The Benefits Of Being A Weirdo

Well, this is my autobiography! My life is pretty weird so I thought to myself 'Hey, I find my life weird, so other people might enjoy it too!' because I do enjoy my life, I really do. So go ahead! Read all about the benefits (and...ummmm...not so beneficial benefits) of being a weirdo.


8. It's Been A While...

Well, it sure has been a while, Duckies! I’m near the end of year 8 now and things are just getting…weird.

I finally got a diagnosis for my heart problem. I have IST (Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia) and I have some pills to slow my heart rate down. They haven’t quite got the dosage right yet, but I’ll be fine.

Today (11/7/2013) in PHSCE, we finished reading this book about a group of year 8 pupils. This girl’s parents split up and her mum says that she’ll only be able to see her dad every other weekend for the first year. She freaks out at this, saying it isn’t fair. To be honest, she got it off easy. My parents never told me that they were getting a divorce, and I only see my dad once a month. Imagine how much I saw MY dad in the first year. That pissed me off. A lot.

I’m teaching myself capoeira, a martial art. I can kick people in the face now.

And that’s about it so far. After I’ve written about my last day in middle school, I’ll carry on in another book because I don’t want these things to be too long. More information at the time.

Bye for now, Duckies!


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