The Benefits Of Being A Weirdo

Well, this is my autobiography! My life is pretty weird so I thought to myself 'Hey, I find my life weird, so other people might enjoy it too!' because I do enjoy my life, I really do. So go ahead! Read all about the benefits (and...ummmm...not so beneficial benefits) of being a weirdo.


6. I'm A Fighter

Well, better isn’t what I’d describe it. Good news: I got over Pinky!

Now for the not so good news…

Me and two friends were out in town for like the whole day. We bumped into a boy who used to go to our school and he said he liked my skirt and my arse. Because that’s not awkward. Later, this boy was speaking to me and one of my friends on facebook.

The friend was telling me everything he said over bbm whereas my other friend was just chatting with me on facebook. My facebook messages from my phone are really slow so she got angry that I was blanking her and I was apparently using the other friend because she’s good with boys.

Of course, none of this was true and I explained it all to her but she told the other friend all this and I said sorry even though it wasn’t my fault! I told them that I would never lie to them because they’re my friends but she was having none of that.

I didn’t lose my temper though, I stayed calm all through and I said that I understood that she was angry and that, if she wanted, I would step out of the picture and not send her any more messages. So I did. I feel really hurt that they didn’t believe me but I think I’ve gone past showing people the reaction they want.

I’m meant to meet up with the boy tomorrow but I honestly don’t think I will. Obviously I’ll tell him that I have to cancel and to maybe meet up some other time. I think that people just ask to much of you and choose what they want to believe.

They know who they are and in the unlikely event that they are reading this: If my sorry’s mean nothing to you then I’m done. I want friends who believe me when I tell them the truth. This doesn’t mean I’ve lost, though. You may think I’ve lost the battle but, hell, I’m not going to lose the war; I’m a fighter.

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