Opening Act

When Neala becomes One Direction's new Opening Act, will the most skeptical one fall for her?


3. Chapter 3

*Niall’s P.O.V*

            “You know, she was actually pretty amazing!” Zayn said as we got on the tour bus for a good night’s sleep. “And to think, you didn’t want her on the tour. Pfft, I even think you have a crush Niall!” Louis said nudging my arm. “Shut up Lou!” I laughed, playfully pushing him away. “Little Nialler’s got a crush!!” Harry teased. “Awe!” Liam said. “I hate you guys!” I said laughing. “But you LOVE her!!” Zayn said laughing. “I swear, if you say ANYTHING to her, I will personally kill you.” I said.

            The boys and I sat at the table talking about tour and other things. “Do you guys ever just sit back and think about how lucky we are?” I asked leaning back. “All the time.” Zayn sighed. “Yeah.” Liam said. “I mean hell; we wouldn’t be on this tour if we hadn’t been put through.” I said. “Alright now, we don’t need to get emotional here!” Louis said. We all laughed and talked a bit more.

            “Well boys, I’m going to bed!” I said yawning. “Goodnight Niall!” They said in unison. “Night!” I replied. I went back into the bedroom part of the bus and changed into my sleepwear. I climbed into bed and sighed. All I could think about was Neala.

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