Luke Woods Mission2: Dragon Head

This adventure Luke was captured by a women that was head of Dragon Head, there new Evil Team and they plan to carry on Luke's Fathers mission to kill Luke. But Luke's Father is now being hunted for betrayal and MI10 need to find Luke and get him out of trouble from Dragon Head before they kill him.


8. Midnight Call

It was late as Luke was climbing out the pool and wrapping a towel around him. He went into the changing rooms at around 7:00pm. Mark was already dressed. "Hey, I'll wait outside." He said.

"Sure alright then." Said Luke.

Luke watched Mark leave through glass doors at the entrance to the pool. He walked back into the pool area and searched around."I'm sure there's something here, i heard it." 

Luke crept along the floor and got to his knees. In seconds he was pushed into the pool and was drowning, he gasped for air as he saw a man in full black uniform who was keeping him down. Luke grabbed his jacket and pulled him down aswell. Luke felt something sharp hitting against his hand, he was worrying badly in-case it was a knife. He felt around the sharp object and and felt a soft leather handle. He pulled it towards him whilst he was still trying to get air to his lungs. His heart was racing when the man went down with the sharp object. Luke climbed out the pool breathing heavily and opened his hand.

Mr Cruz

Soldier of Dragon Head

Luke kept it as he looked back at Mr Cruz, he was gone. But where. Mark came rushing back in with a smiley face.

"Hurry up Luke." He said softly.

"Look at this."

Luke passed Mark the badge. Mark was surprised until.

"Who the heck is Dragon Head... Anyway lets go."

"How does he not know Dragon Head. This is to awkward and very strange." Whispered Luke.


They drove back out into town once Luke got changed back at the Beach House. They drove to a restaurant called Pizza Parlor.  Inside they sat at a table as Luke took out the badge again, he flipped it other and a number war written on the back. "I'll be RIGHT back." Said Luke. 

He stood outside the restaurant and saw a phone booth. He walked up to it and dialed the number in. There was no answer... Luke was about to put the phone down when.

"Hello Mr Cruz." A grumpy old voice moaned down the phone.

Luke stayed quite and didn't breath, he put the phone down. Was that their leader of Dragon Head? Luke saw a little green flashing light on the badge, "what the heck was it?" He thought. Then he realized, it was for  Mr Cruz if he was in danger and then they can track him down by leading towards the badge. Luke had to hide it but where? It was too late a group of men crowded around him all wearing the same outfits. Each had a motorbike with a picture of a dragon head on each side.

"Oh cra..." Said Luke. But a man came charging at him holding a pistol in both hands. It was blending in with their outfits.

"Wait isn't you Luke." Said one of them."

Luke struggled to breath as he was soon about to be put down by a stranger. The same man charged at him but Luke dodged it. The man fell into the phone box and Luke grabbed the phone and kept hitting the man with it. The man looked up to see what Luke was hitting him with, but Luke hit harder and the phone knocked him in the eye which completely knocked out the man. Luke grabbed the two pistols from the knocked out man's jacket and shot from both guns. The bullets hit another mans bike and set it on fire, after the electric mixed in with it. Luke grabbed the motorbike from the first mans bike and rode off trying to work out how to brake. There were only four men left chasing after him. They all skidded around a corner and headed right, Luke had no idea where to go in this city that hes in. He hoped he will find his way back. A man shot at Luke and hit a lamppost. The man kept shooting until he hit a crate of apples that fell out behind Luke. Luke watched the man slide around as the bike fell on top of him, three other men were still chasing him. Luke kept taking corners until they trapped him by blocking each way out of this street. 

"Got you now." Said one of them. Wait there was only two where'd the third one go. Its to late Luke had to do something and fast, the bikes came gliding towards him, Luke drove out the way and watched them both crash together and a massive explosion afterwards. Through the smoke and fire Luke noticed the final man standing there walking in towards him with a shotgun and two daggers by his sides. The man finally made it to Luke.

"Mr Cruz?" Said Luke. 

"Yes Luke, now die."

Mr Cruz pointed the shotgun to Luke's head but Luke dropped to the ground to early to have been shot. Luke threw himself at Cruz's legs and tackled them. The shotgun was lost and to far for Cruz to get it. Luke got to his feet and pointed the two pistols at his face. "You are a vicious one aren't you."

Luke dropped the guns and felt dizzy, where had he heard that from before. He remembered when he was bullied at school and William had said those words when Luke punched the bully in the face and made his nose bleed for hours. Luke woke back up from day dreaming and saw Cruz holding a dagger, Luke acted fast as he dodged the dagger by ducking low. It flew into a paper poster and stuck there like a pin, Luke pulled it out and turned back. Cruz had already got his other dagger and was starting swish it around to Luke's head. Luke dodged again to his left. He aimed and pushed forward whilst holding the dagger. It stabbed the side of Cruz. It happened so fast that Cruz was confused how he was stabbed. Luke ran to get out the scene but Cruz threw the his dagger and it hit straight into Luke's collar of the shirt he was wearing. The dagger hadn't touched him it was inches away from hitting his neck. Luke pulled free and carried running. People were starting to crowd around now making it harder for Luke to escape and to see. Cruz shot into the air with the shotgun that he got back. The crowd fled as Luke gave himself up. Cruz roped him together with a electrified rope that censored anything trying to destroy it, all hope was not lost for Luke, as for Liam was already on his way after having a call Mark about the disappearance of Luke...              


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