Luke Woods Mission2: Dragon Head

This adventure Luke was captured by a women that was head of Dragon Head, there new Evil Team and they plan to carry on Luke's Fathers mission to kill Luke. But Luke's Father is now being hunted for betrayal and MI10 need to find Luke and get him out of trouble from Dragon Head before they kill him.


6. Airport Trouble

It was a bright and sunny morning when Luke had woken, he had forgotten about the early flight to New Zealand this morning. He was running late and should of woken up at least an hour ago, it wasn't going well at first. Later he was at the airport sat with Lucy and Mark as her parents were handing in the tickets. Luke felt sick whilst waiting bored sat down and watching every minuet a plane go by up and down. "How long do we have to wait", grumbled Luke.

"I don't know, sorry Luke that you feel sick. I'm sure it's just being in a plane", replied Lucy. She was wearing the same as yesterday. Luke wore a dark blue top and a black leather jacket with a back pack. Jeans and red trainers. Luke had his head in his hands.

"I think I'll go and find the toilets", said Luke. He walked off and looked back at both Lucy and Mark with bored faces on them. He walked past the cafe and noticed how busy it was earlier and now its dead quite, he looked up at the signs and saw the men and lady symbol. He wasn't thinking right now and didn't remember it, he rubbed his eyes and went in. It was dark and cold down the toilets, and no wonder Mark wouldn't go again. Luke heard voices shouts coming from one cubicle and a man being strangled.

"You will find him, he won't have left already", said the tallest man, he was wearing all black and a mask on. The other man was a worker and he worked at the cafe, he was short brown haired and had a red stripey top on with a name badge that read John. The cubicle door flew open and Luke saw the man holding John by the neck. "Have you seen him, huh whats that i cant hear you. I think your being strangled, hahaha. I had shown you a picture alrea-". The man finally noticed Luke standing there and threw John out the cubicle. John ran away instantly and slammed the toilets door shut. The man stood up and Luke side kicked him hard, he fell back and landed in the toilet, stuck, trying to escape. "Get back here you brat". Luke ran ahead and out the toilets. Where he saw Lucy waving at him and her parents with Mark who were ready to go. Luke dashed up towards them and only turned around once he was with the group, the man was pulling toilet paper off him and a toilet roll that was stuck to the back of his shoe. The doors opened and Luke went through to the passage way to their plane.

"You took long", said Mark.

"I was busy", replied Luke. He pulled his rucksack back on him and wouldn't dare to turn around. The man was hoping away towards the exit to the car park. He took out a mobile and called someone.

"He is leaving now. You know where to go now, he has beaten me, a fourteen year old kid beaten me", said the man. There was a long silence.

"Well he knows the drill right, if one is beaten or killed then the next shall go after him",said the voice, it was a woman's voice. The man was called loudly down the mobile. "YOU ARE A FAILURE MR GUNNER. You will quit now or I'll hunt you down",she screamed. In seconds the phone self destructed and the man fell slowly to the ground with the mobile dropping loudly around the floor. The mobile was still on, all was heard was "Mr Cruz your up next".


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