The Benefits Of Being A Weirdo

Well, this is my autobiography! My life is pretty weird so I thought to myself 'Hey, I find my life weird, so other people might enjoy it too!' because I do enjoy my life, I really do. So go ahead! Read all about the benefits (and...ummmm...not so beneficial benefits) of being a weirdo.


7. Watashi Wa Anata Oishte!

Well, me and the ex-best friends are just saying we’re civil. We don’t want to hate each other, but we don’t really want to be best buds any more either. Fine by me!

My new little group of freaks are the best. There’s J, Phins, Linda and Tiff (These are obviously just nicknames) and we are all total manga nerds. J, Phins, Tiff and I are all obsessed with a manga and anime series called Death Note but Tiff and I are the only ones who have finished it.

Also, I’ve been feeling pretty emotionless for the past few years, but even more now.

But I’m keeping myself occupied by reading the Hunger Games and learning Japanese. I know, I’m such a freak.

Watashi wa anata oishte!

That means I love you in Japanese, by the way. 

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