Luke Woods Mission2: Dragon Head

This adventure Luke was captured by a women that was head of Dragon Head, there new Evil Team and they plan to carry on Luke's Fathers mission to kill Luke. But Luke's Father is now being hunted for betrayal and MI10 need to find Luke and get him out of trouble from Dragon Head before they kill him.


10. Back Home

Back at MI10 things were not the same. "What happened!" Screamed voices from the crowd. Everyone was wearing there new uniform with red or blue badges. Each colour was now a different class.

"Calm down everyone he has just been kidnapped and has only arrived from France a few days ago. He still needs some time to think. " Said Liam.

"Come everyone lets check the battle table and see has the top score from class today." Cheered Mark. Everyone followed including Lucy and Ethan. The door of room 69 opened and Luke sat down on the chair. Liam went to the little desk and started writing something.Emily peeked in.

"Oh Hey Luke i need to show you something." She said.

That was the only thing that could take this whole kidnapping mission off of his mind. Luke followed Emily down the hallway. and to a end.

"There's nothing here." He said.

"Just wait a second OK."

Emily tapped a little red button and a keypad appeared.

"Who is it." Said a voice.

"Its me." Replied Emily.

"Me who."

"Me... Emily!"

"Oh come in."

The wall became a wide door that opened from the middle going up from the bottom. They walked in slowly and watched the door shut behind them. The room was small but it was a secret room. Luke was surprised and confused when he saw William sat at a desk mixing around bottles of couloured liquid and a small robot next to him fixing a hoverborad.

"Weird William." Shouted Luke.

"Ah what?"

William fell off his chair and backwards. The mini robot jumped down and helped pulling him up.

"Ahh Luke i wondered when i would get to see you and tell you about my secret." He said.

"You haven't explained who Luke is. Intruder." Said the robot.

"Cut it out Zarga"

"Zarga." Said Luke.

"Yes sir... I mean master." Said Zarga the robot.

"Wait master?" Asked Luke.

"Hes all yours well i made it like a he you can't really tell." Laughed William. 

Luke caught Zarga who was small and had big hands with two oval eyes that were blue. It had a back that turned into anything. Zarga turned into a jet pack and had its head pop out the top.

"Where to master." Said Zarga.

"You can relax for now and just stay out of trouble."

Luke walked to the hall to see everyone else and was ready to tell his story. Zarga was flying next to him as his usual self but with propellers sticking out of his head keeping him up. Luke was more careful  for future missions and was enjoying his new sidekick Zarga.

                                         The End




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