It Was Meant To Be

Molly dreams of two things: getting into her first-choice university and finding true love. Music-loving slacker Zayn also dreams of two things:winning the battle of the bands- and winning Molly.He is determined to make her fall in love with him.


1. Summers Nearly Over!

Summer's Nearly Over !


28 August, 7.23 p.m.



Molly's POV




         ''Yeah?'' I say. But I already know what she's going to say. She's asked me the exact same thing every day this summer, and the answer is always no.


  Elizabeth's like,''Did he call?''


  ''You need to get over it,'' I say ''because it's never going to happen.''


   The thought of going into senior year next week without a boyfriend is the worst. Not some maths dork or physics geek I end up taking a liking to just because he's there. I mean a boyfriend who's everything I want. The whole package.


   ''Sara,'' Elizabeth says. ''Do you realize what this means?''


 I decide to ignore her. Elizabeth has this image of romance being perfect, an image of romance that doesn't exist in real life. I mean, I've been trying to believe that this kind of romance existed all summer. But Andrew never called.


''This can only mean one thing, he's planning something huge!'' Elizabeth says.


''Massive,''Shania says.


''So huge it's going to blow your mind,'' Elizabeth continues.


      Andrew's this new guy who moved to our school from Wales at the end of last year. This gorgeous Greek-god type on the rugby team. Ever since he sat next to me at the junior meeting- out of all the prettier, more popular girls he could have sat next to- I've been waiting for him to make a move. We talked a few times after that precious moment, but nothing major happened. So when he asked for my number on the last day of school, of course I gave him it, thinking he was going to call me the next day. But then........nothing. Elizabeth keeps insisting that he likes me, but if he did like me, why didn't he call?


   I hate that he is making me feel this way, and I hate how I am letting it happen.


I shout,''Next topic!''


Elizabeth turns around to Shania ''How long do you think it will take him to ask her out?''


''He will do it on the first day,'' Shania responds.''Second tops.''


''Can we get back to the game?'' I say finally getting acknowledged. ''Beat it!'' plays through the mini golf speaker system.


  Shania goes,''Fine. Favourite scary-movie scene?''


''Oooh!''Elizabeth exclaims ''That's a good one!''


''I try,'' Shania says


I smack my hot pink golf ball way too hard.


''I know mine,'' Elizabeth says. ''It's from that one Freddy movie where he is under the girl's bed? And he slices through it and . , ,like, she falls underground or something. I forgot the actual scene. But I woke with scratches all down my neck.''


  ''Hello!'' Shania says. ''I remember that! Wasn't that in Primary 7?''


  ''I think so?''


''Wild,'' I say


My golf ball bounces off a plastic pink flamingo and, confused,rolls back to me.


    Even though we are best friends, we don’t know each other fully, we only know each other about 85%. That's why we made up the Game of Favourites. Once we got past the standard boring questions, we moved in to asking more random exciting questions. Where you find out all the nitty-gritty stuff you actually usually never know about the other person.


  I would go next, except the only scary-movie scene i can think of is the one where Andrew dies of laughter over even thinking that he possibly might like me. So I tap Shania's golf club with mine and say, ''I pass. Your turn.''


 Shania takes a while to think about this one. Her golf ball glides past the flamingo and stops right next to the hole. She plays mini golf perfectly. Just like she does everything perfectly. She even had the perfect summer, interning at Overlook Hospital. She's going to be a paediatrician. Every single person in her family is a doctor. Except from her brother. But maybe that's because he is only eight,


''Ok,'' Shania says. '' Remember how we rented An American Werewolf in London last Halloween?''




''And remember when they realized they're walking on the moors when they're not supposed to?''


''Um. . .'' I glance at Elizabeth. She makes a face like, I have no idea what this girl is talking about, kind of face.


''So scary,'' Shania says.


Elizabeth looks me over ''So how much weight did you lose?''she asks


''Five ponds.''


''And what did you eat again?''Shania says.


''You know.....just less.'' All I wanted to do was fit into my jeans from 2 years ago. And now I'm there.


''Don't do that again.''


''Why not?''


''Have you got any idea how much damage not eating does to your metabolism---''


''Hey, Shania?''




''But I look good, right?''




''So there you go,'' I say. ''And I didn't starve myself anyway. I ate stuff.''


''Like what?''Elizabeth says. ''Two rice cakes and a carrot?''


''For your information I also had some lettuce.''


The truth is, I forced a personal ban against my daily Dunkin' Donuts fix. But Shania and Elizabeth don't know how bad my addiction to icing was, and I'm embarrassed to admit it. It's shocking what cutting out junk food can do for you.


 We walk over to the next course that has the impossible windmill.


''OK,'' Elizabeth says. ''Goals for senior year.''


''Simple,'' Shania says. ''I'm going to be valedictorian.''


''Oh, what,salutatorian isn't good enough?''


''No. It's not.''


Shania's always had a problem with being second at anything.Her dad is this total control freak. Shania can't do anything after school and she's only allowed to go out on weekends and she can't even date anyone. I don't know how she survives.


''Actually?'' I say. ''You're supposed to state your affirmations in the present tense. As in, I am valedictorian.'' I've been reading this book called Creative Visualization. It's all about creating the life you want by imaging that it already exists. Since my second goal this year is to achieve my inner peace, I'm focusing on what I want my life to be.


  Shania's like, ''Wait. Is that more of your Zen enlightenment hoo-ha?''


''Yeah,'' I tell her. ''It is. And it works.''


''Well, good luck overcoming the legacy of Michelle,'' Elizabeth tells Shania.


''Seriously, it's like she has this special-order brain that comes preprogramed with every piece of useless information you need to ace high school.'' I rub my golf club on the plastic grass.


''But if anyone can beat her,it's you. You go.''


''Thank you, I think I will. Next?''


''I'll go,'' Elizabeth says ''I want to be smart.''


''You're already smart!'' I insist.


''No, I'm not. Not as smart as you guys.''


I concentrate on examining the waterfall at the end of the course. Because what she's saying is kind of true. Not that we would ever tell her. It doesn't even matter, though. I'd trade my brain for Elizabeth's body in a second. Not only is she a drop-dead gorgeous blonde, but she's had a string of drop-dead gorgeous boyfriends since the first year of high school. Elizabeth also has more clothes than anyone I know, including the popular crowd. She was even friends with them until junior high. As long as you meet their two requirements of being beautiful and rich, you're considered privileged enough to hang out with the inner circle. But Elizabeth's also sweet and loyal and will fiercely defend me to anyone who looks at me the way they did. They even told her to stop being friends with me because it was damaging her reputation. Good thing Elizabeth iced them. And I'm embarrassed to admit it, but their rejection still hurts.


''I'll prove it,'' Elizabeth says. ''Who'd you get for history?''


''Mr.Sumner,''I say.


''See? I got Mr Martin. They even have smart and stupid history!''


''You're not stupid!'' we both yell together.




''so,''I say,''How-not that you are not already smart- but how are you going to do that?''


''You'll see,'' Maggie says, ''OK, Molly. What's your goal?''


Here's the thing: I want to reinvent myself this year. I've been a nerd since forever. My life fot the past three years has been the same tired routine. Same honours classes with the same set of ten kids, same endless piles of homework, same waking up the next day to do it all over again. I'm tired of waiting for my life to begin. Something has to happen. Like an amazing boy. I know he's out there. I just have to find him. And it would be awesome if that boy was Andrew.


''I'm going to find a real boyfriend,'' I say.''Someone with the whole package.''


They both look at me


I'm like,  ''What?''


''Nothing,''Shania says.




''Nothing. It's just...''




''I'm just wondering where you intend to find this perfect male specimen. Haven't you already gone out with all the halfway acceptable guys we know?''


''She's only had two boyfriends,''Elizabeth says.


''Exactly. She's exhausted the supply.''


''Yeah, well... that's why I'm thinking about getting to know guys in other classes,'' I say. ''How random was it that Andrew sat next to me at the meeting? It just proves that I could sit with anyone I want. Like in assemblies and meetings and stuff.''


''You don't go to meetings,'' Shania says


''But I could! That's the point!''


''Those guys aren't smart enough for you,'' Shania says


''Love isn't based on intelligence,'' Elizabeth huffs.


''It can happen with anyone.''


''Like who?'' Shania demands.


''Hello!''Elizabeth yells. ''Like Andrew!''


I go, ''Whose turn is it?'' Because I don't want to jinx the Andrew thing.


''It's yours,'' Elizabeth says.


For this one, you have to time your swing so your ball goes in between the windmill slats. If you don't, it's all over. Suddenly it feels really important for me to get this. Like it's a sign. If my ball gets past the windmill, it means that Dave likes me. If it doesn't...


I position my golf ball.


I examine the windmill.


I think to the universe, Please make it real.Please make it happen.


I move my golf ball to the right. And I swing.


It's a hole in one.

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