had left at. It was more busy here and people were more serious. "Wow this is a big place",said Mark. He turned around at Luke waving who was walking up to him dragging his case.

"Lets get going, i wonder what the house looks like",said Luke.

"I'm sure you will like it here Luke, it has other secrets i have not told anyone about hidden there",said Lucy's dad. He was a tall man and had a small white beard that was growing slowly. "Well what are you waiting for, lets go".

"Yes come on", shouted Mark. He ran out the doors and saw a taxi waiting there where Lucy and her mum were waiting next to. Luke paused and felt the wind blow into his face as he took his first step into the city. The car journey was only a few minuets as there was a massive beach around the part of the city they were in. It was the most popular one with only sights of dots as people. It was hard to see the sand as the people crowded around each area and talking. "Hey is that it other there",grinned Mark. He was pointing at a tall wooden house with wide windows and a glass door, everything was glass around the walls and mostly windows instead of walls. The taxi pulled up on the side and the man was payed as everyone left the car, all running into the house except Luke who was watching the door taxi driver. The man was driving away when Luke thought that taxi doesn't look much like one, do they have many taxis here or do the even have them. It was rusty and so rusty that Luke was beginning to see stickers on the side of it. "Hey Luke hurry up, whats taking you so long", shouted Mark.

"I'm coming don't worry"

"Alright then, this is going to be fun". 

Luke ran after Mark who was whacking the door open and rushing ahead towards the living room, not making a sound whilst he sprinted like never before. Luke took his first step into the beach house and searched the room watching everyone and remembering everything. He dragged his bags upstairs and Mark running past him knocking all the bags down the stairs Mark tripped on the hardest one there was. "Ow!, Luke what was that for."

"You ran into me, it was your fault".

"This is going to be a long summer. I cant stand the fact that they are keeping Olivia, i need to act fast." Said Luke.

"What!" Questioned Mark.

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