Spirian: A Guide

This is an explanation of how my religion views the world, if only for people who are curious to understand my beliefs. I apologise if anything comes across as offensive - that was not my intention.
The Spirian Code can be found at the end of "The Guiding Force".
The cover is the Spirian Symbol :)


12. "Karma"


There is a form of Karma in the views of the Spirian, which follows the idea of a purer soul attracting Guardians, and a darker soul attracting Demons, thus giving the idea of good or bad luck.

Technically speaking, there is no luck involved. Simply, Guardians help and Demons hinder.

As it is the soul that carries the “Karma”, it is carried into the next life. This is why Spirian believes that good deeds in this incarnation will prevent misfortune striking the next person your soul inhabits.

Therefore, chances are that if you are tormented by a Demon in this life, or are often hit by “bad luck”, you can look to your previous incarnation for someone to blame – however, blaming others is frowned upon.

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