Spirian: A Guide

This is an explanation of how my religion views the world, if only for people who are curious to understand my beliefs. I apologise if anything comes across as offensive - that was not my intention.
The Spirian Code can be found at the end of "The Guiding Force".
The cover is the Spirian Symbol :)


7. Attitudes to Death


When a person dies, there is no specific ritual for the body, as in the grand scope of things it is merely a vessel for the spirit and soul.

Upon death, the soul immediately moves on to a new body (unless it is too “pure” or too “corrupt”, in which case it will remain with the spirit until the Passing), where it will act as a connection for a new spirit in that body. This cycle continues.

The spirit exits the body a short time after death, as the soul is no longer holding it in place. It will emerge as either white or black – it is unknown for spirits to be equally “good” and “bad” (even trees can be kind or cruel) – and will await the Passing.

The Passing occurs once every 12 hours – so twice a day – and seems to occur at 12AM and 12PM GMT.

Due to this large timeframe, spirits may wander and become lost, becoming trapped in the Living Plane unless they can find the Passing in a future event – it usually occurs in the largest concentration of spirits in an area, though not always, making it quite random in its positions.

Upon the 12 o’clock mark, the gathered spirits who have not wandered will stand apart – black from white – and in one place, anywhere in the world, the High Demon and High Spirit of the Passing will appear. They rarely appear in the same place twice, though, and move to random gatherings all the time.

Seeing them is a rare sight for any spirit, let alone a living person with “The Vision”.

Following the Passing, spirits end up at the entrance to the Plane they have been “assigned” to: black to the Demon Plane, white to the Spirit Plane.

The entrance of the Spirit Plane is a wooden bridge that stands above a dazzling blue stream. The entrance of the Demon Plane is a spiralling stone staircase that disappears once the spirit has arrived.

Spirits then spend eternity in the plane.

Upon first arriving in the Demon Plane, spirits will most likely torture themselves and be consumed by their own guilt and the misery of nearby spirits. As they spend longer there, they will settle into this new “life” and, whilst remaining miserable, they will calm down and act as normal beings again, talking and walking for eternity.

In the Spirit Plane, spirits are content and happy as soon as they arrive, as they can celebrate their good choices and sit amongst other good people.

The Demon Plane and Spirit Plane were misinterpreted as Hell and Heaven, respectively, and are much like them.

Note: An eternity in the Spirit or Demon Plane may sound boring and repetitive, but time passes faster, so it is not noticed. There is also a theory that eventually there is a form of city in each plane, though this is disputed, and the Great Spirit and Great Demon offer no answer.

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