The Benefits Of Being A Weirdo

Well, this is my autobiography! My life is pretty weird so I thought to myself 'Hey, I find my life weird, so other people might enjoy it too!' because I do enjoy my life, I really do. So go ahead! Read all about the benefits (and...ummmm...not so beneficial benefits) of being a weirdo.


3. Please Pick The Right Friends

When Elysia and I started Middle School it was really scary. She was starting in year 8 so it was probably worse for her since by then everyone already knows each other. But it was hard for me too! I was starting year five and lots of people already knew each other from lower school so it was hard to find friends.

I started of being a loner. But I found some friends; little did I know that these friends were going to ruin my life. One of them accused me of bullying her and her mum made her change schools! Then I was stuck with the other girl.

By year 6, I realized that she was actually a really disgusting person. She hardly ever brushed her hair, I doubt she brushed her teeth, she was really stupid and she always smelt gross; not to mention her house was a tip! The thing is, she didn’t have any other friends either so I couldn’t go anywhere without her tagging along and no one really likes her. Also, my dad’s girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter got shot by her angry ex-husband. Dad’s never really been the same since then. I think that was the last time I cried that hard, you know?

In year 7 I finally managed to break away from her, reinvent myself and get some better friends. Of course, she wasn’t very happy about that but she moved schools too at the end of the year. It was this year where I started to make more friends at my drama group (which sadly the girl and another girl I didn’t like started to go to a while after me) that I had gone to since I was around seven.

Now we’re starting to get more up to date! Get ready for some more detailed bits now, these are the bits I remember best.

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