Opening Act

When Neala becomes One Direction's new Opening Act, will the most skeptical one fall for her?


2. Chapter 2

*Neala’s P.O.V*

            ‘What if they don’t like me?’ I thought to myself as I grabbed my guitar case out of my car. ‘Breathe Neala, just breathe.’ I reminded myself. I took a deep breath and walked in. I heard some banter but went straight to a man named Phillip. “You must be Neala Clarke!” Phillip said shaking my hand. “Yes, sir!” I smiled. “We are pleased to have you on our tour!” He said. “Thank you so much for having me!” I said. “Well, the boys are in that room over there if you would like to get acquainted.” He said. “Thank you so much!” I said nodding my head.

            I looked over to where the guys were standing and I saw them watching me. I gave them a shy smile and they returned smiles. I walked in and set my guitar case down. “Hi guys, I’m Neala!” I said shyly. “Hello Neala, I’m Harry!” He said kissing my hand, causing me to giggle. “I’m Zayn!” Zayn said shaking my hand. “Louis ‘The Tommo’ Tomlinson!”  Louis shouted, making everyone laugh. "I'm Liam!" Liam said shaking my hand. “Well, where did Niall go?” Zayn asked. “Right here.” An Irish voice said coming out of another room. He walked up to me with a smile on his face. “Niall, Niall Horan!” He said sticking his hand out. “Neala.” I smiled shaking his hand.

            “So, Neala, where are you from?” Louis asked. “I was born in Dublin, but I recently moved to London for my career.” I said. “Well, you seem very put together.” Liam said. “Thanks.” I laughed. “So you play guitar?” Niall asked. I looked up and nodded. “Since I was four.” I said. “Would you mind singing for us?” Zayn asked. “Um, uh, sure!” I said nervously. “What should I sing?” I asked pulling my guitar out. “Do you know Little Things?” Harry asked. I nodded. “Well do that!”  He smiled. “Ok.” I said. I cleared my throat and started strumming the guitar. “Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me. But bear this in mind, it was meant to be.” I sang, occasionally looking up at the guys. “I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if it's true, it's you, it's you they add up to. I'm in love with you, and all your little things.” I finished.

            They clapped and cheered for me. “Wow! You’re amazing!” Harry said. “Thanks.” I said shyly. I looked up and saw Niall with his jaw dropped. “Wow.” He said. I blushed and looked away. “You, my friend, make an excellent addition to the tour!” Louis said. “Thanks Louis.” I smiled. Good, they liked me.

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