The Benefits Of Being A Weirdo

Well, this is my autobiography! My life is pretty weird so I thought to myself 'Hey, I find my life weird, so other people might enjoy it too!' because I do enjoy my life, I really do. So go ahead! Read all about the benefits (and...ummmm...not so beneficial benefits) of being a weirdo.


5. Matters Of The Heart

Now, this is the bit I couldn’t tell you earlier.

While I was waiting for the results, I was telling a few people what had happened. One boy who had been a sort of friend since year 5 because we used to be in the same class and I had made up nicknames for each other that only we could use (he was Pinky and I was Dani California). I had a kind of, sort of, almost crush on him and I didn’t really know what to do.

He’s a really sweet guy and he texted me that night until gone midnight while I waited for the results.

A few weeks later I told one of my guy friends (his nickname is Bee and mine is Sting) about it and he asked him out for me. Thing is, Pinky said no because he only likes me as a friend. DAMN YOU FRIENDZONE!!! I’m okay with it, though(ish).

My friends that I told about me getting rejected decided to do some snooping to find out who he likes. They got some clues but nothing very conclusive so one of my friends (nickname: Coco) said that I should ask him.

A few days after (Tuesday the 21st May) I had to go to hospital for a 24 hour heart monitor. Luckily it was a lady doctor do I didn’t mind having to take my top off too much. But I refused to let dad in because then he’d see my bra (eeeew gross!). So I carried on with my normal-ish life and it came of the next day.

So, I asked my crush who he liked. I asked if he wanted to play truth and I asked a few questions and so did he, then I asked who he has a crush on. It’s the 24th now and he’s still not talking to me. Think I pushed the line a little bit.

Summing up year 8 so far, my heart decided to mess up my life and I lost a very close friend (not meaning he’s dead, just that friendship is kind of gone now). I hope the rest of my life gets a bit better…

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