Spirian: A Guide

This is an explanation of how my religion views the world, if only for people who are curious to understand my beliefs. I apologise if anything comes across as offensive - that was not my intention.
The Spirian Code can be found at the end of "The Guiding Force".
The cover is the Spirian Symbol :)


14. Attitudes to Ghosts and Psychics

Ghosts and Psychics

Ghosts are, in most cases, lost spirits wandering the Living Plane after death. As they are spirits, they are not always visible, and not everyone can see or sense them.

Some are intelligent, and capable of communication.

Others are considered residual. These are ghosts who are unaware of what has happened, and end up repeating what they did in life. Therefore, they do not communicate directly with people, but they can be heard.

Spirian is unsure of psychics. They are considered plausible, as it is believed some people may be sensitive to souls and spirits, and this sensitivity may enable them to feel them and hear them without directly interacting with them.

Also, some people may have a sensitivity that can reach across the Planes.

Spirian does not, however, fully deny or fully accept the existence of psychics, but supports their aim to bring peace to grieving families, or communicate with tortured lost spirits and help them – or at least try to.

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