Spirian: A Guide

This is an explanation of how my religion views the world, if only for people who are curious to understand my beliefs. I apologise if anything comes across as offensive - that was not my intention.
The Spirian Code can be found at the end of "The Guiding Force".
The cover is the Spirian Symbol :)


9. Guardians and Demons

Guardians and Demons

The role of the Guardians is to protect and guide people, whilst the role of the Demons is to harm and hinder people.

These roles exist because the Great Spirit and Great Demon cannot always reach people, as they are not omnipotent or omniscient. Therefore, to ensure the expansive population of spirits in the world continue to be influenced, the Guardians and Demons act in the Living Plane, and either help or hinder those they follow.

Guardians and Demons are either made of spirits or souls. Soul Guardians and Demons are more powerful than those formed of spirits.

A Warning About Demons: Demons are often cruel beings, and endeavour to cause misfortune, which can lead to substantial harm to the person they are influencing or “attacking”. However, in many cases a Demon is driven by guilt. Soul Demons are prime examples, as they are consumed by the guilt of multiple cruel spirits, and therefore they want to be a part of the Living Plane and put things right. Therefore they will take parts of souls in a living body and replace it with their own. The two souls literally swap pieces, which they fuse with. Eventually the souls will be half of the Demon Soul, and half of the living soul, allowing the Demon to be a part of the Living Plane again, and therefore a part of the Eternal Continuation. Unfortunately, due to the darkness in the Demon Soul (which is usually stronger than the darkness it has put into the other soul), the person it inhabits will be more likely to act with darker intention, and the soul will soon end up back in the Demon Plane as a Soul Demon.

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