Spirian: A Guide

This is an explanation of how my religion views the world, if only for people who are curious to understand my beliefs. I apologise if anything comes across as offensive - that was not my intention.
The Spirian Code can be found at the end of "The Guiding Force".
The cover is the Spirian Symbol :)


2. Attitudes to Retribution


Spirian follows the idea that a punishment should match the crime, but such punishment should never involve the death of the perpetrator.

Spirian believes all people deserve a chance to redeem themselves, and attempt to purify their soul and spirit. Killing a person would not allow this to happen.

Also, whoever killed the criminal would then have a blemished soul and spirit.

Punishments should, in the eyes of Spirian, be fixed, with no loopholes or ways out. For example, life imprisonment means life, not 30 years and then a chance to get out.

If a person manages to purify themselves in those 30 years, once they are out of prison, they may renounce their purification. It is safer that they remain in prison, where they can cause no harm.

To Spirian, life imprisonment should count for people who take a person’s life. Other crimes should be given shorter sentences – fines would cause poverty, which is seen as a cause of crime.

Any crime should have a prison sentence of some sort. E.g. disturbing the peace leads to a night in a prison cell, no matter what.

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